Money Mindful Podcast

101: How to Increase Your Net Worth by Increasing Your Self Worth

What I never see talked about in financial education is that if you want to increase your net worth you have to increase your self-worth. You don't have to be an out there extrovert but having confidence and standing in your value are required if you want to create success and big things in your life. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: • What believing in yourself looks like and how to do it • How to reconnect with your value • How to stand in your greatness • Two impactful questions to reveal your value and increase your belief in your self-worth • An exercise to super charge your belief in your value

100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with Bridie Anderson

Today is a super exciting episode for so many reasons. The tables have turned and I have my good friend Bridie Anderson on the show to interview me and celebrate 100 Money Mindful podcast episodes. To mark the occasion, I have created a free training on How to Create the Money & Life you want. Tune in to hear my story and learn how to get access to the free 3 day training. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: • The behind the scenes journey of how & why I created the podcast • What have been my biggest challenges & surprises • What has changed for me internally and externally as a result of creating the Money Mindful podcast • How to access the Free video training on How to Create the Money & Life that you want

99: Five Steps to Organise Your Home & Life with Organisational Expert Shira Gill

Organisational expert Shira Gill joins us on the show today to teach you her 5 step process to organise & declutter your home and life.  She is sharing some small but impactful steps you can take today to organise and elevate your workspace & home.  With so many of us working from home right now this episode is going to be really relevant for you and make your life easier without overwhelm. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: Shira’s 5 step process to organise & declutter your home and life The most direct route to figuring out who you are and what you care about How to create a home that reflects who you are and who you want to be How to elevate your work space so you enjoy being in it How to overcome ‘not having enough time’ and still have an amazing work space

98: How To Call BS On Your Old Money Stories & Change Them For Good

Today I’m sharing the lowdown on how to call BS on your old money stories so you can genuinely change them for good. Identifying what you think about money is only the first step. Listen in to hear a little known technique how to create a new money belief system so you can make more! In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: • How to identify old money stories & beliefs • How to disprove old money stories & beliefs • How to actively crush the old beliefs so you don’t believe them anymore • How to create a new money belief system/ story so you can make more!

97: The Biggest Mistake My Clients Make About Money Goals & How To Avoid It

What’s the biggest mistake people make about their money goals? The answer may surprise you. In this episode you will learn: How long it takes to reach your money goal The biggest mistake I see my clients make about time and goals The unseen cost of not pursuing your goals How to NOT let time be a barrier to your goals What to do if you don’t meet the deadline for your goal

96: How To Price Your Offer

If you want to increase your prices or learn how to price your offer, today's episode is for you.  Money can be triggering for us when it comes to our pricing.  I would like to help you remove some of the drama around setting your price and increasing your price. In this episode you will learn: Your self worth has nothing to do with your price It's never about the money How to take the attention off yourself and put it on your client/customer  You will always be too expensive for someone How raising your prices can be the best thing you could ever do for your clients- what!!!

95: How To Tap Into The Power Of Your Soul Modes To Find Your Flow Around Wealth & Money with Carlie Maree

Carlie Maree author of USA Today bestselling book - Soul Modes is my guest on the show.    Her book Soul Modes is based on the idea that "You are not one ordinary woman.  You're four extraordinary ones."  Tune in to learn about your four soul modes and how you can tap into the power of them to find your flow around wealth and money. In this episode you will learn: What the four soul modes are The sequence that all women cycle through - Wild Mode, Sparkle Mode, Bear Mode and Super Mode How knowing your soul modes can help you work with yourself rather than against yourself How being in tune with your soul modes can equip you to get to know yourself and let your life flow How women can tap into the power of their soul modes to find their flow around wealth and money

94: How To Change Your Money Mindset

You have probably heard before that to have more money and have more money flowing into your life you need to have a positive money mindset, but what does that actually mean? What does that look like? How do you do that? I will answer these questions for you on the show today and teach you a three-step process to change your money mindset. In this episode you will learn: • The three-step process to change your money mindset • How to discover your money blocks • Why learning how you think about money is essential to making more • Some power questions you can ask yourself to increase your money mindset awareness • Trouble shooting tips for changing your money mindset

93: Be Her Now…… Unapologetically

Did you know you can just decide how you want to show up?  You can actually just be her now…… unapologetically.  A powerful practice I’m doing at the moment is writing out who I am at my dream income goal. From this place, ‘being her now, unapologetically’ it is inevitable I will reach my goal. Do you want to try it too? Tune in today to learn how to apply this  super effective and powerful process so you too can create and reach your goals.  

92: How To Create a Profitable Business In Your First Year

It takes two to three years to make a profit in business, right? WRONG! I will explain on the show today how I made a profit in my first year of business. In this episode you will learn: • The three simple processes I applied to create a profitable business • All about the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and how it changed everything for how I manage my business accounts • What the Profit First system is and how I have applied it • That we have the traditional income minus expenses formula all wrong • That no matter where you are in your business journey, it is totally possible for you to create a profit from now on