36: Your 10 Point Guide To Cultivate Abundant Money Habits.

If you have been listening to the podcast for a while now you will be well aware that I am passionate about educating women about creating wealth and an abundant mindset.

Our mindset is the foundation if you will, for all the results we create for ourselves.  Actions are important and something we have to do to implement our goals but without the mindset to back it up, it is very easy to fall back into old habits and patterns.

Let’s get our money mindset on track for abundance, let’s learn how to cultivate abundant money habits.

I hear it so often: ‘money isn’t everything’ or ‘there is more to life than money’ and the people who say that are absolutely correct.  I agree one hundred percent.  Money is literally just pieces of paper and numbers on a computer screen.  However, money is a super amazing tool for creating options in our life.

It gives us the option to provide our families with top quality health care.  Buy good quality food.  Having plenty of it gives us flexibility and options when it comes to work.  We can work because we choose to and want to rather than 'we have to' in order to survive.  It allows us to take time off or be work optional if we wanted to look after a loved one.

It allows us to spend it on businesses and causes that we are passionate about.  Money helps us create… fill in the blank.

Now I am not suggesting we all have to run out and become multimillionaires.  It is up to us as individuals to create the income that we want.  The trouble is for so many of us is that our experiences with money are often based on beliefs we are not even consciously aware of.  We just react on default.  We operate our lives through these unintentional beliefs.  That we saw or were taught as children and now just belief to be the truth.

So today I want to teach you how to cultivate abundant money habits.

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Okay so let’s get in to it.

How to cultivate abundant money habits.

1. Decide to take ownership of your financial destiny.

How much money you make and how you manage your money is 100% your responsibility.  It’s not your partners job, it’s not your parent’s job, it’s not up to your business partner or your accountant.  The only one who is responsible for your financial destiny is you.

Own it.
It’s your life,
it’s your money.

To create more money and abundance in your life you first have to absolutely take ownership of it as your responsibility.  If you make someone else responsible like your partner, your circumstances, the government for instance, you are giving all your power away.

The really good news about this is that when you take ownership of your financial destiny, you can change your results.  You can make a difference in your life because you are in the driver’s seat.  You might not know what you are doing at first and that is okay, you are on your way to creating more abundance in your life.

2. Give your money some love.

You need to stop ignoring your money and give it the attention it deserves.  It’s just like a plant.  You need to pay attention to it.  Not every single day but just like a plant if you pay attention to it in the beginning, plant the seed, give it some care and attention eventually it will grow to be pretty healthy.  You might need to water it or prune it a couple of times a year but as long as you give it the attention it needs, it will blossom.  Just like money.  If we ignore it and pretend it’s not a thing we can create all sorts of unnecessary problems for ourselves.  Over due fees.  Paying for things like subscriptions we don’t use.  Getting ourselves into consumer debt and not understanding or telling ourselves we don’t know where all the money has gone.

3. Be willing to wrong about money and rich people

All the decisions you have made and the beliefs that you have, have created the life you have right now.  If you continue to believe the same things and make the same decisions you will experience the life you have on repeat.  If you want to change and create more abundance and money in your life you have to be willing to change.  You have to be willing to questions all your beliefs about money.  What it means to have money.  What you think about earning money.  What you think about people with money. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.  Therefore, you must be open and willing to accept that maybe you’re wrong about money and rich people.  Maybe you can have money and be kind and generous.  Maybe you don’t have to work 80 hours a week to earn the money you desire.  The key to creating more abundance is that you must be willing to change and be willing to be wrong.   Your beliefs about money have got you to where you are today.  If you are not experiencing the life you want and earning the money you want to, you have to consider that the way you think is creating that for you.  If you have a lot of negativity towards wealth and wealthy people, even if it’s unintentional this is going to be a block for you earning more.

4. Know your compelling reason to earn more and set a goal

Why do you want to get your financial sh*t together?
Why exactly?
Now there is absolutely no single answer to this but having vague undefined reasons is first, not going to get you the result you want because you don’t even know what it is exactly that you want.
I want to earn more money.  What does that mean?  How much money?  For what exactly? How will you know when you have achieved it?
It could be because you want to be work optional or travel more.  Or could be because you want to create some financial stability or security for yourself.  It might simply be because you want to spend more money on clothes or holidays or drive a fancy car.  These reasons are perfectly valid.  The key here is, your reason to earn more money or create financial freedom for yourself must be compelling and clear.
If it is too vague you don’t really know what you are even working towards or know when you have achieved it.
Second, to create something different in our life requires our brain to think new thoughts.  It’s much easier to do what we have always done and think how we have always thought.  To change requires effort. Our brain has to work harder.  This is why we need a compelling reason and a goal to focus on.  The effort required to change has to be worth it or it is simply too easy to give up if you face any obstacles or challenges.

And just know, it is perfectly fine to start exactly where you are.  You first goal might be simply to pay off your credit card.  Your goals can grow as you grow.

5. Take action

It’s all very well to think abundant thoughts and be open to the universe and manifestation.  But have you ever thought about what manifesting actually is?  It’s bringing something into being by taking action.  Yes, for sure we can visualise what we want to create but at the end of the day we must take action.

This doesn’t mean you have to burn yourself out.  However, starting a business, investing in passive income streams such as property or shares, creating a side hustle or even just getting your numbers in order by creating a budget.  This requires effort.  But so what?  Isn’t that what life is all about?  What else would you rather be doing; than working towards the life you want to live on purpose.

6. Decide your money story on purpose

Just because you got into debt early or didn’t get taught about money by your family doesn’t mean you have to carry that around for your entire life.  You get to decide your money story on purpose.  You are responsible for your life.  Absolutely 100%.  This is great news because it means you get to decide exactly how you want to live it.  You get to decide what you want to think about money.  Do you want to think money is hard, do you want to think you are no good with money, f*ck no!  That is not going to get you creating abundantly.  Now this might blow your mind  but you absolutely get to decide your thoughts about money.  Stop saying you are bad with money.  If you want to be good with money decide that you are and start taking action towards that.

This leads me to my next point.

7. Invest in your education

Financial literacy and money mindset are 100% learnable.  You can learn how to be good with money.  You can get a money mindset coach and uncover all your money blocks, you can even work on it yourself.  You can learn about investing, money management, money mindset and business.  It is all available to you, you just have to reach out and grab it.  Become a student of the life you want to live.  Study hard what you want to create.  You want to make more money?  Easy, become a student of money.  Here is the thing, I said it before and I will say it again.  If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result.  Now more than ever we have SO much knowledge at our fingertips.  Making money isn’t a secret hard thing, stop telling yourself you are bad at it or don’t know what to do.  Make a decision that you are going to educate yourself.  Buy a book, get a coach, do a course.  It is completely available to you.

8. Be open about money and surround yourself with people who make it

Talk about it with your friends and family.  Be open about it.  This is how we learn.  I have learnt so much about investing and money mindset just through communication.  Being open to listening and sharing what I know too.  Surround yourself with women who make money and are not afraid to talk about it.  If you don’t know anyone in your personal circles: join a Facebook group, listen to podcasts like this one.  Reach out.  Actively find abundant people. They are out there.  This is how you learn what is possible.  It normalises having and making money.

9. Create the capacity to have money

If you suddenly came into a large sum of money would you know what to do with it?  Do you have accounts set up to hold large amounts of money?  Can you hold money in your purse without spending it?

You might not have ever considered this but when people get money the first thing they usually do is spend it. Or spend it mentally before they even have it.   You need to develop the capacity to have money.  To have it in an account without spending it.  To have money in your purse without spending it.

Beyond that, you want to be a good custodian of money.  Have the ability to hold money. Not having the capacity to have money is why so many lottery winners end up losing it all.  They don’t have the capacity to have it without spending it.  They don’t know how to put money to work or just be at peace having it.

10. Create multiple income streams

If you want to work the 9 to 5 you won’t hear any objections from me but this doesn’t mean you are limited to this being your only form of income.  I think the world has just learnt the hard way that no job is safe.  I think sometimes we delude ourselves into thinking our job is secure and stable.  Look at what just happened with COVID-19. There are so many options available to you.  You create different forms of revenue in your business or investments or side hustles.  The options are limitless if you get creative.

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