53: How To Declutter Your Mind To Make Room For Money Making Thoughts

Our brain tells us lies!

Don’t believe your brain.  I mean come on if I listened to my lizard brain all day, I would never leave the house.  Hang on a minute I work from home I don’t ever leave the house.

Let me rephrase that to I would never get out of bed.

I want to give you some info today that is going to help you declutter your head from the rubbish that rolls around in there and turn it into one of those gorgeous minimalist homes you see in all the glossy magazines.

I bang on about this all the time and will continue to do so because this is the absolute key to life, the universe and everything. Awareness

The first absolute step to changing your money mindset and inviting more cash into your life is to identify exactly what you think now to get super clear on understanding why it is exactly that you earn what you do and have the net worth that you have.

Hint:  It is all about what you think about money

Why do we need to bother identifying what we think now?  If we want to make more money, why don’t we just think money making thought? Well yes, you could but the trouble is to think new thoughts and have them actually have an effect in our life you need to believe them.

You can think I’m a money making machine until you’re blue in the face but if what you’re really thinking is that you’re a shameful person for wanting to make more money.  Well you are going to have a tough time because you have competing thoughts.

I want to give you some info about how our brains work to help you get it sorted out once and for all.

First of all, our brains number one job is to keep us alive.

To keep us alive our brain seeks pleasure (food, sex, warmth), it preserves energy and avoids pain.

How this looks in consideration to our net worth is that our brain doesn’t care if a thought is good or bad.  For example, if you learnt growing up that you have to work long hours to make money and you have never questioned or examined the validity of this thought intentionally, your brain is simply going to continue thinking that.

Remember your brain likes to be efficient and conserve energy.  It’s much easier to think a thought its always thought than to think something else.   Thinking new thoughts on purpose requires more effort.  It’s so good to be aware of this because it makes our lives make so much more sense when we understand this.

Why do the same problem keep happening to you?  Because your brain is an efficient machine.  It is thinking the same thoughts it has always thought and will continue to do so until you decide to think something different on purpose.

Okay so how do we clean up our thoughts?

I want you to think about your thoughts in your brain like your pantry.  There are a lot of thoughts in your pantry.  Some you use every day.  The salt and pepper, bread and cereal. These ‘thoughts’ if you will serve you very well and are on high repeat.  Others not so much.  The cans of corn or beans that only come out or get ‘triggered’ when your mother in law comes over.  I actually have an amazing relationship with my mother in law but I think you get my meaning.  And then there are those random spices that are 10 years out of date that you didn’t even realise you still had.

These are the thoughts that are getting in the way of new money making magic.  These are the thoughts you want to identify and clear out of your pantry or head.

Nothing has gone wrong here, we all have random condiments of thoughts that we are not aware of.  That’s why you coach yourself or have a coach to point them out.

I will share an example from my life so you understand what I mean.

I used to feel a lot of frustration towards my parents for not being more savvy with their money.  I blamed them for my financial circumstances.  It’s embarrassing to share these thoughts with you actually but I think it will be really helpful for you so I will.

When I was saving for a house, I felt like it was so unfair that I couldn’t rely on my parents to help me financially to get into the market.  I thought that they weren’t good with money and blamed them for my financial circumstances.  Now I’m just going to add that I was a grown woman in my thirties at the time.

When I took the time to explore my thoughts and write down what I was thinking I came to the realisation that when I think my parents are not good with money and blame them for my circumstances what that resulted in for me was that I wasn’t being responsible for my money!

It seems so obvious when I talk about it now but I was blinded to it at the time and that is why it is so important to examine our thoughts deliberately because as soon as I was aware of this thought and what it was creating for me, I dropped it.

Instead I choose to think that I am 100 percent responsible for how much money I make and that shifted everything for me.

Can you see that when I was blaming my parents I was completely powerless because from that model I was living from, in order for my circumstances to change my parents would have had to have changed.  Which, of course was never going to happen.  I mean I had zero control over that.

But when I fully owned what I was thinking and the results that was creating for me I had the power to change and did.

Now this is what I mean by clean up your thoughts.  It’s like the pantry analogy: deliberately take everything out of your pantry, examine it.  Decide if any of the food is out of date and needs to be tossed.

The way you can do this is by doing what I call a thought download.  This is a process of emptying all your thoughts out on paper so you can see with fresh eyes what you are actually thinking and if those thoughts are serving you or not.  I did a series of episode earlier this year explaining this. So, if you haven’t listened to them, I suggest you do. They are 3 episodes title Thought work Foundations.

You can do it specifically on thoughts about money or any area of your life.

Here’s a tip I will leave you with.  This process is like dental hygiene.  We don’t just clean our teeth once a year and say that will do.  We clean our teeth every day to keep them clean.  It’s the same with thought work and quiet frankly is the secret to all my success.  I simple do thought work every day.  Yes, every day.  Because it clears all the rubbish out of my head.

I can’t even tell you how many thoughts I think on the regular that are complete lies.

Things like ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘that will never work’.  ‘Nobody likes it’ yada yada yada.  Total bullshit.  But if I don’t deliberately clear out what I’m thinking I walk around in all that rubbish and it’s not fun.

The super cool thing is that when you actively clean out your brain, you create the space to deliberately decide and think thoughts that serve you.  For example ‘money is easy’ is a thought I love to think.  ‘Money is fun’.

I am enough.

Money is simple and easy to make

I am 100% responsible for how much money I make

I decide how much money I make

And my ultimate abundant though: I want to be exactly who I am.

I am a life coach for woman.  I help women just like you create the extraordinary life you want to live on purpose.

I work with women who seemingly have it all.  There is ‘no reason’ they should feel stuck or unsatisfied but they do.

They have dreams they want to follow and don’t know how to achieve them.

They feel overwhelmed by all the things they want to change.  They don’t know how to start or what to focus on so they do nothing.

I help women chasing dreams actually get started and achieve them

We organise your life

We work out all the things you want. Then we achieve them one by one.

I help you become the woman you want to be.  In your career and personal life.

I’m the help you always wanted but didn’t even realise existed.

Imagine that: actually living the life that you want on purpose.


As a general life coach I help you with it all.

Yes you want to start a business but you also want to lose those last 5 kilos.  We do it all.

If this sounds like you and you want to find out more about working with me, it easy you can book a consultation on the website.  I should change the name to a cuppa and a chat where we discuss what is holding you back and laser focus in on how to solve for that.

Okay my friend until you hear from me again have a fabulous week.

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