ASIC's MoneySmart

is a must have website in your bookmarks.
This website seems to covers every conceivable topic related to money. Their main sections are ‘Managing your money’, ‘Borrowing and credit’, ‘Insurance’, Superannuation & retirement’, Investing’, ‘Scams’, ‘Teaching’ and finally ‘Calculators & resources’. That’s not all folks they have sections on women and their money, families, how to teach your kids about money and so so much more.

The ASX website

has an education section that is filled with a wealth of information.
They have free online courses, videos, seminars, webinars stock market games and simulations. They have so much great content; it is too much to list here. They have a special section for first time investors. Their courses are very user friendly. They range from the beginner level about what shares are and how to invest up to more complex investment vehicles such as Exchange-traded funds, Options, Futures, Bonds and Warrants.

Women’s Information and Referral Exchange

This website has a great section on money, including ‘Women Talk Money’, a toolkit designed to help you talk about money, as well as articles on important topics such as ‘What is Financial Abuse?’ and ‘Getting back control of your money’.
Definitely a great website to check out.