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Listen to my latest episode here   [the-post-grid id="4915" title="Listen to my latest episode here"]

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129: Let go of the good to make room for the great

Can you let go of what is good in your life to welcome in something great? Leaning into self-trust and believing in your goal when you have no evidence that what you want to create is possible may feel like the opposite of what you want to do but it is exactly what you need to do to create your full and expansive life. Join me for the last episode of the season as I share the personal journey I am on right now of letting go of what is good in my business to step into what is great.

128: The result formula

Ever feel like your big dreamy goals are unreasonable? Out of your reach? You have no idea how to create them, hence, reaching them feels near impossible. Well, stick with me because I am going to give you a little formula for how to get the results that you want. It is simple. It's easy to remember, and I'm going to take you through it on the episode today.

125: How to let making money be fun & easy

Do you believe you have to work hard to make money? For most of my life I believed that making money comes from hard work.  You have to be really smart and work really hard.  Sound familiar? If this is your belief too I want to invite you to listen to today’s episode.  I’m sharing how I have turned this belief on its head and have learned how to let making money be fun and easy.

124: Are you prioritising money over your personal health and wellbeing?

So here's a question for you; Are you prioritising money over your wellbeing? This is a thing that many of us do. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you are quite possibly doing this. You are probably doing it unconsciously, and don't even realise. Today on the show I’m going to share my experiences with prioritising money over my wellbeing to help you. If you have a little dig around in what you're doing too and look at your behaviours, you might be surprised!

123: Unleashing: Becoming more YOU with Alana Schramm

Learning how to become yourself is really everything. What is the purpose of your life if not to become more you? To make all of the things, all of the container that you put yourself in, whether it's your business, or your relationships, or whatever it may be, a beautiful reflection or a safe place for you to just be yourself. That is a worthy life. Today intuition and subconscious mindset coach, Alana Schramm joins me to discuss how we can lean into being MORE of ourselves and tap into our B.V. energy, so we can show up in the world as our most badass selves.

122: The secret benefits of celebration. Do this one thing, then sit back and watch your goals creates.

When you've never created the goal that you want to create before, it can feel impossible, it can feel ridiculous. It can feel like something that's never going to happen. Am I right? There is one thing that you can do that will shift the needle in your belief in you and you achieving the goal. It’s celebrating your wins. Yes. All your wins, big and small. This is a game changer. Listen to the episode to find out why it is so important to celebrate your wins and how you can do it.

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