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The more I read and learn about money the more resources I discover. One book or interview would mention a resource and that in turn would lead to discovering another resource and so on. I have included these book summaries and website links for you, as I find sometimes one of the challenges of learning about a new topic is simply not knowing where to start.

Now you have no excuses, as there are plenty of books and relevant websites you can use to get yourself started.

It’s important to note that the opinions and advice in the books and websites may differ from my own views but I wanted to include all the resources I have read lately as we all have our own needs and interests when it comes to money and mindset and I think it is relevant to have a wide variety- something for everyone.

Please note as an affiliate of Amazon Associates I receive a commission if you make a purchase by clicking through the Amazon links on this website.  This is at no extra cost to you.  Books are such an incredible resource for learning and growing and in some cases even life changing.  I have learnt so much and developed my financial literacy by applying what I have learnt from these books.  I hope you get as much out of them as I have.

Happy reading and learning.