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I am Meaghan J Smith. This is my life coach podcast. I specialise in helping women create an intentional abundant life.  I will share practical information about MONEY. How to make it, how to manage it and the mindset you need to create it.

In each weekly podcast I share practical information about money, that you can apply to your life.  As well as focussing on the mindset you need to make it, I will share my experiences.  I do this simply because I believe it can be invaluable to hear what other people do, in order to learn for yourself what’s possible.  It’s a very different experience reading a strategy in a book as opposed to hearing what a real live person is actually doing in their life.

I do hope you can make the time to join me.

101: How to Increase Your Net Worth by Increasing Your Self Worth

What I never see talked about in financial education is that if you want to increase your net worth you have to increase your self-worth. You don't have to be an out there extrovert but having confidence and standing in your value are required if you want to create success and big things in your life. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: • What believing in yourself looks like and how to do it • How to reconnect with your value • How to stand in your greatness • Two impactful questions to reveal your value and increase your belief in your self-worth • An exercise to super charge your belief in your value

100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with Bridie Anderson

Today is a super exciting episode for so many reasons. The tables have turned and I have my good friend Bridie Anderson on the show to interview me and celebrate 100 Money Mindful podcast episodes. To mark the occasion, I have created a free training on How to Create the Money & Life you want. Tune in to hear my story and learn how to get access to the free 3 day training. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: • The behind the scenes journey of how & why I created the podcast • What have been my biggest challenges & surprises • What has changed for me internally and externally as a result of creating the Money Mindful podcast • How to access the Free video training on How to Create the Money & Life that you want