60: Goals Done Right

This is the time of year when we start thinking about what we want to do next year, our goals and New Year’s Resolutions. For many people goals can be one of those things that either you don't do, or you don't take seriously because you've never really learned how to do goals properly. In this episode you will learn: • How to set goals so that you actually achieve them. • Why you’re not making or having success with your goals. • Common mistakes and how to avoid them. • The secret to achieving your goals. If you want to make your goals a reality, this episode is for you.

59: How To Make More Money

I want to talk to you about how to make more money. In this episode you will learn: • That making more money is totally available to you. • What creates money & how to do it. • Common mistakes & misconceptions when it comes to making money. • How I made more money in my job as a teacher and how I applied the same concept to making money in my business.

58: How To Love Yourself RICH

A common myth about making more money is that we have to work really hard to do it. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a bit of hard work but: How do you live a RICH life and make more money without over-working and burnout? Why is it important to make money from a place of love? Punishing yourself and overworking to get out of debt or make more money doesn’t work. There is another way.  It is possible to love yourself RICH and, in this episode, I will be sharing with you how to do that.

57: Emotions & Money

What do emotions have to do with how much money we have? How much money we have and the results we have with money have a lot to do with our feelings but no one ever talks about this. Today I want to highlight how emotions effect how much money you have so you can stop over spending and make more money. In this episode you will learn about: How emotions effect what we do and don’t do Why it is so important to pay attention to how you are feeling Questions you can ask yourself about emotions and money Common emotions that block you or effect how much money you make

56: Everything You Need To Know About Debt

Today, I want to talk about debt.  I think debt is something that affects a lot of people negatively, and it doesn't need to. If you worry about having debt or think there is something wrong with you because you have debt this episode is for you.   In this episode you will learn exactly: what debt is and how to manage it. How to stop feeling anxious about debt. How to get out of debt. How to manage debt. What the cause of debt is. How to stop getting back into debt. Is there such a thing as good debt and what it is.

53: How To Declutter Your Mind To Make Room For Money Making Thoughts

Our brain tells us lies! Don’t believe your brain.  I mean come on if I listened to my lizard brain all day, I would never leave the house.  Hang on a minute I work from home I don’t ever leave the house. Let me rephrase that to I would never get out of bed. I want to give you some info today that is going to help you declutter your head from the rubbish that rolls around in there and turn it into one of those gorgeous minimalist homes you see in all the glossy magazines.

52: How To Break Free From Your Limitations & Have a RICH, Juicy & Fulfilling Life

Today we are celebrating MM first birthday.  This is episode 52! So exciting. If you have been with me since the start thank you for being here with me.  I create this podcast for you.  For you to grow and learn and live into what is possible.  So fun!!! This past year has been the best year of my life.  It’s been RICH, juicy and fulfilling.  I have had the most growth and transformation this year that I think I have experienced since I was a tiny human learning all the new tiny human things. I want this episode to be a celebration of that but also a guide as to how I did it so that you can do it too.

51: Decisions Are Powerful AF

The decisions we make or don’t make shape our life. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t make decisions or don’t have a choice. Today I am discussing 3 main ideas when it comes to making a decision. Tune in to learn how to move out of indecision and get on with your life already.

50: How To Get It Done with Lauren Cash

Procrastination and perfectionism are dream killers. Having to get it ‘right’, and putting things off until you know that you will do a good job is what’s stopping you moving forward and getting it done. If you want to learn how to kick procrastination and perfectionism is the butt and get over them for good, listen up. I’m bringing out the big guns for you today.  In the world of coaching Lauren Cash is a total rock star goddess.  She is The Time Management Queen and is giving us one hour of her valuable time today to teach us the process I use to manage my time called Monday Hour One. Get a pen and paper and pay attention.  This process can and will change your life if you actually do it.

49: How To Move From Overwhelm & Procrastination To A Time Management Queen

How do you move from overwhelm and procrastination to a time management queen? Time is a social construct.  Just like money.  We as a collective people have decided the parameters of time.  We have all agreed that there are 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year.  We use the Gregorian calendar but there are other calendars in use around the world such as the lunar calendar, and we didn’t always use this system.  We used to use the Julian calendar.  Just like money right?  We have made it up and agreed on it as a society.

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