GRIT Why passion and resilience are the secrets to success Angela Duckworth This is my favourite read for 2019. Psychologist Angela Duckworth presents in an engaging way, the fascinating reason why some people succeed and some don't, and it is not based on a fancy education or IQ, rather, it is based on what...

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Financial Secrets Revealed

Financial Secrets Revealed Collective wisdom from business gurus, financial geniuses and everyday heroes Amanda Cassar Amanda Cassar is a financial adviser from the Gold Coast in Queensland. She is a qualifying member of the international group the Million Dollar Round Table, which is where it appears she has met many of the people she...

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Mindset Changing the way you think to fulfil your potential Dr Carol S. Dweck This is such an important book. If you are human and interesting in learning and evolving as a person you need to read this book. Dweck is a Stanford University psychologist and leading researcher in the field of social psychology...

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