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I am Meaghan J Smith. This is my life coach podcast. I specialise in helping women create an intentional abundant life.  I will share practical information about MONEY. How to make it, how to manage it and the mindset you need to create it.

In each weekly podcast I share practical information about money, that you can apply to your life.  As well as focussing on the mindset you need to make it, I will share my experiences.  I do this simply because I believe it can be invaluable to hear what other people do, in order to learn for yourself what’s possible.  It’s a very different experience reading a strategy in a book as opposed to hearing what a real live person is actually doing in their life.

I do hope you can make the time to join me.

96: How To Price Your Offer

If you want to increase your prices or learn how to price your offer, today's episode is for you.  Money can be triggering for us when it comes to our pricing.  I would like to help you remove some of the drama around setting your price and increasing your price. In this episode you will learn: Your self worth has nothing to do with your price It's never about the money How to take the attention off yourself and put it on your client/customer  You will always be too expensive for someone How raising your prices can be the best thing you could ever do for your clients- what!!!

95: How To Tap Into The Power Of Your Soul Modes To Find Your Flow Around Wealth & Money with Carlie Maree

Carlie Maree author of USA Today bestselling book - Soul Modes is my guest on the show.    Her book Soul Modes is based on the idea that "You are not one ordinary woman.  You're four extraordinary ones."  Tune in to learn about your four soul modes and how you can tap into the power of them to find your flow around wealth and money. In this episode you will learn: What the four soul modes are The sequence that all women cycle through - Wild Mode, Sparkle Mode, Bear Mode and Super Mode How knowing your soul modes can help you work with yourself rather than against yourself How being in tune with your soul modes can equip you to get to know yourself and let your life flow How women can tap into the power of their soul modes to find their flow around wealth and money