116: Fall in love with this powerful practice that will change everything

If there is only one thing you could take away from this podcast, what I’m about to share with you on this episode is IT.  I’m getting up close and personal today and sharing a personal practice I do daily that has completely transformed my life.  It is the single most powerful & valuable action I take to create my goals, and I want you to have it too.


In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will hear:

  • One simple practice I do every day that has changed everything
  • An insight into what I really do to achieve my money & life goals
  • Me reading personal love notes- it might not be what you think

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Fall in love with this powerful practice that will change everything


Hello, gorgeous human. And welcome to another episode of the Money Mindful podcast. I'm your host Meaghan Jean Smith. I'm a money mindset and life coach for women. I help entrepreneurial women create their money and life goals. And boy, have I got a good one for you today. Alright, we're getting up close and personal today. So if this is your first time listening to the podcast, hi, I'm going to share all my personal details today. So hi, let's get acquainted straight away. And if you're a longtime listener of the show, good, I'm glad I've got your back today. I'm glad you're with me, because I'm sharing all the deets today. I want to share some really personal stuff that is going to help you.



The last few episodes, as you know if you've been listening, I've been giving you tactical stuff, I guess you would call it, like strategies for how to reach your goals, like actual processes that you can follow. Making your goals obvious is what I talked about last week, like really putting it in your face, like literally having it up on your wall so you don't lose track of what you're doing. I've talked about how to evaluate your goals, like looking at what worked, what didn't, what you're going to do differently. And if you haven't listened to those episodes, go back and listen to the last few episodes this year, I've given you so many tools that you can apply to really elevate your whole goal-creation experience and help you achieve them.



But none of that compares to what I'm going to share with you today. This really powerful practice I started doing maybe about 18 months ago, look, I can't remember when I started, to tell you the truth, has changed everything for me. And I mean, everything. And it's so powerful. And so transformational, I have to tell you about it, because I really want you to have this too. So one of the concepts that I teach my clients is about connecting with your future self. So when you create a goal, I get you to think about the woman that you're becoming, like who are you when you've created this goal, right? Because when you create a connection with the woman who's created the goals that you're going for, it's like you can tap into her wisdom.



So every time I create a new goal, I visualise, I feel forward, if there's such a thing, I feel into who that woman is who's already created that goal. And I create a deep connection with her. And I think about well, you know, the woman who's created this goal, what would she do about this problem? Or how would she handle this? And then I use that information to inform how I show up now. But I've taken this one step further. And what I do is I actually write love notes to myself from my future self. And I cannot even tell you how transformative this has been. And I tell you what, so often I hear, and I've felt it myself, it's like, you want to do something really big, right? You want to change careers or you want to start that business or you want to win some big award in your industry. But you really want support. You want someone in your corner and it's like, yes, your friends and family 'support you'.



But you know, often they don't understand, why is it so important to you to double the revenue in your business, or why is it so important to you to achieve this money goal, or increase your net worth. And what I want to say is that we often want other people to support us because actually, truth be told, we're not supporting ourselves, right? It's like we don't have our own back. And when you don't have your own back, you, you want somebody else to have your back, right, like you really crave that support, you want someone to tell you that you're going to be good at what you're doing, that everything's going to work out okay, that you've got support. And when we don't get it, we can feel, you know, alone, and on this journey on our own and it's scary, right? And not only that, if you're anything like me, or anything like how I used to be, you probably beat yourself up a lot, so much so that you don't even realise that you do it anymore. You know, like, 'Oh, I couldn't possibly do that,' or 'Who am I to want to double my income?' We're kind of mean to ourselves. And I don't really want to go into that, because I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about, like so many of us, we're our own worst enemy, you know, like the way that we talk to ourselves about not being good enough. And especially the high achievers. Like, I know, you're a high achiever. And I know that you put yourself down when you don't get to where you want to be, as if you make it mean something bad about you. It's a terrible habit that so many of us get into. And I can see it in you because like, I've had so much experience, I've done it myself, right?



But one of the things that I've done to completely change that and stop doing that is by writing love notes to myself from my future self every day. And I'm going to actually read some of them out too, I almost feel like, oh my gosh, a little bit - embarrassed isn't the right word, but I feel like naked or something, like I'm like sharing the personal stuff, but it's helped me so much. And I really believe that will help you. So I want to share. So what I do every day is I have a bit of a a routine where I, you know, get up and do a few things. But every day I write down my belief plan, thoughts that I'm working on, new beliefs that I'm working on. And I also write down what I want to get done for the day. And then I write my little love note from my future self. And there's no particular technique here, I just sort of just tune into my future self who's already achieved the goals that I want to achieve and you could call it your inner voice or your higher self, or whatever label you want to give it. it doesn't matter. I just relate to calling this person my future self. And then I just let the wisdom come in and I write it down. And I'm always bloody amazed by what gets downloaded, and I'm going to share some of the things that I've written down. So this is a daily thing that I do. So I'm reading some from last year to you. I just feel like I can't read the most recent ones because that just feels a little bit too raw, but I feel like I can share the ones from last year.



So: 'I love you. Taking care of yourself these past couple of days is the best thing you could have done. Now we rise and get it done. It will be easy. You are a multiple six figure earner. It is done. This is another day. Breathe. Slow down to speed up. Today is a new day. You get to decide how you show up. You are ready. I love you. Today is your day. Slay it, you are going to get so much more done than you think. I love you. It might feel slow but actually you are growing so fast. Do one thing. Constrain. You've got this. I love you. You are moving way faster than you think. When the roots are growing, it doesn't seem like much is happening. But you are growing a strong foundation.'



Alright, I think you get the idea. Maybe I'll pick one more. 'I love you, you are so close to completing the new, amazing project you're working on. I'm so proud of you and what an achievement, just keep going, but your nourishment is your number one priority. Don't forget it. I love you.' So, you might notice there's a common theme in there, that I often write, 'I love you.' And in fact, nowadays, pretty much every note from my future self starts with 'I love you.' And the reason why this is so bloody powerful, if it's not obvious already, is every day I have this person who is like 150 billion per cent in my corner. And she's totally there for me and she's totally supportive. And she's encouraging me all the way. And also she's giving me the wisdom that I need to hear and look, to be honest, this might sound like doo doo doo doo, I don't know what I'm gonna write before I write, it just comes to me.



And it's so bizarre, it does blow my mind that, you know, on the days when she writes stuff like 'constrain,' it's totally what I need to hear, you know, or encouragement. And I don't know about you, but just having that every day in my space, like having that beautiful energy, like somebody really having my back and that somebody actually is me, I know this probably sounds really bizarre, but it has completely changed everything. Because, yes, it's great when I get support from my family and friends, but I don't need it, in the sense that I have support from myself, I have support from my future self. And that in turn, radiates from my current self, right? And also, this daily practice has really changed the way that I talk to myself, because it's really obvious now, it stands out, like fingers down a chalkboard, when I find myself having negative self talk during the day. It's just shocking to me now. It's sort of like, oh my gosh, oh, no, we don't talk to ourselves like that anymore. And I really notice it. Whereas in the past, it was like this sort of low hum, this background noise, that I didn't even have conscious awareness of, how discouraging I was to myself, like how much I put myself down.



And so if there's one thing that you do, because oh my gosh, every week I share so much with you on the podcast, of things that you can implement. But really out of the whole four seasons I've been doing this podcast, if there was one thing that you took away, this is it. This is the most powerful exercise you can do and it will change everything for you. When you have this constant support from yourself, this constant love for you, from you, every day, this knowledge, this wisdom from your future self, but more importantly this love from your future self, who is actually you, right? 100% supporting you, man, oh man, it will supercharge you, it will move you forward, it will give you the wind beneath your wings that you need to go forth.



And I've spoken about this in other podcasts before, but not so directly, that it's like when we have our own backs, when we're 100% behind ourselves, mate, you can do anything. Because if you fall down, if you fall on your face, if you fail, which you will when you're going for big goals, it won't matter. It's because you're going to be there. You're like this safety net, like you're the mattress that you're going to fall on. So you're creating your own safety net, you're creating your own support for yourself. And also, it just feels bloody good to have someone on your side every day and be able to read these messages, these beautiful love notes. When I do this, I'm like, fuck yeah, let's go. Let's do this, right? Whatever it is that I've got for the day. It's like, I got my future self by my side, I'm going for it, let's go. This is the best possible practice you could do. And I encourage you strongly to give it a go.



Okay, my friend. If you are loving what you've heard on the podcast, you're really resonating with the message, the things that I teach, and you want to take this work further, you want to work with me as your coach. I work with new clients for a minimum of six months we get really in depth, you get really in depth, high touch help from me. If you're interested in finding out more, go ahead and book a consult on my website. This is where we get to meet we get to find out if we're two peas in a pod. And if we are I'll make an offer to you and if I have spots available, we can work together to achieve your goals in a really awesome love bubble fun way. Alright, until you hear from me again next week have an amazing week. Bye bye.

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