107: Money & Manifestation with My Coach Jamie Berman

We’re not sitting on a mountain top with crystals but we are going to help you use manifestation to create your money goal!  Meet my money manifestation coach Jamie Berman.

In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn:

  • How to use manifestation to create more money
  • Jamie’s 6 step manifestation process
  • How to access Jamie’s manifestation workbook
  • What The Secret doesn’t teach you about manifestation

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Money & Manifestation with My Coach Jamie Berman


Meaghan Smith, Jamie Berman


Meaghan Smith  00:20

Hello, beautiful human. And welcome to another episode of the Money Mindful podcast. I am your host Meaghan Jean Smith. I'm a money mindset and life coach for women. Women work with me to uplevel their money mindset, let go of their money blocks and create the money and life they want and deserve. As you know, I bang on about coaching all the time and the value of it. And this is why I created last week's episode and this episode because I've really wanted to address the questions that you've sent me asking me about why I have a coach, the value of a coach, or why I use a coach for myself in my personal life and my business. So I thought what better way to do that then introduce you to my own coach. So I'm very excited to have Jamie Berman on the show today. Jamie is my coach. She's a master certified life coach through the Life Coach School. She has a background in spiritual psychology and she helps coaches make their first 100K and beyond by mastering the energetics of money and manifestation. So JB, I'm super excited to have you on. Welcome.


Jamie Berman  01:39

So excited to be here. Thank you. This will be a fun convo, for sure.


Meaghan Smith  01:45

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I've had people ask me quite a few times well, why do you have a coach? And what do you do? I was like, you know what, I just need to get my coach on here. Let's just have a conversation. Let's talk about all the things, money, manifestation, and just put it all out there.


Jamie Berman  02:05

Love it. All the fun stuff.


Meaghan Smith  02:07

Yes, yes. So why don't we start? How about, I mean, I've introduced you, but how about I give you a chance to - how do you want to introduce yourself? Tell us the things about you.


Jamie Berman  02:19

Yeah, well, I have been coaching for about five years now. But I feel like I've kind of always been a coach, because I know you asked me what I did before, and I did makeup, but so I felt like anyone who got in my makeup chair, I was kind of coaching. I was always holding space for people. But I've been professionally coaching for five years, I've been certified through the Life Coach School for three, became a master coach two years ago, and I have the most amazing mastermind that you're in, the Soulful Six-Figure Mastermind where I help coaches make money.


Meaghan Smith  02:56

Yeah, so good. Love making the money!


Jamie Berman  03:00

Absolutely. It's so fun.


Meaghan Smith  03:04

Yeah, so listen. My listeners, Jamie, might be surprised to hear that I have a manifestation coach. So to tell you the truth, manifesting hasn't been - that word manifestation just didn't resonate with me. And I think it was because I didn't really understand it. I went through a period of time, not that recently, but in the recent year, where I've really been so open to exploring, like, 'Maybe I'm wrong about that.' You know, not that I'm wrong in the sense that there's anything wrong with me, but I feel like when I'm busting through my own limitations and my own beliefs that aren't serving me anymore, I find it really helpful to just ask myself, 'Well, maybe I'm wrong about that, you know, because if the way that I've been doing something isn't working for me anymore, maybe there's another way.' And so I really loved your energy and what you had to offer and I'd been in coaching calls with you before and I was like, You know what, I'm just gonna trust my intuition. I'm gonna be open to learning about manifestation and, not that I'm against 'Woo' or anything like that, but I think it's more the word. You know, like, it's really interesting, because I think that, you know, somebody can say something in Japanese. And somebody can say the same sentence in Indonesian. And they're both saying the same thing, but they don't understand each other, right? And I feel like that manifestation for me, the more I learned about it, the more I was like, 'Oh, I'm totally doing this already. I'm just using different words.'


Jamie Berman  04:51

Exactly. I know, I've heard that so many times where there's just this connotation with it where it's like this weird out there thing but really it's not at all. All of us are manifesting all of the time. And I mean, whenever people are kind of curious about it, sort of like, 'I don't know about that,' I say 'Try it for a month and just see, like, test it out, do it as like a science experiment, because once you see that it works, you'll never go back.' You know, just have fun with it. Try it out. Because it isn't this weird out there thing, right? It really is just the way that the universe works.


Meaghan Smith  05:33

Yeah. Alright.


Jamie Berman  05:33

I'm using it all the time. Yeah.


Meaghan Smith  05:35

Yeah, 100%. 100%. So, let's break it down, Jamie, let's break it down for my listeners, like what's your take on manifestation? Like, what does manifestation mean to you?


Jamie Berman  05:47

To me, all it really is, is bringing something that's in our imagination to life. And if you think about it, really, anything that's ever been created, started with our imagination, starts with a thought. And it's bringing an idea or a thought, or a dream, or a vision to form, bringing it to reality. So it's really it's like thoughts becoming reality, which we're all always doing. We just don't really consider it manifestation usually, right? So if even if you think about the model, which I know you use in your coaching, it's like, that's manifestation, thoughts becoming results in our lives. That's all it is. It's like setting an intention. It's starting by thinking intentionally. It's carving the life out that we want, in our minds first, and then going after that.


Meaghan Smith  06:44

Yeah, and I think the missing piece, and we'll talk more about this, is, you know, you could, I could say, I'm going to manifest a car now. Right? But I'm not just gonna sit here and think it, I mean, yes, I'll think about what car I want. But that's not the only thing I'll do. I'll also go to some car yards and have a look around and see what kind of cars I like, I'll have a look at what's my budget? What do I feel like I want to spend, like what do I feel comfortable spending? And then I might, you know - there's an action piece in there. And I think that was the biggest thing for me that tripped me up, that was my misconception that I thought manifestation was about, oh, let's just sit on a mountain top and put crystals around us.


Jamie Berman  07:31

Or make a vision board and just wait till it all comes to life. Right? Yes, that's super common. And I mean, the truth is, if you have a thought, something in your imagination that you want, like, let's say a car, for example, if you really believed you could have it and believed that you could create it and that you were worthy of it, and all of the things, you'd get excited and want to take action, you'd want to go to the dealership and start looking, you'd want to go compare different prices online, right, so you would naturally take action. So that's why it's really important that it's like, we can settle into the belief that it's possible for us to. Because if we don't believe we won't take action, right, and then it won't manifest. So it is thoughts becoming things, but it's thoughts that we believe and believe we can have and believe we're worthy of.


Meaghan Smith  08:27

Yeah, so I'm just going to translate the Japanese into Indonesian there -


Jamie Berman  08:31

Please! Yeah.


Meaghan Smith  08:32

- and what I hear that as, is that if I didn't believe that I could get a new car, I wouldn't even give it the time of day. I wouldn't go to the car yard, I wouldn't go looking for a car, I would just push that aside. It's something that's not available to me. And that's something that I can't have.


Jamie Berman  08:54

Yes, 100%. Because if on some level your thought or your belief is 'I can't have that. Oh, that's not for me. I don't know how I could even you know, get that.' That would be your thought.


Meaghan Smith  09:10

Yeah. So if you're listening right now, and you're one of those people who has arms crossed, like, urgh, manifestation, I want to offer to you: change the word 'manifestation' to 'create', because that's what, yeah, I was doing the whole time. Like, this is something I'm creating in my life right now. I mean, it's quite the same thing as manifestation, I'm just using a different word.


Jamie Berman  09:35

Exactly the same. Yep, that's it. It's exactly the same. Exactly.


Meaghan Smith  09:41

Jamie, let's talk - because you have a manifestation process that you use and one thing that was good for me, like I attended a workshop you did about manifestation before I signed up with you, I think and I was Oh yeah, I like this. This is good. I relate to this. But do you want to - let's flesh this out a bit, yeah, because I really want my listener to connect with manifestation and understand like, Okay, what is this? How does it work? What do I need to do if I want to give manifesting a go, like what are the steps involved?


Jamie Berman  10:19

Yeah, so I have six really simple steps that are extremely effective when it comes to manifesting. And this is the practice that I follow. It's the practice I've taught you. And I'll just go through the six steps, right? So the first one is, it's so important that we clarify what we want. And let's talk about money, right? Where like, how many of us are like, I want more money, but we're so vague about it. It's like, we're so afraid of setting a money goal or deciding exactly how much we want to make at a certain job, right? Where it's like, there's this vague idea of 'I just want more', but we never actually clarify  what we actually want, what's our desired outcome? 'Where do I want to be at the end of the year?' Right? Or if we're trying to get a job, right, 'How much do I want to be making a year?' That's important to clarify and get super clear on what it is you really want. Number one. That's huge. That starts the whole thing. And it's a huge step that so many people miss.


Meaghan Smith  11:23

Oh, my gosh, I just have to add, and I'm going to mention one of my clients, because I know she listens. And every now and again, she's like, 'Hey, you mentioned me on the podcast.' So I'm mentioning you, I know you know who you are, when I tell this story is that, you know, I had a client who had a retirement goal. She wanted to work out a retirement plan for herself, but this is exactly what we're talking about. She was like, 'Oh, yeah, I don't even know how much money I want to have for retirement.' And that was just, I mean, when you point it out, it's so clear as day, of course, you're not going to be able to create your retirement goal, when you don't even know how much money it is that you want, and how much money that you want to be able to create each month to put aside and just that little piece alone is so powerful, like, clarify, what is it that you want.


Jamie Berman  12:16

Yeah, you're not going to hit the goal if you don't have a goal. So like, yes, setting that what is it that you want? And I think also like whenever it comes to money, I think there are so many people who think, Well, I don't really have control over that, or that's not in my power. And I would just encourage everyone to challenge that. That's the belief that I used to have as well. But to just challenge that or to, work with me, get around it, right? Because that thought is not going to be serving you. And it's not true, right? So it's like if you could decide how much you wanted, what would that be? That's step one.


Jamie Berman  12:50

Number two, this is huge. You have to let go of the 'how' and I put the 'how' in quotes, which is, like so many people won't set a goal for themselves, let's say a yearly goal. Let's say in you know, next year, you want to set a money goal. So many people think they have to know how they're going to hit it in order to set it. But how could you possibly know how, right? It's like, it's not in front of you yet. You don't have to know how you just have to know what you want, and why you want it, and the how, it's like one step at a time, it'll start to unfold. So letting go of how you think it has to happen. Or that you think you have to know how before it even happens. It's like, think about anything you've created in your life, whether it's your partner, a house, did you know exactly step by step how it was gonna happen? No, but you just knew what you wanted, you surrendered and took action and you kept showing up. And it's the same with money. So let go of thinking that you have to know how in order to set a goal. I would just recommend setting what you want.


Jamie Berman  13:59

Let go of the how and then the third step is to focus on the end result. Focus in on how will it feel, right, focus in on - let's say you want to make $100,000, right? How does that feel? What's that going to be like? Why do you want $100,000? What's the purpose of that? What are you going to do with that? How are you going to enjoy it? Like really focus in on that and get yourself excited about it. And the other step in manifestation is taking action from that place. So the first time I had my big scary $100,000 goal, I wanted to make $100,000 as a life coach, right? I would go to that place where I was making $100,000 in my mind, right, I call it my future self and I would say, I would ask that future version of me for advice. Oh, what should I do? How would $100,000 earner make this decision? Oh, how much would she charge? Would she say yes to this? Would my $100,000 self do this? What would my $100,000 self's office look like? Right? So I started showing up as that version of me in advance. Right? So that's step three, is really focusing in on that version of you, on the end result, and you got to courageously start showing up as that person. It's scary, it's challenging, but that's where courage and coaching comes in.


Meaghan Smith  15:24

Are you talking to me specifically?


Jamie Berman  15:27

I don't know, Meaghan, am I? We might have been coaching on this. I love it. Yes. So the fourth step, this one's big, okay. And this is one that I think is left out of so many manifestation books and anywhere, right? You're not going to watch The Secret and see this one. Rewire your limiting beliefs, okay? This is the letting go process, right? If you decide you want to make $100,000, or a million dollars, or 10 million, whatever it is, right, what you're going to be left with, it's going to hit some limiting beliefs that you have about yourself. But those beliefs aren't true. No thought is true. Right? So what we want to do is challenge those thoughts. Get a coach, hire a coach, that's I think the fastest way to do it, right, is to hire a coach who can help spot it and challenge those things. Because those are what will keep us stuck where we are. So it's so important. Right? That's the piece of like letting go of your limiting beliefs. So whether you're doing that through journaling, whether you're doing it through coaching or therapy, like having someone hold space for you, and challenging those things, I think is just a fast track to manifestation.


Meaghan Smith  16:50

Yes. And you know what, I'll just pipe in here a little bit, because I think that's something I had a conversation with a coach, sorry, a client, recently about, thinking that she didn't need a coach because she's like, well, there's nothing wrong with me. But we don't get a coach because we're broken or there's anything wrong with us. No, no, no, no, no. Like, I recently talked about Serena Williams, she doesn't have a coach because she's bad at tennis.


Jamie Berman  17:21



Meaghan Smith  17:22

She has a coach because she wants to play her best tennis and she wants somebody to be able to point out 'Hey, do you realise', I don't know - people who are into tennis are going to be cringing now - but, 'Are you realising you're losing power in your backhand there?' Because, I don't know, the angle of your wrist or something? And she's going to be like, 'No, I didn't, I totally didn't realise that, I couldn't see that.' And that's what a coach does, like, because we don't see our own limitations. They're transparent to us.


Jamie Berman  17:53

Totally. I have had a coach the whole way. I'm like, I don't know how I could have gone without it. Because they can spot things that I don't see. And I know that's what's helped with evolution especially around money, because I mean, my before and after, is insane when it comes to my money story. And it's because I had someone helping me challenge all of those limiting beliefs that I had that were creating scarcity, not believing in myself around it.


Jamie Berman  18:18

So yeah, I think step four is, and this is why whether people realise that they're manifesting or not, when someone hires a life coach, there's quantum leaps that happen, because that's really what's happening, is there's like a letting go of what's not serving them anymore. And the manifestation that they want to create or the results, whatever it is they're creating, same thing. So yeah, it's huge. The step five, is it can go along with coaching, so ask for guidance. This one's big, because I think a lot of us think we have to do it on our own. And that's just not true. You and all of us are completely worthy of getting help and getting support. And you can look at this in two different ways, right. For those of you who are not spiritual, that's what guidance - get, you know, a coach, a friend, you know, ask for support, just anywhere you can get support, ask for guidance. If you are spiritual, you can ask for guidance in the way, whatever way you you know, if you believe in God, if you believe in, I don't know, angels, ancestors, whatever it is, asking for guidance beyond you. I know that's been a huge thing for me because I used to believe I had to do it all alone and letting go of that and being willing to ask for support, ask for coaching, you know, use my spiritual practices to ask for guidance, it's opened me up in such a way that like, I know that's what's helped this whole process, and helps me manifest.


Jamie Berman  18:56

And then the fifth one is giving thanks in advance. And that is appreciating, appreciating ahead of time. So I think gratitude is just - it's one of the most powerful vibrations in the universe, it's just like abundance. And if we can get into gratitude, we're naturally in abundance. It's the opposite of lack, which is what we want to be in if we're manifesting money, right. So giving thanks for what we already have, giving thanks for any amount of money that we are creating now, because so many of us are so wired to believe 'not enough, not enough, not enough,' even if the money is growing, even if we're making more, it's like a thought error to believe 'not enough'. And gratitude is what's going to help shift and rewire your mind to get you back into abundance.


Jamie Berman  20:40

And that's what we do in the mastermind too, is the gratitude, like we celebrate all of the wins, right? It's so important to give thanks, to celebrate every win that you have, every bit of money that comes in. And I like to even celebrate or to give thanks in advance for the things that are coming, like, Thank you universe, for bringing me X, Y or Z. Thank you for whatever it is that I'm manifesting, like I actually feel that in advance, and I appreciate it in advance, knowing that it's coming. And there's something about this practice where I'm like, I can't tell you scientifically how it works. All I can tell you is that it works. Like I got into it, my husband could see the differences. He started doing it, he manifested like a record deal. All these things, and it just works.


Jamie Berman  21:26

So these are really the six main steps. And I'll just recap really quick. It's clarifying what you want, right? Knowing the desired outcome. Letting go of the 'how'. Focusing on the end result and making decisions from that place. Rewiring your limiting beliefs, challenging your limiting beliefs or having someone else help you do it. Asking for guidance, and then giving thanks in advance. You do that and your life will change so fast.


Meaghan Smith  21:59



Jamie Berman  21:59

That's the process.


Meaghan Smith  22:01

Yeah. And the gratitude thing, oh, my goodness, that is not some rah, rah, I'm just going to say yeah, I'm grateful for this. It is so powerful, because I tell you what, when you want something from a place of lack, it feels terrible. It feels terrible. Because you're trying to fill a hole. It's a bottomless pit. You know, like, I want this thing, like I want a higher income, or I want to buy a house, but you feel like it's out of resistance to not wanting what you're experiencing right now. And it's just, you know, no wonder you can't create it. And then even if you do create it, because I mean, I don't think you have to be in this amazing rainbows and butterfly place to create stuff. I have met and coached plenty of women who make a lot of money. But it's not the money or the things. You can have money and things and still feel terrible, and still feel like you don't have enough. And that's really the true - I mean that was one of the things, I've talked about this on the podcast before, Jamie, that really shocked me - that I wanted property for so long. Like it was such a security thing for me, I wanted to have a house, I wanted to be a property investor. And I got the shock of my life when we bought a house. And at first it felt terrible, because I was like, 'Oh my gosh, what have we done? Now we owe all this money.' You know, we're like locked into this loan, and not the feelings of security that I thought. But then of course, you know, we settled into it. But then again, you know, we bought an investment property. And I was like, I don't feel any different. I still feel terrible about things. You know, it's just because it was unresolved. I was coming at it from a place of fear, you know, I really wanted to create more, because I was scared that I didn't have enough. And you know, it feels terrible, and you will never be able to have - I mean, I truly believe I could have 10 investment properties if I hadn't resolved that feeling - and still feel insufficient, and lack, and scarcity.


Jamie Berman  24:20

Yes, because these things cannot, they don't change our thoughts and they don't change our feelings. So if we're coming from lack, we're thinking that thing is going to solve our problems or we're going to feel worthy or we're going to feel valued, or we're going to feel something different than we do now. But the truth is things, like physical things, money, properties, whatever it is, it doesn't do anything to your emotions, like how could it. It's something outside of you. So that's why I love manifestation, because I think the practice is like being in the energy that you want to be, the gratitude piece, right, before you get it, so that you are training your brain and your being to be in abundance, and then whatever you add on, whether it's money or property or whatever, right, whatever you're manifesting - that's fun. That's just for fun. Because you already feel good.


Meaghan Smith  25:16

Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Let's talk about your money story, Jamie, because I think that's fun to talk about, and I'd love to know, if you're happy to share the numbers. It'd be really cool to know, like, where you started? And you know, where you are now.


Jamie Berman  25:32

Oh, my gosh, yes, for sure. So, I mean, I just came from a family where, and I mean, I think so many of us have, where it was like, I just felt money was not, we were not taught that we were in control of how much money we made, right? It was just kind of like, oh, this is who we are. And this is what we have. And people who have money are just born into it lucky or super smart. Like, that was what I thought, right? I was like, oh, shoot, you know, I have dyslexia, I wasn't great at school. So I thought, oh, my gosh, I'm not that smart. So I'm never gonna be able to make the kind of money that I want to. So I had this belief that I had to work really, really hard if I wanted to make money. So that's what I found myself doing, is working really hard, since the age, I started working when I was 11 years old, and worked, worked worked. I mean, it's like, I would have two jobs at a time. And the funny thing is, I was working really hard, but I didn't have any money up until coaching. I mean, I worked retail, and I was having to work. I mean, I live in Los Angeles. I was having to work two different jobs, just to pay rent and still not getting by. I still needed government support and assistance just to pay my bills here.


Jamie Berman  26:48

And it was when I found coaching, and I found Brooke Castillo you know, our mentor, that things really started to open up for me. Because I mean, I've always been interested in money. I had read money books, and manifestation books, but it all felt a little bit like, yeah, okay, right? But I wasn't like challenging the limiting beliefs there. I didn't even recognise them. I didn't even see that they were there. So once I found Brooke, that's when she really challenged so much of what I believed, and I found the model, and I found coaching. And that's where I was like, Oh, my gosh, I can actually work on my thoughts about money. And what if it's true that the model works when it comes to money, and the model is that our thoughts create our results? It's like our thoughts create our feelings, which drives our actions and create our results. And I started - I was like, what if it actually works for money, right. And so I started doing that work.


Jamie Berman  27:47

And that's when I started to make money, was whenever I started getting coaching, and I started looking at my thoughts and beliefs about what I thought I was capable of. And then I realised, Oh, none of that's true. You don't have to be like, you know, school smart, or whatever you call it, to make money. That has nothing to do with your ability to make money. You just have to believe you can make money, you have to feel worthy of it. You can decide whatever you want to about money, right? So I literally went from being on government support, 30K in debt from college loans that I couldn't pay, working retail, and then having like a part time freelance makeup job on the side, I literally never had saved. Like, I couldn't save for the life of me, because I lived in LA, I wasn't making much money. And then once I started coaching and got certified and started, like challenging these beliefs, things started shifting really fast. So within a five year period, I went from making 7K a year coaching up to this - within the next year, I'll make a million dollars. Crazy, right? In five years. Through my thoughts, through manifestation. And it's like, if I can do this, believe me, anyone can do this. Nothing super or unique or special about me. It's just that like, I really truly believe that my thoughts create my results.


Meaghan Smith  29:16

Yeah, well, they do. And that's why it seems so magical. Because we live our life through the beliefs that we have. I mean, that's normal. And it's not usual that we walk around thinking, 'Oh, I just thought that, I just thought -' No, no, no, no, we just live our life, right. It's unconscious.


Jamie Berman  29:40

We think it's all truth.


Meaghan Smith  29:41

Yes, 100%. But it's not until, yeah, we start questioning them and really challenging them and opening up to the possibility that like, 'Maybe I could do this a different way. Maybe it's possible that there's different results that are available for me.' And I mean, I relate to your story so much just because, you know, I'm doing exactly the same thing. Like I work from home, during school hours when my kids are at school and I make money, I've replaced my income that I used to make as a teacher. And that to me, Jamie, just blows my mind. Because, you know, my thoughts are, it's easy to make money, like going out and working for someone else, right? Like, you work for someone else, they pay you, and then if you want to create more money with that, you manage your money well.


Meaghan Smith  30:39

And that was sort of my superpower in that, like, I've always been good at managing my money, and really being a good custodian of my money and really taking care of it. And that actually has held me in really good stead for creating a business because you know, a lot of people say, 'Oh, you start a business, and then you don't make any money for the first couple of years.' And you know, I've only just passed my first year in business, and I'm over a 10% profit, you know, I've paid myself in Australia, we call it superannuation, but I think it's like, you know, the 401(k) in America. I mean, to me, that's huge. Like, I've paid myself, you know, I'm looking after my future self, and I'm doing it on the same, like, replaced a salary as a teacher, but it's just, oh my gosh, you mean, you can literally just create money. With your brain. Like, I've used my brain to start a business and start thinking differently, like, I could be a person who creates money, in a business, not creating money from working from someone else.


Meaghan Smith  31:46

And that alone, for me has been the biggest shift, because it's just - other people can make money in business, you know, that was my - I mean, I didn't have any issue with thinking that I could generate wealth through just working for someone else. Because anybody can do that. Look, if you make money, if you have a wage, I think you can look after it and manage it in a way that maybe not overnight, but you can look after it to look after yourself in the future. But now I'm in this new realm. And that's why I started, you know, one of the reasons why I worked with you, because I love coaching on money.


Meaghan Smith  32:26

And money is something that I feel is really close to my heart, especially with women, because I just see that like, in the domain of women, we often hold ourselves back or especially, I don't think you have kids yet. Right? So like, I discovered too when I had kids, that it seemed like a really common thing, you know, you have kids and then the partner works and, it's this really sort of interesting dynamic with generating money and these whole ideas that we have, that are just social constructs that we've come up with, and just blasting that out of the water by starting my own business and being a person now, I still get amazed, Jamie, every now and again, when I'm like, I'm someone who just creates money, like, I make it myself, I'm not working for somebody else. Like it's crazy.


Jamie Berman  33:23

It's what you're doing, and you're amazing at it. And you're just doing it from home, right, like, totally, I mean, I get mind blown, too. I'm like, wait, like, what? Because again, it doesn't really change your being a human. So it's like, I don't feel that different. But I look and I'm like, Wait, how did that happen? And it can happen for anyone. That's the thing. And I love your story so much, Meaghan, because I think it's true for so many women where it's like, we compare to what we think it needs to look like, which is usually this masculine kind of corporatey approach and it doesn't have to be, right, you don't have to work a million hours in order for it to happen. You don't have to look a certain way or show up a certain way or follow these certain rules, you really can be truly you and make money and do what's in your zone of genius.


Meaghan Smith  34:18

Yes, and I think there'll be a lot of people listening, Jamie, who just right now are thinking, 'What? Is that actually possible?' And I want to say it totally is, because you know, when you change your thinking around yourself and money it's not just about money. I think there's a lot of thinking, ideas, that we have to change but it warms my heart that - and this is why I feel so passionate about coaching, and Jamie, last week I did an episode about how to access coaching for free because I'm so passionate about it - that I want everyone to be able to access it and change their thoughts. You know, I can show up, in my business, I can show up how I want to show up, I can treat other women - I mean, listen, I love the men, but I work with women because I'm really passionate about empowering women to create the money that they want, because I feel like it has such a huge influence on the life that you want.


Meaghan Smith  35:21

But that that's possible, like you listening right now, if you've got an idea in your head, maybe you don't know how to do it. But that's exactly what Jamie was just saying, of course, you don't know how to do it yet. You haven't done it. But that doesn't need to be a block. It's like, we just start moving towards it and we figure it out. I had no idea how to make money in business before I started, I really truly didn't. But I created a profit in my first year. I replaced my teaching income, like it's totally possible. And, you know, I'm not making a million dollars yet. So what? And it's not even about that, but I just mean, it's like the next steps. Like it's that possibility. It's like that I can live the life that I want to live if I start making a decision, like clarifying, it's exactly what you said, like clarifying, what do I want? I wanted to work from home in a lifestyle that suited myself and my family. And it's like, How much money do I want to make? You know, I set an income goal for myself. And that's what I've been working with you on with my business, like an impossible goal. I didn't know how to do that. And you know, and then it's, you let go of the 'How'. Of course, I didn't know how I was going to do it. I'd never done it before.


Meaghan Smith  35:30

Exactly, no way. It probably looks so different than what you probably would have thought, too.


Meaghan Smith  36:40

Yes, yeah, absolutely. And the timeframes. I've let go of the timeframes. I made a financial goal last year that I met this year. And you know, that was the best thing that could have happened to me, because one, I learnt so much, I had so many skill gaps that I had to fill, and two, it's okay, it doesn't matter. Like I don't care if I've reached the goal, a few months later than I said, or you know, even a year later, who cares? Like, I'm still reaching it.


Jamie Berman  37:08

So amazing, that was something that was impossible a year ago, that felt completely impossible, right?


Meaghan Smith  37:15

Yes, yes. So it's like people in business, people working for other people now, who think 'I couldn't possibly start my own business. I'm not a person who has my own business.' You totally can. Are you hearing me? Are you listening? You totally can. You've just got to start following the steps. And then the other stuff, the rewiring your beliefs, oh, my gosh, essential. You can't create something in your life if your belief system is working against it. It's too hard. It's like you're in a constant fight with yourself. And the gratitude is just, I mean, I think with anything that you're doing, anybody, you have a gratitude practice, it just instantly makes you feel better, you know, and it's like lifting weights, like, the more you do it, the better that you get at it, and the more that you appreciate what you already have, and then that's the secret.


Jamie Berman  38:13

Totally. The more to be grateful - I always say then all of a sudden, like more things to be grateful for start showing up. Like you'll see it right, the more you're in that.


Meaghan Smith  38:25

So good. Alright. So listen, Jamie actually - hang on, no, wait, I've got to ask you one more question. I was going to wrap up. But I always ask, I know, we've already sort of just talked about this in depth, because you've shared your manifestation process. But I always ask my guests if they have a ritual or habit around money that you'd be happy to share that might help somebody listening.


Jamie Berman  38:46

Yeah, totally. So mine is super simple. It's something I've been practising for three years, and it works. And I basically write down my money goal every day. And it's really to just get comfortable with that number, especially in the beginning, because it's always a mega stretchy number that I set, because I like to just prove to myself that manifestation works, every year. So I'm like, Let's go crazy. And so I'll write that down, I'll write down the first year, was I'm  a 100K earner. So I would write that down every day. Some days, I felt it. Some days, I didn't. Most of the time I totally didn't believe it was possible. But I just wrote it down every single day at the top of my journal.


Jamie Berman  39:27

The other one is I speak it into existence. This is something I started doing this year, I think, the beginning of this year. And I read this book called Logos and it was really powerful. And it's all about the power of our words. It's similar to the power of our thoughts, right? So I started speaking my goals into existence. So I would just start telling my husband, 'Hey, guess what I'm going to make $500,000 this year, I'm going to make 500,000.' And then I would tell clients, I just told everyone, right ,because everyone knows I love money and I love to talk about money, and I'm trying to like, break the whole, 'Ooh, we avoid that topic.' So everyone knows I talk a lot about money. But I would just tell everyone, I'm making 500 this year. And before I knew it, like, it happened. And so I just started saying, I'm making a million dollars this year. And did my brain believe it? No, but I just started speaking it into existence. And it's like the more I do it, the more it just happens. So those are my two practices that I do. I don't speak it into existence on a daily basis. But I talk about it as if it's totally happening. Like if we're talking numbers, it's like, yeah, this year, we're doing a million, you know? So let's plan for it. Let's get ourselves set up for that.


Meaghan Smith  40:44

Yeah. And that connects with the future self work that I've talked about lots of times on this podcast, about really behaving and thinking and making decisions as if you already are that person. Yeah.


Jamie Berman  40:59

Yes. And then of course I have my coaches. I have three right now, literally, sometimes I have one. But other times, whenever I want a little bit of extra support, I'll just have, you know, just in different areas. And so I, that is a practice, like having a one on one coach, I've been in like a group programme, I've always had one since I started. And that's, I think, why I've had quantum leaps, in terms of growth, I mean, all around.


Meaghan Smith  41:28

Yeah, I'm the same. I never don't have a coach, and I coach on different things, you know, like, I'll have an issue in a particular area of my life, and I'll seek out a coach in that area and work with them. And then, yeah, I just think it's like, I mean, there's coaches that you can work with that cover a range of topics, and then there's coaches who it's like, they'll help you with one specific thing. And I'm just like, I always get the coach that I need with what I'm working on at the time. Because why wouldn't I? I mean, I want that for myself.


Jamie Berman  42:00

Yes. And like, I always have this belief, I always get 10 times what I pay in coaching. I just have that belief, so I go in as if like, I'm going to go all in as if I was paying 10 times what I'm paying for this. And then of course, I get 10 times the result every single time. So now there's no scarcity around hiring a coach. But I remember in the beginning, I had to sell my car to pay for my first coach. Like I didn't have the cash. So I sold my Prius, and like me and my husband shared a car, and I paid for my first coach. But of course, like, what happened from that? Like, of course, I made, you know so much that I didn't have a problem getting a new car. But yeah, it's a game changer.


Meaghan Smith  42:50

Yeah, that's amazing. I actually learnt that from you. I tell my clients that now. Like invest in this like you've paid 10 times the amount, because it really makes a difference in the way that you show up, I think. Energetically it's like, 'Oh, if I paid 10 times the amount of this there's no way I would miss a session. There's no way I'd be rescheduling, like I'd just be 100% in, you know, taking it really seriously.


Jamie Berman  43:14

And do all the work between, yes, and you'll get crazy results from that. Totally.


Meaghan Smith  43:20

You do. I mean, I do all the work that you set us and this has been an incredible few months for me. Yeah, absolutely. Alright. So Jamie only works with coaches, as far as I know, right? Like you're a coach for coaches. So if you're not a coach, unfortunately, you can't work with Jamie but she has amazing content anyway. And helpful stuff that she puts out there even if you're not a coach, so go check her out. But if you are a coach, Jamie, tell us how can we find you? How can people learn from you, tell us all the things.


Jamie Berman  43:52

Yes. So Instagram is my favourite social spot and I show up there a lot. I have a lot of fun on Instagram. So you can follow me on Instagram. It's Jamie Berman underscore, or you can check out my website at jamieberman.com or I'm also on Facebook, Jamie Berman. Pretty easy.


Meaghan Smith  44:11

And Jamie, do you have something, because you told me you had something that people could like follow the process of manifestation. Tell us about that.


Jamie Berman  44:20

Totally. So I'll send you the link. I have a workbook, if you want to, like we were talking about in the beginning, just test it out, have fun with it, just see, I have a workbook that kind of takes you through this process. It's a journaling. It has journaling prompts to help you start manifesting. I still use this workbook all the time, I manifest all types of things, I manifest clarity or if there's something that I'm doing and I want to manifest the best outcome, I'll use this journal and so I told Meaghan that I would totally send you all the links. So if you want to test out manifestation it's a great place to start.


Meaghan Smith  44:57

So good. Alright. I will make sure that that goes in the show notes for this episode. Jamie, thank you so much for giving us your time, sharing your wisdom on the show. I really wanted everyone to have all the goodness that is Jamie Berman. So thank you.


Jamie Berman  45:19

Yes, it was so fun. Thank you so much for having me.


Meaghan Smith  45:23

Ah, it is my pleasure. Alright, guys, if you are a coach, and you want to learn more about manifestation and manifest 100K in your business you've got to go checkout Jamie, she is fantastic. I'll make sure that I provide all the links for you. And if you are loving what you're learning on the Money Mindful podcast and want to work with me, yay, I want to work with you too. I love helping women uncover and unblock their limiting beliefs around money and success. And I think to have money and success and a life that you love and love yourself in it requires a positive relationship with money and yourself. And if you want that life that's designed by you, for you, a life doing what you love and making the money that you want to make and loving yourself all the way through it. I can help you with that. You just go to my website and book a consultation and we'll have a chat. So until you hear from me again, have a beautiful week. Bye bye.

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