Abundant Mindset Toolkit


If you often find yourself thinking I don't have enough, time, money or confidence, you are in the right place.

Shifting out of scarcity mindset into an abundant mindset is 100% learnable.

You don't have to settle for not feeling 'enough'.

I get it- our brain can be pretty convincing and easily find evidence for everything we don't have and lack.

This is scarcity mindset.

If this is you, nothing has gone wrong here.

We are surrounded by scarcity messaging everyday in advertising, the media and from well meaning members of our family and community. 'We can't afford it' or 'money doesn't grow on trees' are phrases that you have no doubt heard before.

We hear this messaging so often we believe it to be true.

We don't have power to change what we are unaware of. Hence, the first step to shifting out of scarcity mindset is simply to create awareness of it.

I have created this toolkit with 10 practical & powerful exercises to help you notice where it shows up in your life and start taking proactive steps to shift out of it.

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Big Love

Meaghan xx

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