91: Rapid Transformation with Michelle Kevill

How long does it take to create a business, start a podcast and get a promotion?  Well in my client's case ONLY 3 MONTHS! Tune in today to hear how my client Michelle Kevill rapidly transformed her life in only 3 short months.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What Michelle did to have such a rapid transformation and how you can too
  • How she was able to work less hours and make more money in her corporate job
  • What it is like to work with me & how coaching works
  • Why working on your MONEY MINDSET is EVERYTHING when it comes to creating success in your life
  • How changing her thoughts about money changed the trajectory of Michelle's life

You can listen to the episode above or read the unedited transcript below.


Rapid Transformation with Michelle Kevill


Meaghan Smith, Michelle Kevill

Meaghan Smith  00:20

Hello beautiful people and welcome to another episode of the money mindful Podcast. I am your host, Meaghan Jean Smith. I'm a money mindset coach for women. I help you create an amazing relationship with yourself and money so you can live the extraordinary life you want to live on purpose. All right, before we get into today, I'm just gonna say swear bear alert. I think today's episode has the potential to sound like to Lady sailors on a night out. So if you've got kids in the back of the car, kids, these are grown up words. Okay. All right. So speaking of someone living her extraordinary life on purpose, I have my client, Michelle Kavill on today to talk about all things like rapidly changing your life and I mean, rapidly transform your life. So Michelle is a life coach and host of the podcast how to deal with big fucking feelings. She uses psychology to change your mindset and process those big emotions so you can have a better human experience and live the life you want. So she is also my amazing coaching client, and has gone from thinking I might be able to be a life coach to running a coaching business in three months. Michelle, welcome. I'm so excited to have you on the show and share. Like all your goodness with everyone. I want everyone to know your story and your podcast and all the things welcome.


Michelle Kevill  02:06

Oh my God, thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited. I love that with the two women on a sale. The swearing I was like, yeah, that's me. Well,


Meaghan Smith  02:16

I was thinking going by our coaching sessions. I'm like, yeah, there's probably going to be some Yeah.


Michelle Kevill  02:22

So based off the title of my podcast, my thesis.


Meaghan Smith  02:28

Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. That's right. So listen, I'm, I'm sort of, I'm interested to see the direction that this this show goes today and what we focus on but let I look, I always do these Do you want to introduce yourself? Like how do you want people to know you? This Michelle, current present in this moment?


Michelle Kevill  02:52

All right. Well, I think you've used the intro about me. Um, but yeah, if I give you around, like, I guess I'm just gonna start from like, the very beginning. Well, yeah, this time a year ago, I am being just completely honest and open here. Um, I was going through a lot of stuff. We had COVID, I had a new job, where I was moving house, my grandfather wasn't very well. And I think someone said it perfectly. COVID was able to hold up a mirror to all our kind of fears, thoughts, anxieties that we had, I was workaholic, I would work from nine to nine o'clock, I work through lunch. My partner saw this was like this is not healthy. And then with everything else going on in my life. I really was using work to kind of buffer out of it. And biggest thing I didn't realise at the time is I just didn't want to sit with any of the bad emotions that I was having at the time. I'm out of absolute pure desperation. And just being completely exhausted, burnt out. Like just just over it. Like I mean, just, you know, like, being just physically overwhelmed and just out of it. I was just looking up like self help stuff, and I happen to find or found some stuff. Coaching stuff around. I'm getting tongue tied. I'm so sorry.


Meaghan Smith  04:21

No, no, go for it. And make sure you share. Make sure you tell us who like Who did you find all of that because people listening okay.


Michelle Kevill  04:29

Yeah, so what I found was the unfuck, your brain podcast by Kara Loewentheil. And I was listening to this woman and I was like, holy shit, like this woman is me. She was like a stressed out lawyer. Her stuff really resonated with me and it wasn't that bullshit. Like, we're gonna manifest our feelings. We're just going to think happy thoughts and look at the mirror and smile and miracles will happen. No. Like, it was literally like I've been where you're at, I've been at this, like level, like, she was literally writing to me the thoughts that she had had exactly to the tape. Like, I have to keep doing this, my job is so stressful, like, hate everything, hate my body. I was like, what, and then really plainly and simply teaching like the model from like the Life Coach School and articulating just how like a thoughts cause our feelings relate to actions and results, which when you hear it at this surface level, you're just like, what, like, What do you mean? And then some of the psychology around it, that kind of, like how you can kind of use cognitive bias to kind of flip it almost. So that we can believe like new thoughts and stuff like that. And I don't mean new thoughts, like, you'll magically have million dollars, but like, I'm working to believe I'm valuable, like really basic level stuff. That's what really hit me, like stuff where you can have like, a mid level basic thought to kind of practice, then take the actions that you want in your new model, if you're feeling confident, and then you can start to believe that and that's how I was like, Well, wait a minute, this is crazy. This is this isn't this isn't real, this proves rolling a simulation. Or I signed up with that group like straightaway. And, like I was finding it really helpful. I think the thing that I was struggling with third, everyone made comments, they were just like, you don't want to sit with any of the feelings you're having. I was like, but isn't the thought they were thought work to create new thoughts. So I feel better automatically. Like, you have to process my emotions. I don't want to do that. And that's what I realised that that is, I think that's one of the biggest things that you struggle when learning this work. It's when you're starting out, it's some sitting with the emotions, it's knowing that they're going to be there regardless, even if you're having, you know, good thoughts, like some of those notes, some of the negative chatter might be there in the background, just playing and just being able to accept it. I did a tonne of work on that, like, I mean a tonne of it. It really inspired me to think about becoming a coach. And I fucking worked it like it like, and I'm not kidding. It works. Just by simply not resisting it and just allowing it and just like watching and sensations in your body. I was like, hang on a minute, I'm taking something that's like 100% painful to like, 50% painful. And I was like, What? And then lead time.


Meaghan Smith  07:44

So Michelle, break that down into an example. Like, how did that? What did that look like in your life? Because I'm sure that there's other lawyers and doctors and professional people listening right now. Who, like you don't connect with that kind of manifesting Woo, or a way of speaking. And here Kara who is like, she was like a hot she's she's so fantastic. She's Harvard lawyer. Yeah, I think that's her. Yeah. Yeah. So she's teaching you how to get like how to feel your feelings, how to think new thoughts. But how did that translate in your life? Like, what did that look like for you at work? Because you said that you're working from nine till nine? And?


Michelle Kevill  08:32

Yeah, well, how it translated was I realised that at least with affiliates, but be you do like, you work out what like through an unintentional model, like what you're doing now. And you know, how you're thinking causes you to feel like overwhelmed. And I was able to be like, hang on a minute, I'm doing this to myself. I'm thinking I'm overwhelmed. I'm feeling really stressed. I'm taking like, basically shitty actions. They're not the best actions, like I'm running frantically. I'm like, trying to do 10 million things at once. And the result is overwhelming. Like, alright, how do you want to actually feel it's like, well, I'd like to feel confident, if you're confident, what actions would you actually take? Well, I would maybe plan out my time, maybe not say yes to 10 million things all at once, which I started noticing I was doing and I think a lot of people especially like, have a corporate job. That's what everyone does. They're like, yeah, I will just take on all the things and I weren't sick and give take the time to assess and plan out how much of this is going to take my capacity. A lot of comparing to other people, like other people are doing all this stuff and they're okay. They look okay. We don't know what they're thinking. And then the results I want to create was, well, like, I believe that I can do this work. And then I looked at what like what I needed to think and stuff and they were baby thoughts like I'm working to believe that I'm allowing myself to still learn or that I have more than enough time. But the key thing is doing the actions from your intentional model, and then thinking that full. So one of the actions for me was not taking on all the things. Like, I was just saying yes to all this work, because of other underlying thoughts, which was that my self worth and value is directly related to my job, and people pleasing. Once you flesh that out and see it on paper, you, you will see how much you were doing this to yourself, I 110% guarantee you, you are doing this, I promise you, I promise you, you're doing this to yourself. When you're all up in your head, you don't know when you write it on paper, then you can see it. You can see how it's translating. You see the actions when you see those actions, you ask yourself, why Why are you taking on 20 million different projects? Why are you pushing back at work? Is it because you have some fears around what they will say? And really, if you're worried that that person is going to get upset with you, or you're worried about and this changed my mind, or you're worried about is having a feeling that's all I was afraid of? Having a feeling of maybe a little bit of like anxiety, or, or shame or something?


Meaghan Smith  11:21



Michelle Kevill  11:22

it's like, I can't control what they think. I started to implement this, I still remember pushing back on one project with like my manager once removed, very articulate, like articulate this whole email is very polite about it. I was basically like, look like this is my capacity, we'd have to shift some stuff. Like I was basically setting a work boundary that I've never done before. One of the colleagues, the stakeholders were a bit like iffy about it, but my like, my manager wants revenge was like, yeah, that's fair. I was like, what should be fair could have had a completely different reaction. But I was prepared to sit with the emotions, that's where processing emotions and so important, you're doing these things, when you are starting to create this change in your life, it's going to be uncomfortable, the limbic system is not going to be happy. It's like, what are you doing? I like these negative thoughts. They keep me safe. I know what they're doing. Now we're changing it like it's, it thinks it's going out into the wild and that wild is going to attack it. All you're going to have is a feeling. That is all when you set your boundary.


Meaghan Smith  12:24

Yeah. And what I heard from you then too, is it's like we, we quite literally make up stories in our head, like how we think things are gonna play out. Like we make out these worst case scenarios, when in actual fact, when you say no at work, nothing bad happened. And in fact, so many amazing things happen, which I want to want to share. But how what was so how did you get from working with kara? to working with me?


Michelle Kevill  12:53

Yeah. So once I, once I was exposed to this work and had an understanding of it. I think it was about maybe I want to say maybe, almost Yeah, it was almost a year in I started to really apply this to all areas of my life. I definitely worked out like through working with you. I had a thought about you know, wanting to do coaching. One of the big thoughts at the time was like money, my mind and like, Oh, I don't have enough money to do this. And I had noticed as well that my brain after kind of figuring work out, it was kind of just thinking like, I need more money any more money. It was like, what's a new thing to worry about? let's worry about money. So I was like, Oh, I remember this. So I realised I wanted like I wanted that one on one coaching. I wanted, I wanted to speed it up. I absolutely. Like I said, I still love like, the community and group have unfuck your brain but I really just wanted to be one on one with a coach just working with me to kind of go through these goals that I wanted and I had, and just just speed I think you said it perfectly. You will like it's like, like, it's like coaching on steroids, almost. Because when you're doing it yourself, and then when you're doing it in community when we're doing it one on one with an actual coach. It's like, boom, like you just escalate all that stuff and get there really quickly. And that's what I really wanted to do. So I guess how I found you is like your podcast. I also know that you were like you. You were certified with Life Coach School, ie you had the understanding of the model, which for me was really key. And look, I'll be honest, I wanted some Australian time. Sorry. I need someone who can match my time said so I was like, This is perfect. So I found you hurt you. I heard you through the podcast. I was like Yep, this is this is perfect. This is great. We had that free consultation was already like sold. And then I just got even more sold, talking with you just around like what you could offer, like the results that we like, you could bring just fleshing out all those thoughts. And then I just cannot get over how quickly everything like, and I knew this was gonna happen, but my brain didn't like believe it, just how quickly everything escalated. Like it really was thought it really went so quickly. If we look at our sessions from it was all about like, you know, like, Oh, I don't have enough money. I think within a couple of sessions, it was like, want to be a life coach, and you will like, you can do that. Like, fuck, I can do it. And then yeah, I just, I just went from there. I made I it's so crazy. This is like a first page of a book where I'm writing like life coaching stuff, literally. It's like, Can I be a life coach? And now I have full of business and clients and I was like Jesus Christ. Like, it really is all your thoughts. I know, I would have gotten there. But I would not have gotten there in such a short timeframe of three months, without working with like a coach and you one on one, two, just like we just attacked, ah, still came through. It was just like, boom, boom, boom. Okay, you know, like, we just


Meaghan Smith  16:20

Whoa, now I know, you're really good at rapid, rapidly changing and rapid transformation. But let's slow it down for somebody who's never experienced coaching, right. So because this is really interesting. And I think this is a key piece that I want you to take away like listening today is that because you were saying that you came to me because you thought that you didn't have enough money. Right? And you wanted you had an idea? Like, what was it like he said to me something like, you know, I went from thinking that, you know, I might be able to be a life coach to actually running a business in three months. Like, that's phenomenal. And not only that, you created a podcast that you started and executed and now have a podcast out in the world. And you're still working full time. Like That is crazy pants, right? Like you did like you're on fire. But, but there's a process to this. And I think it's really would be really helpful to flesh that out. Because remember, when we started, there was a lot of stuff that you had a lot of thoughts around debt, and money. And that was like a total money block for you if we're going to use that. That language, right, because that's what that was, what once we did that work, that's what opened the door for you to actually work on what you really wanted, right? Which was to be a coach. So do you want to like just explain, like, what he what you mean by that? It's like because how does that work? Like, how does that work? When you you unblock some money, thoughts? And then suddenly, you're flying? Like off out in the world doing what you want to do?


Michelle Kevill  18:18

Yeah, sure. Oh my gosh. So like going back in my mind here. Um, I think when I came to you with all these thoughts, I think how it starts is like you just believe them as circumstances like you've just believed them. It's so true. And then working with a coach one on one, you're able to, like you can do this yourself. But again, when you're doing it with a coach, you're just like, it has nothing out for you, you're proving almost you're working together to prove to myself that it is purely a full we're looking at it at completely different angles, and actually looking and being like, hang on a minute, wait a minute. This is actually like this is just this is just a thought and some of the beliefs that I had around money like around debt, it was so interesting. We went through debt to see how like, I'm kind of okay with my mortgage but I'm and I'm totally do not care about my hex debt. But I wasn't okay with spending some money on my business or like getting a loan or stuff like that just looking and I didn't even notice that. But you were just like it's so it's just like, so interesting to just go through it like my thoughts that I and the messages that I had absorbed from society around what was owed, like, what would what that was okay, and what wasn't, and how I had just chosen to apply the thoughts onto the same money, just money, but just sitting in different letter boxes, and then I've just applied thoughts to that and how that is Just ultimately, like keeping me stuck. And I was just like, well hang on a minute, I don't even know I did that. I didn't know that I was like, okay with hex, but like anything else that's like, that is so bad. And looking at how like, debt is almost neutral and how money is almost just just nurture, like we can't eat it or anything like that. There's so many thoughts that we've learned from society and messages that we've absorbed that we just apply on to money that really does keep you stuck. Because you just it just just what you have thought generates, used to generate really strong feeling for me, and I just wasn't getting the actions or results that I wanted from that.


Meaghan Smith  20:41

So what was like the most challenging thing with that, like with the, with the the thoughts about about debt, in particular, because I think this is like a common block for people, they want to do something. And also, by the way, hecs debt is like student loan debt, that's what hex is. And but like, a common thing is, is that we, we want to do something but then we think we can't afford it. Like, that's one thing, which also, by the way, is like, sometimes total BS, like people say, we can't afford it. And then like, literally, they'll have like 10 grand in the bank or 20 grand in savings or something. But in their mind, they're like, No, I can't afford this. And this thought just feels so real. And then also exactly what you're saying, we're quite happy to go into 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars worth of debt for to buy a home. But to start a business or to invest in ourselves, like an education. Or a coach, for instance, we're just like, Oh, no, I can't, couldn't possibly spend money on that. So I'm interested, like, what was the? What was the cornerstone moment for you like, what really shifted for you?


Michelle Kevill  22:04

I think what shifted for me was just really understanding that these are actually optional thoughts, which takes a while to get to, but these are optional thoughts. Because when you lay down all the facts to me around all these is just debt sitting in different buckets, and you've applied thoughts, or you have this amount of savings. And I remember we worked, we were just talking about it, you're like, and if you had this much, would you then feel comfortable? And I was like, yeah, and then I went, actually no, because I'd want to use it with for this and then this, so no, and it's like, no amount of money I was ever gonna feel comfortable with. Because my brain is like, like a hobgoblin. It's like in this kind of scarcity mindset. It's like, no, I must, I need everything. And realising that that is optional. It's challenging at the start to understand and realise that it is optional. But once like working with you, when we were able to really flesh out the thoughts from like, the facts and the circumstances, and that, Michelle, you're just applying these thoughts, to, you know, debt, or this amount of money. And just hearing like, the different, just different facts and ideas around it. And just like the thoughts and messages we absorbed, I was like, Oh, shit, like, it's like convincing yourself almost it's like, oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Like, we're just picking up the phone. We're like dissecting it, we're like, hmm, is this really true? Is this really a true thought? Like, why are you choosing to think this, like, why are you applying it to this, then from that, we start to understand some of the like, I call them route thoughts, like the fi around it, and it was just really just, like, fear of change, fear of doing something new if it wasn't for the money would have been because like I could, like, once we kind of started to solve that it was. So for example, when I'm, like getting into wanting to spend the money to get certified. With the Life Coach School, I remember I was like, Oh, I don't think I could handle the workload goes up. And I was like, what you just, I was like brain you just choose a new thought, like you saw you saw the money pot, and now you're just choosing something new. It's never about the money. It's just your thoughts, trying to latch on to something and money I feel in society is such like this, such a focus is such a lot on it. And there's a lot of like fear around it as well and like scarcity that we've been taught, so it's just something for your brain to choose. But I guarantee you the same thing happened with me. I got to the point where I was like, right and just spend the money I'm going to do it then my brain was just like, you're gonna fail. You can't do this with like, full time work like all these other thoughts. But we had worked together so that I could also like work to challenge those thoughts as well. And I'm doing it now. And I'm fine. I'm just I knew that was gonna happen to us. All right. I'm damn right. You're right.


Meaghan Smith  25:09

Yeah. And so I what I wanted to point out was from from what you're saying is that this is something I do with a lot of my clients is that when we go to do something new our brain goes to worst case scenario, right? And your if you don't mind me sharing, you know, your brain was going to oh my gosh, I'm going to die. Like if I spend money on, like getting certified and becoming a coach. It's like, I'm going to die. saying you're going to die. But yeah, like


Michelle Kevill  25:45

that's what all the limbic system just thinks that I am going to die. But what I'm thinking is like, I'm gonna lose the house, my cars gonna break down. Someone's gonna get sick, like the dogs gonna need a leg issues with a flat pick up something like that all these things. And yeah, that translating to like the goal like the limbic, I say this all the time, limbic system, the oldest part of your brain, it deals with like fear, and it works to protect you. It's just hearing their beers in the woods, and we're gonna go out and die. It wants to protect you.


Meaghan Smith  26:23

Yeah, but when we put try to protect ourselves, and we say no, to the worst case scenario, right? Like if you hadn't have if we hadn't have done this work, and you had said no to getting certified at the Life Coach School, if you had said no to starting a podcast, going out and getting clients like all these things, if you had said no to that worst case scenario, you would have thought were actually sorry, I don't mean to make that sound misunderstanding, if you had said no to using money, like, you know, saving money and going into debt and all of that, what you're also Yes, you would have protected yourself from any of those things like, you know, getting into more debt. But you would have also said no, to all the incredible things that you have created in only three months Hello, like, this is the thing that blows my mind so much. And then on top of that, like, you had all this, I'll let you share, like, but you had this amazing stuff happen at work as well. And by saying no to our fears, we're also saying no to best case scenario, and in your situation. And I don't mean this, like, this is what I like, oh, but I've everyone I work with does this is that, you know, your brain was freaking out about like investing in yourself. But in fact, like, you work in a corporate job, you have like a good income, right? And like you were already financially like you had, you've got a lot of stuff going on, that's working really well. But your brain was still telling you. This is bad, this is bad. And you wanted to shut down the idea. And so I think this is such an important, like, interesting area to cover. Because I'm sure that you listening has the same thing. It's like you want to go and do something, but you hold yourself back, because you're totally focused on the worst case scenario. And if you had focused on worst case scenario, and not actually taken action, to tell everybody what the best case is, everything that you've missed, that you would have missed out on, and we're only talking about what you've achieved in this three months. Like, imagine what else is going to happen, like as you move forward, like, let's just celebrate and really share that because I just think it's so amazing what you've been able to do, because you've been willing to question your thoughts and really, like, challenge your brain like, Is that true? Like, what if I'm wrong about that? Right. And that's what you've done? And, and so please share, like, share everything that you've created. Let's just like, totally Bask, you know, this amazingness


Michelle Kevill  29:12

Yes. And I love that to what you're saying, because life is 5050. And if I didn't start this, I would have missed out on this amazing things. And the basic thing was, okay, well, I have like, I have clients. And I've been working with them, one on one and they've had some amazing growth. Like they gave me some testimonials as well just I could share on the website, which was just to see that growth and transformation was amazing. Like, I have an actual, I have a website, I have a business, I have Instagram and all of that. I have the podcast out like some, like look, it's not all about downloads, but just to give some people some stats, I remember Couple of days ago, my partner came to me and he was like, babe, and I was like, I was like, really excited. He was like, you know, you're ranking 33 in New Zealand's top, like self improvement podcast. I was like, holy shit. Like, what? Just like, Whoa, I remember sharing it as well as being like, thank you, my New Zealand friends just like,


Meaghan Smith  30:25



Michelle Kevill  30:27

I within like, I think within 90 for the last three months, I've got almost like $400 on the podcast, which I did not think was possible. I honestly was just like, what I thought this would take me forever, especially stuff that I had been reading. And just to see how people are resonating with this, like, I got some reviews on the podcast, you've all like, Oh, yeah, like, She's like, this is quirky, she's funny and stuff like that. It was just like, oh, wow, like, there are all these good things happening. All the bad stuff that I thought was gonna happen, like, I don't know.


Meaghan Smith  31:09

But tell. You got to tell us share what happened at work, though.


Michelle Kevill  31:15

Oh, I got promoted.


Meaghan Smith  31:18

Of course you did.


Michelle Kevill  31:22

It was, it was amazing. And here's the thing to anyone out there who is like a serious you have to say this, you're stressed out, you're burnt out. I take lunch breaks, and I finish at five o'clock. And I got promoted. Okay? Like you, you can to, please do not think that is something special. You know, I'm a special snowflake in a special job. I work in a fast paced Corporation. My job is still saying the only thing that changed was my actions. And like my thoughts, you know, I set those boundaries I started to provide that wasn't just doing everything. I was doing things to work on my capacity, I was challenging myself a year ago really hard just to sit with all the uncomfortableness of saying no and people pleasing. I produce better work, or produce better work from it. I set those boundaries. And you know, I ended up I ended up getting where I got promoted. And I was just like, Oh, my God, like, this is amazing. Um, yeah,


Meaghan Smith  32:24

this flies in the face of when people say things like, you know, you have to work harder to make more money and everything like that. Because, like, if it's okay, if it's okay, if I share what you told me about how you were already doing the work of a manager, like you were giving so much value at work. And so then you got promoted, because they were like, well, we should give you a title and the pay to match what you're already doing. So in fact, you're not having to work harder, you're not having to do more, you're already we're giving the value ahead of time. And then now you're getting paid more money, like for the same?


Michelle Kevill  33:08

same stuff that I was doing? Yes. Which is all? Yeah, it's I know, I know that it's insane. And I talked about this as well, like my podcast, we have this real obsession with like, output. And I really talked about deep about where this kind of came from and everything. But it's actually it's nowadays 21st century, it's not about output, it's not about if you work 16 hours, it is about value. So if a person can get the same value, that the person that takes them 16 hours to do, and they can do that, and maybe hypothetically, like five hours, like you're gonna get more done. You're I mean, you're gonna get more value work done to do that. You really have to sit with yourself and work out, you know, what, how do you work best? What's your capacity, like, you know, being able to say no, and communicate that and sit with those negative feelings. And actually create, like, create that environment for yourself. You have to do that though. And you have to do the work. It's really, really it. Like, it's challenging in the sense that you have to separate from the thought work and as in like, you know, practising new thoughts. It's sitting with the uncomfortable feelings of when you go to do that challenging thing. Yeah, and that's what I had to do here with this business as well. But I guess I'd already had some of that practice with work, but it's, and that's like, again, inspire me to be a coach. It's just like, being able to sit with that. How do you process it? How do you be with that, so that you can go out and do the amazing things that you want to do? And now I like I said, I take my lunch break, I do my nine to five. I got promoted, and I run a business on the side.


Meaghan Smith  35:00

With, with 11 clients, let's throw that out there because that's phenomenal. Michelle, like it really is so amazing. And like With that in mind, can you just what would you say to someone listening now? Like, what's a piece of wisdom or advice that you would say to someone who's like thinking about hiring a coach?


Michelle Kevill  35:27

Oh my god, do it. Do it right now? Is your message from the universe? Do it. I know I'm like very much ignore, do it. Hear me right now. Like, every going through this journey myself, everyone needs a coach. Like, it is so transformational. It isn't. It's not I think it's I think it's not how we used to think coaching was before all this before I found this work, I thought it was just someone, you kind of told you what to do. No, a coach literally just takes your mind, puts it on a table and works out what's fact, and what's a thought. And then from that you can go and you can feel empowered to make the decisions that you want to create in your life. Do not do not understand how empowering and like that is just going through it myself. So I would say invest the money in yourself. If you so worth it, you will start to see how you just believe your thoughts or circumstances I still do it too. But you really all your thoughts are just circumstances, who doesn't want a work life balance? Who the hell doesn't want to believe that they are a good enough mother, or you know, partner? You know, in that like family scenario as well, who doesn't want to be able to set those like work boundaries or or even like try to go out, go for your goal that you whether it want to be want to be a business or whatever. Like, why are you stopping yourself? God damn coach. I said it's everyone now I'm like, No, no, everyone who's like, oh, some people talk to me, like, Oh, you coach a lot. I'm like, just do it. You don't understand. Like, trust me, go out, get a coach, challenge your thoughts and do the shit you want to do?


Meaghan Smith  37:27

Yeah. Oh my gosh, so amazing. So listen, I want everybody to know about you and your business. So like, tell us what what's your sort of area of expertise with coaching, like who's your who should come to you to get coaching?


Michelle Kevill  37:45

I hey, so look, I coach everyone in anyone in like all industries, but then I think them I guess you could say my natio main area of focus is sitting with the uncomfortable feelings. So I talked about in my podcast and support costs, how to deal with big fucking feelings. Obviously, I teach you. I teach you how to view your thoughts, we work through how to go through all that. But I think the biggest thing, that's something that I've I really struggled with, and I see a lot of, I guess you can say, like new people to this work, is being able to process your feelings. That is, as someone who has gone through this, who used to really resist it and create so much more turmoil, that is what I teach you to do. Because if you can sit with the shitty feelings that you are going to have, oh my god, you're gonna make so much change. Because if you just allow yourself to be afraid and realise it's not actually going to kill you, it is just your limbic system, having a hissy fit. It's, you know, running on old programme thinking, we're back in the cave ages. And you just allow that to be it will reduce by like, 50%, because you're allowing it, you're not running away from it. And then you can go ahead and do the new actions that you want to take. If you want to go set that work boundary, you're going to do it, you're accepting it, you're going to feel afraid when you do it. You're gonna have all these thoughts and feelings. And guess what, I guarantee you, nothing bad is gonna happen. No shark is gonna randomly eat you. And you just teach your brain each little time. It's like exposure therapy. It's like, Yeah, actually, I can do this, I can do this thing. You like, letting yourself grow. But if you give in to that emotion, if you go kind of believe the fear and stay hidden and like don't go do the thing. You're not going to grow, you will not grow. Like, you have to be able to let that emotion be there. And it's gonna pop in like, it's not like you do this and it's like, it's not like my life is magically happy all the time. No, but it's definitely a lot more 5050 like, I just accept that I'm gonna have bad Sometimes, and that's totally fine. And you know what, sometimes I wanted to get this many things in my business done and I wasn't able to because I was feeling or having all these thoughts. That's okay, we still do the things, you know, we still have that self compassion for ourselves, we still let ourselves grow. If Yeah, my biggest view is if you can get and that's what I work on, if you can sit with like those feelings, which are so raw, sometimes, like you can get a lot of exceptional growth. And yeah, I guess another area as well doing it in my corporate life is just being able to set those work boundaries and explore those thoughts that you're having in, like, you will believe in the circumstances, but they're all just thoughts and just to where they're coming from, because what they ended up being that, I don't want to say no, because I can't, you know, do this ends up relating to a roof fruit thought, are related to your self worth your value, people pleasing. Let's challenge that at the core. Let's bring it up for what it is, which is the goddamn forks, it's put it out on the table, it's challenged that let's get you to sit with those uncomfortable feelings as you start to make change. So


Meaghan Smith  41:06

yeah, well, that's kind of like a bit of your superpower, isn't it, like working with those people in corporate who because you've been there, you've done it, like you've done the crazy hours. And now because you've learned how to actually manage your brain, because that's what time management is, it's actually managing your brain. And yeah, and that's what like money management is to, by the way, just letting you know, on the side there, it's managing your brain. Because when you can do that, you can do anything, but like you have walked that you've, you've walked that path, you've you are in corporate, and you've been able to I mean, you're you're like right at the beginning of your journey of completely Transforming Your Life, but doing it in a way that serves you like you're still somebody said to me are Who was it? I can't remember who it was. And I feel terrible, because you know, I want to give people credit where credit's due, but they said something like your your nine to five can be your business's biggest investor. So it's like you're able to do all these things in your business and get your business off the ground. Because like, also, your nine to five is your biggest investor. Like you're in such an amazing safe place where you have income coming in, I mean, not only income coming in, like more income, because you're getting a promotion and because you know how to do that now. And like, that's the that's the work. That's the powerful work to write when you do the money work, because you work through all that stuff. That is a limitation in a way that we don't realise it's actually blocking so many other areas of our life. But anyway, listen, I reckon we could talk all day. But let's wrap this up, I usually ask my guests like, if there's any practice or habit or tips that you have around money that you'd like to share, or maybe something even that you've learned, like working with me that you want to share, that would help our listeners, my listeners, it's


Michelle Kevill  43:20

Yeah, I think I'm thinking about this one, actually. And what I've learned from you was, like, we were talking about, like, our relationship with money and how we like view it as a person. And from that I've actually, like, the thing that I do, and like I encourage people in regards to money is, so at least try to every day or every few days, I just look at my bank account, and get really curious about the thoughts and feelings that I'm having when I look at it. So what I found really interesting was like working with you just how you flip the tables and you're like, if money was a person, like how would you treat it and like, treat it pretty shit that are traded very nice. And looking at all the thoughts I have around it and like the scarcity thoughts and stuff. So looking at it every day, it's kind of like it's managing your mind, but it's building all those new neural pathways to abundance, it's looking at, like, this is how much I have also sitting with any of the final thoughts that pop up and maybe I'll write down like, okay, like, Why do I feel like this, etc. I'm looking at like when I have to pay bills differently as well. It's like, Well, before I used to be like, I hate those now I'm like, Well actually, I like health insurance. I need that. That's really good if I get into an accident and how I view that like a lot more differently now. And just building that relationship with money. Like I'm that's what that's like an essence. What I found was as well as all the other stuff of working with you around money. It's like we have such a negative bad relationship. I I feel typically in society with money and how we view it. And it's just how do we build a better relationship? You don't realise when you build a better relationship with money, how much more money you just comes to you. It's like, and I think it's not necessary that any credit comes to you as in like, people just throw money at me in the streets. I mean, you've gone from scarcity to abundance when you're in an abundance mindset. Okay, if I try to be quick here, but I think the best way to articulate it is through a metaphor. If money is like a plant, what I was just doing before was shouting at the plant being like, grow, hurry up and grow. I wasn't nurturing it, I wasn't giving it water. When you're nurturing it. When you're in abundance mindset, when you're caring for it, when you're looking at it, you're engaging with it, when you're watering it. That's when you get more like more money starts so that you can see it, you can see it there. And from that place of growth, and you create, like more growth. So yeah, that's really the one tip. And then the second tip is, I guess it before this is your sign from the universe seriously, do it. If you've been thinking about it, it's just sign up or sign up, get a free consultation, go work with  her work with, Meaghan, I've gone in three months to having no business to having a business and getting promoted at work. Seriously, it is so worth it. It's been amazing to actually just like, work with you and challenges thoughts, and I'm so happy like, what the results that I've created have been amazing. Yeah.


Meaghan Smith  46:33

Oh my gosh, it's been so amazing being on the journey with you, Michelle, and I'm thrilled to have you on the podcast like sharing what you're doing. So tell us all tell us where we can find you give us all the you know, your social media, your podcast, tell us all the things.


Michelle Kevill  46:51

Yeah, so you can find me on Facebook and Instagram. So it's just Michelle Kevill coaching capital with two L's k v i l. o put in the show. Notes. And you can also find me on Tick Tock at life coach gal. Look, if you're like me, during lockdown, you signed up if you want to see funny videos about our thoughts and stuff like that, like I make those I love doing that. It's my little creative outlet. And my podcast is how to deal with big fucking feelings apostrophe in the U. And really, I just talked about like a whole heap of things to talk about, like workaholism, people pleasing how to deal with perfectionism tips as well for someone, I guess, like if you're a perfectionist, and like how to set work boundaries, and how to manage tasks and stuff like that, just what I've learnt. And I guess how to apply that and work with that for you. And yeah, so that's, that's where you can find me.


Meaghan Smith  47:54

So good. Thank you so much for coming on, and just sharing all your wonderful goodness, I think you are just an incredible example of what is possible when we get out of our own way. And like we're just really willing to look at our stories and challenge them and create new ones. So yeah, I am thrilled that everyone's gonna know about you and hear your podcast and come and sign up with you and get coaching. Just if this is what you can create in three months. Holy shit, I've like I've got my eye on you like, like in 12 months time taking over the world. Amazing.


Michelle Kevill  48:40

Well, yes, I gotta I gotta work on this thoughts. You know, I keep going from there. yet. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me as well. Like this has been amazing. I really appreciate it.


Meaghan Smith  48:52

You are welcome. All right. Michelle is an incredible woman and an example of how quickly you can rapidly and I mean rapidly transform your life. You have to go out and check out her podcast how to deal with big fucking feelings. I'm going to put all the details on the money mindful website. It'll be money mindful.com.au forward slash podcast 91 We are so capable of creating the life that we want like teaching the process to do this is exactly what I do with my clients. That's exactly what I've done with Michelle, if you would like to get help with this and rapidly transform your life like Michelle has done go and book a consult with me on my website. So this free consultation alone is so valuable because I help you identify straightaway what is getting in the way of the life you want and I show you the pathway to get that. But in the meantime, I am running another free open money coaching call tonight. That's 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. So if you want to get started right away with changing your thoughts about money, go and register now go right now to money mindful.com.au forward slash podcast 91 there will be a link in the show notes for how you can register for tonight's call. Get on it get there. Let me help you with those thoughts that you have around money. I would love to coach you and help you. But in the meantime, have a beautiful week until I see you next time. Bye Bye.

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