77: Chasing Cupcakes With Elizabeth Benton

In the Money Mindful book club this month, we are reading Chasing Cupcakes, how one broke fat girl transformed her life and how you can too, by Elizabeth Benton. This is the kind of book that can actually change your life. If you apply what you learn in it. I absolutely love this book.  So I'm absolutely delighted to have Elizabeth Benton, the author joining us on the show today to tell her story and to discuss her wonderful book.  In this episode you will learn: How Elizabeth changed her whole life by proving her own stories wrong Great questions to ask  to become a better thinker and decision maker The difference between fear and danger The difference between a true barrier and a perceived barrier How you too can change your life by asking better questions

76: What You Appreciate Appreciates

You know the story, the one where you want a new car and suddenly you start seeing that exact car everywhere. Well, it’s the same with money, our feelings and thoughts. What we put our attention on we create more of. In this episode you will learn: • What manifesting really is • What you can do to create more of what you want • The quickest way to shift out of feeling like you don't have enough • Why gratitude is your super power

75: Three Truths To Stop Overspending

Today, I'm going to help you stop overspending. If you are an over spender, and want some help with this, I'm going to tell you three truths about this, that you can use to deepen your awareness and STOP OVER-SPENDING. In this episode you will learn: • Why you are over spending • The reason you overspend is because you have a human brain doing what human brains do- What the? • Having more willpower or discipline is not the solution • How to use your brain to work with you not against you • The quickest way to stop over spending

74: How Are You ‘doing’ and ‘being’ With Money?

How are you 'doing' and 'being' with money? If your relationship with money is something you would like to improve, this episode is for you. The first step to changing your relationship with money always starts with awareness. Today I'm going to teach you how to do a little exercise that will help you with this. In this episode you will learn: • How to deepen your relationship with money • How to increase your awareness about your relationship with money • How to identify what you are doing with money • How to identify how you are being with money • About your money behaviour and if it reflects your values

72: One Percent Is Enough

If you have ever struggled to stick with or heck, even start pursuing a goal because it felt too hard or too overwhelming, this episode is for you. In this episode you will learn: That all or nothing thinking is not helpful for creating and sticking to our goals How to implement the one percent concept and start creating your money goals How to save money no matter what your income is How I used this concept to start my investment portfolio How you can apply this 1 percent concept in other areas of your life

71: Kate Toon on How to Make Serious Money in Business Without Taking Yourself Too Seriously

The Queen of SEO and Australian Business Women of the Year, Kate Toon shares how to make serious money in business without taking yourself too seriously. In this episode you will learn: How Kate took her business from $50000 in debt to a profitable 7 figure business! Why you don't have to have a degree in business from Harvard University to be uber-successful & make a lot of money Knowing your numbers  is the key to freedom from stress, comparisonitis and imposter syndrome in business How to develop a relationship with your business The mistakes Kate made and how to avoid them

70: Why Budgets

Alrighty, so today I want to talk to you about budgets. Now don't click off. Don't pause, keep reading/listening. I know I said the word budget. But stay with me. It's going to be okay. You're going to learn lots. And it's not going to be as painful as you think.  In this episode you will learn: Why and when you need a budget Why and when you don't need a budget That there is nothing wrong with you if you don't have a budget  How to do a budget YOUR WAY How I budget

69: The Truth Behind I Can’t Afford It

How often do you say the words 'I can't afford it'? I'm pretty sure that you have told yourself on one or many occasions that you can't afford something.   It seems legit, right? Now, I would like to put a little spanner in the works here and suggests that the thought I can't afford it, is actually not true. So often we say that we can't afford something, when actually we can. In this episode you will learn: The lies you tell yourself and how to stop it Why you should stop saying 'I can't afford it' How to stop blocking yourself from what you want How to shift your thinking from disempowering to empowering The opportunity cost of believing you can't afford something

68: Ten ways To Love …

I want to introduce an exercise to you called 10 ways I can love...   It's an exercise I have been applying in my life and have been getting really good results from doing it. I have made improvements to my business, my income and my health.  So I wanted to share it with you today because I think it will be really helpful for you too. In this episode you will learn: How to do this simple exercise How you can use this exercise to get better results in your business, your job or your life How a simple mindset shift can have a big impact How I use this exercise and the results I have achieved How you apply this same exercise to money & other areas of your life

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