52: How To Break Free From Your Limitations & Have a RICH, Juicy & Fulfilling Life

Today we are celebrating MM first birthday.  This is episode 52! So exciting.

If you have been with me since the start thank you for being here with me.  I create this podcast for you.  For you to grow and learn and live into what is possible.  So fun!!!

This past year has been the best year of my life.  It’s been RICH, juicy and fulfilling.  I have had the most growth and transformation this year that I think I have experienced since I was a tiny human learning all the new tiny human things.

I want this episode to be a celebration of that but also a guide as to how I did it so that you can do it too.

If I look back to 12 months ago when this podcast launched there are quite a few things that have changed.

Here is what has changed.

This time last year I stepped out into the great beyond and became a podcaster.  It was so scary but one of the best choices I have ever made.

At the time I was working part time as a primary school teacher in the job I had held for nearly 10 years and spent the rest of my time 'mumming' it with my then two & four year old kids at home.  We lived in a nice home in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Fast forward 12 months and we now live in NSW. I have certified as a life and weight coach had have started my own profitable coaching practice in the middle of a pandemic and now have clients in Australia the US and Sweden!

In June of this year, nine months in, the podcast hit an amazing milestone of 10000 downloads and just over three months later it has more than doubled and at the time of writing this, it is at over 23000 downloads.  I have interviewed international authors, started an online book club had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting many inspiring & amazing women around the world through the podcast and my work.

But the coolest thing about changing my own life and reaching for my goals is that is I have helped others change their lives too.

I’m still learning to embrace and celebrate my successes and feel slightly awkward talking about it but gee whiz it’s been a phenomenal year.  You can change your life in an instant if you know how and I want to share with you how I had had such amazing success in such a short time.

When I thought back over the last 12 months there are 12 main concepts I have followed that you can do too.

1. Embrace change

We were at the pool recently and my daughter was putting her clenched fist in the air saying ‘into the great beyond’ she was fully involved in an imaginary quest.  In her mind she was off on an adventure into the great beyond and having a great time. She was living in possibility.  In her imagination going and doing new things.  How does a story of a 3 year old playing relate to embracing change?  Well as adults so often we settle into the comfort of the known as opposed to the unknown.  We stop getting out of our comfort zone.  We stop changing and trying new things.

What got you to where you are today is not going to get you to where you want to go.  Unless you want to live your same life on repeat, you have to make changes.  You have to be willing to be wrong. By this I mean change your thinking.  I thought teaching was going to be my career but I was wrong about that.  I thought it was hard to make money and have a profit in a new business, well I was wrong about that too.  I assumed getting clients when starting a new business was going to be hard, I was wrong about that too.  We don’t know the outcome of our efforts.  What we do know is that if we don’t do or think differently nothing will change.  We had no idea what our life would be like in NSW.  Moving your whole family interstate is quite an operation.  There were many uncomfortable and unknown factors.  We could have resisted it or not done it but we chose change.   We embraced it and have grown so much as a family because of it.

If you want to make more money or live a different way, you have to be willing to be wrong about the way you think and do things now and be willing to embrace change.

2. Be bold

I’ve made some bold moves this year and they have been so scary but so so worth it.  First of all just doing this podcast felt like such a bold move at the time.  Putting myself out there in the public domain.  Actually voicing my opinion, talking about money as I see it.  It’s bold but bold moves change your life.  And changing your life is where you get all the juice and fulfilment.  If you want to have a RICH juicy and fulfilling life you have to get out there and live it.  Being bold is showing up as yourself and going after what you want.

At first this can seem really really f*cking scary.  We don’t want to be rejected and it’s part of our human instinct to survive to want people to like us.  But if you’re not being yourself and toning yourself down or not doing the things you really want to do because you are worried what other people will think, who do those people actually like?  It’s not you because you’re not even being yourself!  I never used to talk about money because I was really worried that people would judge me.  Now obviously I talk about money all the time and feel so comfortable doing so and now I am making more money.  How cool is that?  By being myself and actually showing up in the world as who I truly am people want to work with me and pay me money to help them create their own RICH juicy lives.  And all I had to do was feel the courage required to live my life on my terms.  Courage does not feel good by the way by the results of courage can be magnificent.

3. Just let yourself f*cking have it

When I say it, I mean the life you really want.  I see you.  Don’t kid yourself.  We all have dreams and fantasy about the lives we wish we could have but most of us don’t dare go for it.  Why not?  I think it's because we don’t believe we could actually have it as in achieve it for ourselves or that it is even possible.

I realise it’s much easier to talk about now on the other side but I ummed and erred about doing life coach certification for quite a long time.  I really really wanted to do it but when I saw the price which with the exchange rate comes in at just below $30000 Australian dollars.  I stopped myself initially.  I really wanted to do it but I made the cost an obstacle for myself and it was quite an excruciating process paying the money up front and becoming the person who invests that much in myself and my future.

When I think about it now it seems so crazy that I might not have done it.  Any sensible person would probably have told me.  You are a teacher.  You like being a teacher, you have a really stable job with amazing benefits why would you spend so much money to become a life coach.  You have no guarantee that you will get clients or make money, don’t do it.

But I wanted a different life. I wanted to make change.  I wanted to work in a career that was flexible and online, that I could do from anywhere.  I wanted to have a job that didn’t have a cap on how much I could make or restrictions on how and when I had to work.  I wanted a career that worked with my family.  Many people would say that it isn’t possible but here I sit working from home.  I work irregular hours that work around my family.  I can drop off my daughter and pick her up from school everyday I can work with clients anywhere in the world as long as our time zones match up for my coaching availability I mean it’s the dream life.  This is also what I was talking about when I said you need to be willing to be wrong.  If I wasn’t willing to be wrong about it being possible to live this kind of life I wouldn’t have right now.

This leads me to my next point-

4. Stop arguing for your limitations

Why are you trying to convince me or anyone else of your limitations.  What purpose does it serve?  Don’t worry there is nothing wrong with you, we all do it but notice and stop it.  I will give you a couple of examples.  I’ve mentioned before that I often think I don’t have enough time and I’ve had a few coaching sessions on it where I have found myself trying to convince my coach about this.  See all the things I have to do.  There is not enough time.  When we argue for our limitations we create more evidence for them and reinforce them in our lives.  Like all the BS people believe about money being hard and that they don’t have enough.  If you want to not make more money, or lose weight or stay in the belief that you don’t have enough time.  Keep arguing for that and that is what you will create.

However, if you want to change and make more money, have a different lifestyle/ job or lose the weight whatever it is, even if you feel like your limitations are very real.  Stop arguing for them.  There is zero upside for this.  If you continue to argue for and convince yourself and others that you have these limitations you will never make room for the possibility of a solution or a different way of doing things.  I have felt plenty of limitations this year about what I thought I was capable of doing and every one has been false.  Look for solutions and live in possibility.  What if you could make more money?  What if you could lose the weight, change jobs, work from home, make money and still have time for the kids whatever it is, how would you do it?  Try living into possibility.  That is how I have create this past year.

5. Meet yourself where you are at

Every step of the way this year I have done just that, taken one step at a time.  I have not tried to be or do something five steps ahead of what I could do.  Now I’m not suggesting you don’t stretch yourself and aim high but what I mean is- stay in your own lane and do the next step.  I would love you to go and scroll down to the bottom of my Instagram account.  It’s not pretty.  You can literally see how far I have come and I have done it one step at a time.  I just kept doing the next thing.  I wanted a podcast so I learnt how to do that and got the first episodes out.  Then I thought I better have a way to tell people about it so I started posting on Instagram. I had no idea what I was doing when I started and I think that is so important to acknowledge.  You’re going to be sh*t when you first start something new and that is absolutely part of the process.  Just meet yourself where you are at.  I had 7 followers when I first open the Money Mindful podcast Instagram account now, I have over 800! Isn’t that crazy.  And over 1300 people listen to the podcast!  It’s insane.  It is so many people.  And it just keeps growing.

Be okay with exactly where you are and just do the next thing.  It is absolutely inevitable that next year I will have over 100000 downloads on the podcast if I keep going the way I’m going.  But imagine if when I started out, I was comparing myself to people who were already at that stage.  Not helpful.

6. Be a student of the life you want to live

If you want to be better with money.  Learn about money.  Listen to money podcasts, buy books about money.  If you want to start a business learn about marketing and copywriting.  Fully embrace and learn about who you want to be and want you want to create.  The amount of money I spend on coaching, books and training has significantly increased this year.

But  also its really important that you-

7 . Take massive action

Actually do what is required to make it happen.  Don’t just read about it and consume information about what you are interested in, get out there and do it.  Learn from your mistakes. Experiment, try different things.

This goes hand in hand with-

8. Fail forward then do it again

Success is built on a pile of failure.  This sounds like such a cliché but it is absolutely essential to moving forward and evolving in your life.  You don’t know how to get to where you want to go because you haven’t got there yet.  You have to try stuff out.  See what works.  Some of my episodes are really popular other not as much. I don’t know what is going to resonate with you until I try it.  I don’t know where my next client is going to come from until I give things ago.  I have just kept putting myself out there.   Out of all the wonderful guests I have had on my podcast I have also had other that have declined my invitation. It doesn’t matter!  I have plenty of people not take me up on offers to be their coach, so what?  It doesn’t mean anything about who I am as a person.  You have to be willing to fail.  If you are not failing at things you’re not moving forward and evolving your life.

9. Show up and let people be wrong about you

In terms of the success of the podcast and my coaching practice that is because I show up and tell people I am a life coach.  I tell people I have a podcast and book club.  When you live into who you want to be others just accept that that is who you are and YOU also start to accept who you are.  Nobody is going to buy from your business or listen to your podcast if you don’t show up and tell them what you do.

The catch is that when you show up you expose yourself to people judging you and not liking you but you also open yourself up to all the people who love you and love what you do.  I have made some amazing connections this year with kickass women that I never would have met if I wasn’t showing up as myself and putting myself out there following the my dreams and living the life I really want.  SO good.

10. Love the f*ck out of yourself all day every day

I did a post on this a couple of weeks back.  You absolutely cannot hate yourself better rich or thin.  It doesn’t work.  If you want to make lasting sustainable change in your life you have to be your own best friend and have your own back.  This has been an area I think I have grown the most.  Yes yes we all can say I’m good enough of course  I am but this year I have really started to take it on and believe it my bones.  I’m 100% worthy no matter what.  With or without a podcast, with or without clients, at or not at my ideal weight, with a full or empty bank account I am good enough always.

This is particularly necessary when you put yourself out of your comfort zone because when you fall on your face it’s a lot easier if you help yourself up and support yourself rather than give yourself a beat up because you stuffed something up.

11. Get a coach!

Having someone in your corner to help and support you achieve your goals is essential but more to the point.    If a can use the analogy of a personal trainer or sports coach.  Can you get up and exercise on your own everyday? Of course you can but how is that working out for you?  Do you do it?  This is why people have a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals and have a strong healthy body.  Any professional athlete or person wanting to operate at a higher level has a coach.  It’s makes total sense. A coach helps an athlete through the nuances and blind spots they can’t see on their own.

It’s exactly the same as having a coach.  For me I have a coach to help me achieve my goals but I also have one for modern mental health to keep me out of the sh*t pile of self doubt, overwhelm or the limiting beliefs I operate from without even realising.  Yes I can coach myself and do do that on my own but I get results so much faster having a coach and it makes moving forward with my life so much easier when I have a coach to say to me do you realise the reason you are experiencing x y z is because you are thinking such and such.  It enables me to have so much more growth because even the best coaches can’t see their own blind spots.

11. Have FUN and celebrate your wins

This year has been so fun.  Sure I have had many moments of uncertainty, doubt or fear but I have been conscious to put my attention on all the good stuff.  What is working, what are the results I can celebrate.  It’s a lot easier to keep doing want you want if you are having fun and it’s a lot easier to do if you celebrate your win.  Celebrating your wins put your focus on what you can do and it breeds confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Living a RICH juicy life is totally available to you and possible if you reach out and grab it.

Okay so I said I had something special for you to celebrate one year of the podcast.

Any woman (that means you) can break free from their limitations by having a coach show them their blind spots though a private one on one coaching session because when you are aware of what is getting in your way you can make powerful changes to get you to where you want to be.

I want you to have this.  So, I am giving you a private 1:1 coaching session with me.

This gift is capped at 10 people. it is only available to people on my mailing list.

This is my gift to you to celebrate women kicking ass and doing super cool things and of course to celebrate the podcast turning one!  52 episodes Yay!

All you need to do is email me and I will send you more details and  a link to book.

Just a reminder book club is tonight, check here for details.

Have an amazing week.

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