62: Too Old Is BS with Janet Archer

Have you ever found yourself thinking that you are too old to...... (you fill in the blank)?

Well, my guest today is here to show us all that too old is BS.

Joining me today is The Mindfulness Coach, author and septuagenarian Janet Archer.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Age is no excuse!
  • How to make changes in your life when you feel trapped in your life
  • How you can have your most profitable year at 70!
  • How to be a total badass at any age

You can listen to the episode above or read the unedited transcript below.


Meaghan Smith  00:20

Hello, beautiful people. And welcome to another episode of the money mindful Podcast. I am your host Meaghan Jean Smith. I'm a money mindset and life coach for women, I help women get out of their own way. So they can live an extraordinary life. They want to live on purpose. And speaking of living an extraordinary life, I have a very special guest on today who is doing just that. And I won't say too much more as I think it will be so much more lovely to hear about this guest and her story in her own words. So I'm just gonna jump straight into it and say it is my pleasure to welcome Janet Archer, the mindfulness coach, and author to the show. Janet, welcome.

Janet Archer  01:09

Hi, I'm so excited to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

Meaghan Smith  01:14

You are absolutely welcome. And I briefly mentioned this to you before we hit record. But the reason why I wanted to invite you on here, Janet is that I've been exposed to some of your story just in snippets here and there. Because for those of you who aren't familiar with Janet, Janet coaches in a group coaching programme that I'm a part of so you've actually coached me before Janet, I'm not even sure if you remember that. But but you have. And I see Janet as someone who is really inspiring for me, like I see you Janet, I'm talking to my audience here as well. It sounds strange when you when you talk like that, but I I want to celebrate women doing things that. Like, wise women you know, I see so many women in social media and Instagram out there that we're talking about are aspiring to be but they're not my people. They don't have grey hair. They don't have any wrinkles like I do. And I want to connect and celebrate women who are, I guess, older and mature and doing new and exciting things at every stage in their life. So I would love it. Janet, if Can you tell your story? Can you introduce Well, let's start it. Tell us who you are. What do you do? Yeah.

Janet Archer  02:50

Okay. So as Megan said, I'm Janet Archer. And I became a life coach when I was 62. So before that I was a kindergarten teacher. I live in the United States. I live in a state called New Hampshire. And I was a kindergarten teacher for 30 years. And I thought I was just gonna retire at 30, 32 No, at 62. And I had done a lot of things along the way, besides kindergarten. I owned my own exercise studio for a number of years when my kids were little. And I was a yoga teacher up until about nine months ago when COVID came and I stopped going out and teaching and a meditation teacher. So I was always dabbling in other things. I love to I love to be with people, and I love to do things with people. But when I was thinking of retiring from teaching, I had met this woman, Brooke Castillo, who then became my, my coach, and my teacher who I trained with. And she just kind of blew my mind because she's the first person that gave me really the idea that I could reinvent myself at 62. And it didn't mean I was it was time for me to start knitting booties or little hats, and I'm not putting anyone down who does that. But it was like, there you can do anything you want to do. She was the first person that introduced me to the idea of creating my life. So that's when I trained to be a coach when I was 62. And now eight years later, I am still coaching. And I most of my coaching is through the Life Coach School and I also teach for them. And I have helped so many women of all ages who thought that Their life was kind of over. And I'm going to say women starting at about 48. It's like thinking that that's the end of their life. And I'm like, What? Are you kidding me? No, my first I said, My 50s were the best, then my 60s were the best. Now I'm in the 70s. And I'm expecting that they're going to be the best.

Meaghan Smith  05:21

I know, I just had this conversation with my best friend who were both in our 40s. And she was saying how she's looking forward to being the best version of herself as 65. You know, like, that's something that she's aspiring to, and this place to get to. And I think it's not something that we're not socialised to be like that, you know, I was just thinking of all these things that I see about creams to make us look younger or, and I had this epiphany, because I've been thinking about having you on the show why it's so important to me that I really wanted you on the show. And one of the things that struck me is I realised that all that and there's nothing wrong with trying to have nice skin or whatever, I'm not Pooh poohing that, but I don't need that. Like, I feel like, I don't want to look backwards, I don't want to try to be a younger version of myself, before I had children. I want to be a new version of myself all the time, and constantly be evolving, and reshaping my life. And there's a few people that I coach who are, I think one of the women actually is not even in her 30s yet, and she has this fear about making some changes in her life. And I'm thinking you're not even in your 30s yet you your family just got started. So I'm so curious, Janet, what are your thoughts about why do you think that we we get stuck in, in the cycle of our life doing the same thing? You know, having one career and thinking that that it?

Janet Archer  07:10

Oh, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it's very societal. I mean, I'm of the age where when I went to college, my college professors would say, why are you even in college, you're just going to get married, you know, and not work and not do anything, because you're just gonna have a husband who's gonna take care of you. I mean, that's how I grew up with that kind of thinking. So, it it's, it's evolving. It's I think we're not taught to dream, we're not taught that anything is possible. I mean, it really isn't something we spend, someone says, Hey, listen, why don't you take some time and like, dream? And we're like, No, I don't, you know, most, most people don't know how to dream, or don't think that they're allowed to dream, or any of that. So I'll give you an example. I was, I was thinking about getting my social security in the United States, we get social security when we're, you can start collecting it when you're 62. And when I was 65, I called into one of Brooks calls to get coaching because I was like, I don't know, I'm thinking of getting my Social Security. Because I'm starting to get a little nervous. You're talking to people about what's their 20 year goal. And I'm 65. And I'm looking ahead to 20 years, I'm going to be 85, you know, and I said that to her, and there was silence on the other end. And she said, so what? Like, well, in my mind, I'm thinking, that's old, and it's too late, and I need to do something. And she said, You tell me what you're going to do when you're 85. And I thought for a minute, and I said, Oh, that's right. I get to create whoever I want to be at 85.

Meaghan Smith  08:59

Yes, oh, I've got chills when you say that.

Janet Archer  09:03

And that's how I've been living. It's like, Okay, I'm 70 I'm learning how to juggle right now is like, what do I want to do as a 17 year old, I'd like to learn how to juggle, what do I want to do? This year, I decided I wanted to make a lot of money. You know, it's like you can decide on purpose, anything you want.

Meaghan Smith  09:25

Yes, I just love that. And one of the things I can really relate to what that question that Brookes said, What are you going to be doing in 10 years? Because one thing I often ask myself, whenever I've gone to make pivotal changes in my life, I always think about, well, if I get to the end of, let's say three years time when I finished this course that I'm interested in doing but think Oh, do I want to do that? Will I be how will I feel if I get to that three years time and I didn't change and I'm still doing this Same thing that I'm doing now, well, how will I feel in that three years time when I've taken the step and created something new for my life.

Janet Archer  10:09

That's it, that's what I have found is the key to everything. It's like taking the steps no matter what. So it's not about the destination about where you're going to get to, but it's the journey along the way. And it's all of the things. So when we make a decision for something, we we open ourselves up to all sorts of falling on our face, you know, and it's like, I've gotten to really see that every time I fall on my face. On the other side of that is this amazingness, where I just sit there and go, I can't believe I did that. That's amazing. I love that I just did that. I love that I put myself out in that way. And I think that's another thing. Looking back. It's like, we always want the easy way. And so the easy way is like just do one thing, then stop, then don't don't dream. Don't do anything else. Because you might not make it. But the fun part is seeing your growth as you move through something you think you can't do. Yeah, all your doubts and fears. And that's what I think keeps me youthful. Yeah, and so funny. Sorry, but people would go, what you're useful from going through your fears. And I'm like, Yeah, I think so.

Meaghan Smith  11:30

Yeah. And you I youthful Janet, like I see you as somebody who's just, I want to see what you're doing in 20 years time.

Janet Archer  11:40

Right. I know. It's I know, it's really fun. Well, I come from really good genes. My mom is 99.

Meaghan Smith  11:46


Janet Archer  11:48

Excuse me still going strong.

Meaghan Smith  11:51

Well, even more reason to to keep looking forward. But let's, let's talk about this more Janet. And also maybe from a perspective, for people who aren't familiar with coaching about what's your take on being future focused, as opposed to past focus? Like, what do what what's your interpretation of that when I say?

Janet Archer  12:17

Okay, so I can give you an example. Yeah. So we were talking about and I know, you are money minded mindset coach, so I'll speak about that. So this past year, I had decided that I wanted to have a goal to make a certain amount of money. And, but I didn't, I really didn't think I was even interested in making a certain amount of money. You know, I, I found out that I was, but I had to question my belief about it. So one of the things that I practised in getting this goal was not going back to my past, to the school teacher who only made a certain amount of money. And that was kind of dictated levelled off. It was like, this is how much you can make. I got to that, by the end of the 30 years. And I didn't go back to my past to move me forward. Instead of I went to my future. And I was like, who would this woman be? This woman who is I was really motivated because I was 70. And I thought, I love the goal of making more money than I've ever made in my life as a 70 year old when I am being dictated to take my social security in the United States. And I said, that is pretty kick ass. I'm going for it. But I had to connect to that me who did it. And so I would dream of her, like, how did she walk? How did she act? How did she talk? How did she look at the world? What I really kept that vision of her being her as I was going through it. And I would write about it, I would see her in my mind. And then when I made the goal, it was like I had already made the goal months ahead of time, because I had already become that person who did it.

Meaghan Smith  14:28

Yes. And then do you find that when it happens when you actually create what you're going for? It doesn't even seem that out of this world anymore. Like when you first start working towards it. It's like your biggest fear and then you do it and it's like, oh, yeah.

Janet Archer  14:43

what it was like it blew my mind. I was like, wait a minute, I've already gone way past that goal. How did that happen? The sky didn't explode and there weren't rockets and you know, it wasn't a fanfare there wasn't balloons. Go up. Nothing, it was just like it just happened. And it was like, Oh, that was not hard. What's next?

Meaghan Smith  15:07

Yeah, and at any stage, that is possible, because I think, for many people, especially really, professional women, you know, who get entrenched in a, in a career that takes a lot of training to do, right, like a doctor or lawyer or something like that we, we spend this time building up this life that we want to leave. And then it's almost like there's this unspoken rule that if you made a decision in your past about something that you're going to do that you have to keep living that if you decided to be a teacher, it's like, well, that's what you did. And then that's what you're going to continue to do. But in actual fact, at any stage, you can make a new decision about what you want to do. And it literally is that simple, just deciding, I'm going to do something different. Now, I'm not going to be a teacher anymore, I'm not going to be a doctor anymore. I'm going to be a yoga instructor or whatever it is. But it's this idea that we make a decision in our 20s about something we're going to do in our life. And then there's this, I think, expectation or this unspoken rule that we don't even question that. I did you know that you can actually just change your mind.

Janet Archer  16:36

Yeah, yeah, I love I love everything that you're saying there. And the other thing I want to add to that is that I really had to what I call poke holes at my belief that I really didn't care if I made money. Or I really didn't care if I made more money, or I made as much money as I could make, because that's what I was doing in my profession. And so it's making the decision, but it's also really questioning your beliefs. And that's a big thing. I mean, that you really have to practice because your beliefs, if your beliefs are really strong, and you're believing that they're facts. You have to keep practising not believing them. Yeah. Do you know what I'm saying?

Meaghan Smith  17:28

Yeah, absolutely. But also, and I think that's where, maybe if you've never been exposed to coaching before I've done any mindset work, it's if you're in one particular career, and you want to do something else, I think the place that a lot of people go to is but how do I do it? You know what I don't, I don't know how to be a yoga instructor because I've never instructed yoga, right, or something like that, or I don't know how to start a business. But, you know, I was just thinking, I mean, this is a really simple example, when you when I approached you to come on this podcast to organise a time because we're in different time zones and everything I just sent you, I use this programme called acuity scheduler, it's like magic Voodoo. It's amazing. And Janet was just able to select a time to pick to be on the show. Now. 12 months ago, I had no idea how to use a scheduler or how to go about having something like that in my business. I mean, that's how my clients schedule their time with me. But this was just a small thing that someone might think, Oh, that's so advanced. I can't do that. But that's got that's just like a minor detail. Like I just asked somebody else, what do you use, and then I went and googled it and looked it up, and it has all tutorials. It's actually really simple. But just shifting from that mindset of, because 12 months ago, I was working as a teacher, and then to fast forward 12 months down the track, and I'm now this person who has a scheduler where people can book to work with me. And what's the point I'm trying to say is it's it's those little things like that. They're the things that I think people think I don't know how to do that sort of stuff. But that's not what you need to know. It's about just deciding. I'm going to be the kind of person who figures that out and yes,

Janet Archer  19:32

yes, that's exactly it. I mean, I'm doing that right now with juggling. And I picked juggling because I, I my I just didn't think I could ever do it. I've been wanting to do it. Since I retired for eight years. It's been a while it'd be really fun to learn to juggle and every time I'd pick up balls, they'd be all over the floor. And then I committed to it about three weeks ago and I said I'm learning how and by the end of I gave myself at the end of February. I'm an Be able to juggle three balls for a minute. And I have been humbled by the amount of how I need to believe that I'm a juggler that I need to believe that I'm going to be able to do it, that that's what keeps me going. And that's how I've been learning. And I'm getting there. And I will get there. I'm not there, but I will get there. But it's like taking something that you don't know. Like, I've written two books. I didn't know how to write a book. I didn't know how to publish a book. And I could that could have stopped me. But instead it was like, Okay, what do I need to know? How do I figure it out? Like you with acuity? Okay, how do I figure this out? Yeah. And it's just making that decision that I love. Maria folio, says everything is figureoutable. Yeah, I really believe that. You really anything can stop you. So we can either be stopped. Or we can just pick up the balls off the floor and keep going.

Meaghan Smith  21:09

That's right. Well, that's a beautiful segue, because I had in my notes here that I wanted to ask you about your book, I've actually ordered it, it's on its way I don't know when it's going to get him and I ordered the book because I was totally interested and curious about what you had to say had to write about, but also, on the cover on the front cover of I bought the first book, they both relate to each other. And it's called an invitation to pause musings from a mindfulness teacher. But on the front cover, it says this quote it says, drink in this life, your life, the only life you have, right here right now. This is your moment. Don't miss it. Janet, oh, I get chills reading that. I just love that so much. And I mean, I think that was the main reason I got the book as well, because I was like, I have to read it now that I've just read that little bit, I need to read the whole book. But tell us what, tell me about it.

Janet Archer  22:14

Well, so I want to add that in because I you know, this is been living in the present moment, being present, having fun, having joy in my life, this is really important to me, and especially as a 70 year old, it's like, I want to now make money. I want to love the work that I do, I love to have time where I just sit and watch the birds and the bird feeder, I love to, I have all of these things that I want to do. And I really have set up my life now. So it's a life that is filled with all the things that I want. So I'm not like working all the time. And I'm, I'm I'm doing exactly what I want. So the book, I wrote it when I was 65 my first book, and it's a book of stories. And when we're taught both books are a book of stories, and they're all about stories about how we almost missed our lives, or we miss our lives a lot of the time when we're not paying attention, like this moment with me with you right now. You know, I mean, if I'm, but anyway, it's so it's, it's all these stories, and I knew nothing about publishing a book. But I thought I'd really like to put these stories together and put them in a book and figure that out. And again, get them out, you know, get them out to people because I had been sending stories to people for years, and they were like, you should publish these. But I was never a writer before either. And you'll see in the introduction, I say, I never thought I was a writer. So it's like, I feel like my life has been full of I never think I don't think I can. Okay, I will. I don't think I can Okay, I'll try that. I don't think I can I'll try that. And I love that about myself. I love my tenacity.

Meaghan Smith  24:13

Yeah. And just that point that you're saying about? I don't think I don't I didn't think of myself as a writer. But we don't think of ourselves as anything until we do what we do.

Janet Archer  24:27


Meaghan Smith  24:28

You know, I mean, I do think of myself as a podcaster before I started doing a podcast, and now I'm well and truly, you know, I'm about to go and this will. This episode will be released in the start of season three in January, just secret behind the scenes. It's actually December 2020 at the moment when we're talking but when this comes out, it's going to be January. And now that's totally part of my identity totally part of my life. Other people see me as that they're like, yeah, of course, she's got a podcast, you know, season three, like, she's a seasoned podcaster. You know, and but in the beginning, I knew nothing about putting a podcast together. And I certainly didn't identify as someone with a podcast. And I think this is such an important point to bring up. Because at any stage in your life, you weren't a teacher before you were a teacher.You weren't a mom before. You're a mom.

Janet Archer  25:29

Well, exactly. And that's what everybody thinks is, but I have to know how No, you don't. Or I don't know how to do it. And my favourite question is, so what? It's like, so what? Okay, now what? What's, what's step one? How can you I knew nothing about the computer, I knew nothing about technology. And I've had to learn so much. Because I never I didn't grow up with technology. So that could be a big excuse for me, like, why can't do it? Because I didn't grow up with it. Well, so what? Like, I can figure it out.

Meaghan Smith  26:10

And I think this ties into what we were talking about before about looking to your past to see what you're already capable of, to make decisions for your future is, is a mistake. Because you're not going to find the answer to your future in your past, because it hasn't happened yet.

Janet Archer  26:33

Right, and your past is just gonna tell you more of you can't do it, because you didn't do it. If you could have done it, then you would have done it. Or you probably wouldn't have even thought you could do it back then. So it's not helpful at all. So I love going to the future. And I love asking my future self. So what can I let go of right now to be able to move forward? And what can I take in? What do I need to know to move forward? So both of those.

Meaghan Smith  27:11

So Janet, for somebody listening who is entrenched in their life right now, but they're not. They feel like they want to make change, but it feels impossible, it feels like the impossible thing to do. What would you suggest as a starting point to get to shift to being future focused?

Janet Archer  27:37

Well, first, I always have people sit down and start dreaming. Like, envisioning if they weren't afraid, if they didn't think it was impossible, if you know all of those, well, what then? What What can you imagine for yourself? And even in that imagining, put in what you what are some things that you have already imagined in your life that you didn't even know, you would imagine that have come true? Because you have to start it, I call it inclining the mind towards what's possible, instead of inclining the mind towards what's impossible? And has to be a shift there.

Meaghan Smith  28:24

Yeah, I like that. I like that. And just using your imagination as a starting point, to even imagine what is possible.

Janet Archer  28:34

Yeah, I mean, if you're not used to it, you feel like it's a really difficult thing to like dream. I mean, a lot of people don't believe that they can dream or their, their, their worth being, their worth is enough that they can go after something they want. And plus, they don't even know what that is, you know, maybe it's that they don't want to do anything. Maybe that they, you know, they want to just take some time off or before the pandemic, I was actually going to go on a book tour, and was looking into renting, getting a van or getting something and I had a lot of places. I was going to go around the United States and Canada. And that's still on the books for at some point. But it's like that was something that I just sat down and and when I let my mind just roam, it was like, oh, that would be really fun. Okay, I'm not gonna count it out. I don't count it out, have the ability to happen. I don't know how it's gonna happen, but I'm just gonna put it down somewhere. I want to learn how to play the harmonica after I juggle, you know, I mean, there's just some things that you know, I just kind of have a little list. They're like, okay, I caught a little bucket list.

Meaghan Smith  29:55

Yes. So good. So good. All right. Well, I always usually ask my guests, Janet, if you have any sort of tip or practice or ritual that you do around money that you would be willing to share. And I mean, you've done this big journey this year with your goal. So I don't know if there's something about that, that you would be willing to, I

Janet Archer  30:20

'll tell you what my favourite tip on money is. And I'm doing it ladies I've been doing it for probably the last six or seven years is I, I like have a love affair with my money. Every month, on a certain date, I sit down and I go through, I call it watching my money grow. And I swear, since I've started doing it, my money is just grown. And I go through and I see how much money I have here and where what I have there in, and then how much money is owed out. And then I get super clear so that at the end of that time, I'm like, Okay, wow, look at that, that that's where my money's at. This is exact number I know exactly what it is. And then I think in my mind, wow, that's gonna be really fun when that number gets to. And then I think in my mind where that number is going to get to, and I have watched that number just grow and grow and grow. And I, I thought this was like, everybody did this. And then I was telling someone about it, and she goes, you actually just sit down and watch your money grow. I said, that's what I do. And I, that's my favourite tip is like, so I know exactly where what is where, where I'm at. So it's not like, Oh, I'm not really sure how much money I have, like, I know exactly how much money I have. And I just give it lots of love and watch it grow.

Meaghan Smith  31:58

Beautiful. And also just talking about growing. For the sake of the audience, Janet and I share a common interest, which is very apparent from I'm looking through the screen, you have these big, beautiful plants behind you. And so I and a few years ago, I came across this amazing fertiliser that all organic my dog loves to eat, it's kind of funny, sometimes I'll be coaching people and my dog will just be behind me munching on some fertiliser. But I have also had the spray that I spray on the foliage. And I really love these plants. And I take care of them. And I look at them every day. And I feel like I have a really connected beautiful relationship with them. I have one on my desk here that you can't see. And I think that's a beautiful analogy with money. Like just being really connected with your money and having a relationship with it. Like it's actually an entity that you can connect with not this foreign thing that just either we get annoyed with because there's not enough of it. Or we're not connected to it because money's like vulgar or something we shouldn't talk about. And it seems like such a common sense thing when you talk about it like that. It's like yeah, I have a relationship with my money. I love my money. I respect my money. I know where my money's at, you know, because I'm assuming for you like because you do that you know that you can adjust things or know when you need to adjust things if you need to, to help to help your money like as if your your your money's friend.

Janet Archer  33:47

Yes, that's exactly and i i did not come up with this idea by myself. It was I heard about it somewhere someone was doing it. And I thought I'm gonna try that because I didn't know anything about my money before. It's just like, No, I'm gonna have a relationship with my money. And I it's one of my favourite things. I have a folder this thick. I mean, I do it all. It's not on the computer. It's all on paper. And I go back through it. And I was like, oh, remember that when I thought when the money was there and now look at it. And I just watch it grow. And it's it is so much like the plants because as you can see, I'm a plant person. So I like love and tend my plants and I do the same thing with money.

Meaghan Smith  34:31

Yeah, I love that. Well, just finally, before we wrap up, Janet, I wanted to ask you because you sit with us sitting here in front of me. I feel like you could just pull something out in a moment and tell me that you're going to go in some completely new direction in your life because you just decided to do that and start something new like I don't see you. Like your life is over and you're about to never try it. Anything I mean, you just told me that you were going to start learning how to play the harmonica after you've learned how to juggle. And I'm curious of what you would say, to somebody who maybe is older, I'm using quotation marks like maybe in their 50s or 60s and they want to change direction. But it never even occurred to them that that was possible. Is there anything that you have like any words of wisdom that you would say to that person, or even younger people?

Janet Archer  35:31

Well, number one, really question your beliefs. But it's not possible. Because that is just a belief. That's not a fact. And that's the that's what I was talking about before. When I said, I was thinking, I was believing that I didn't care about money as a fact, when when it's just actually a thought I was having that's optional. So nothing's possible for me, or I can't do anything else. There's, there's no truth to that. There's just, it's just something that the mind has been thinking so much that it believes it as true. So start there and just be watching. If you're somebody listening to this, and you're like, that's me. I don't believe that. start watching how often you think that. And then when you start catching yourself thinking it, see if you can kind of play a game like, oh, wow, wait a minute, I just did it. Is that really true? I wonder if that's really true. I really want to look like look into that. If you really want to do something different. And you think you can't you just start playing around with your mind.

Meaghan Smith  36:44

That is so good. I love it. Okay, so where can we find you, Janet? Can people coach with you? Just you or do you? It doesn't have to be through the Life Coach School?

Janet Archer  36:56

No, people can coach with me if they aren't in. Yeah. And you can find me you're gonna put my website on the show notes. I will Yes, you can find my books on my website, and you can find out how to contact me on my website.

Meaghan Smith  37:15

Amazing. Yeah, I will. I will link all of that on the show notes, your details, where to find the book, everything. I cannot wait to get the book. And seriously, if you're listening to this, go to Janet's website, check her out. She's absolutely beautiful. And I'm just so grateful that you've been on the show, Janet, thank you. I feel like you're just such an inspiration. And I'm so I'm so grateful that there's women like you out in the world, showing me what's possible, further down the track. For me, like I'm excited. I just feel like it's never going to end my life just going to continue to get better and better and better. And I look at you and I'm like, look at Janet. She's amazing in a 70s. Right.

Janet Archer  38:04

I just want to say I love that in the beginning. You talked about wise women because I love stepping into that role right now. And I have, there's a yoga teacher that I follow. And her name name is Angela farmer, and she's in her 80s. She was actually from New Zealand. But just like such an inspiration. And so I have inspiration of women ahead of me and I love being an inspiration for anyone coming behind. So I'm happy to be here doing it for you.

Meaghan Smith  38:43

Ah, amazing. Thank you so much, Janet.

Janet Archer  38:48

Thank you. This was so much fun. Okay,

Meaghan Smith  38:51

amazing. If you think you're too old to change your life think again. Janet is an incredible example of what is possible. We don't age and then have to give up on our lives. We are always capable of creating the life that we want. And if you would like to get help from a coach to do that, you can always go to my website and book a consult. The consultation is a fun chat where I help you make decisions about your future and what is possible. Until next time, have a beautiful week. Bye Bye.

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Find out more about Janet Archer on her website here.

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