106: Pay It Forward with Life Coach University Founder Dien Luu

Now you can do more than just hope for what you want out of life.

Dien Luu, founder of the Life Coach University is on the show today to share the value of life coaching and how you can access life coaching for free, from coaches all around the globe.

In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn:

  • What is life coaching
  • How can life coaching help you
  • How can you access life coaching for free
  • How can you make the biggest impact with the time you have
  • What is a power move & how it will help you
  • How you can use coaching to take authority of your life

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Pay It Forward with Life Coach University Founder Dien Luu


Meaghan Smith, Dien Luu


Meaghan Smith  00:20

Hello, beautiful human. And welcome to another episode of the Money Mindful podcast. I am your host, Meaghan Jean Smith, a money mindset and life coach for women. Women work with me to uplevel their money mindset, let go of their money blocks and create the money and life that they want and deserve. So today, I want to talk to you about a topic that is really important to me. As you know, if you've been around on the podcast for a while, you know that I bang on about coaching all the time and the value of it. And of course, I'm a coach as well. So I'm very excited to let you know about how you can get coaching for free, and how you can coach with me for free and other coaches from all over the world.


Meaghan Smith  01:14

Yes, free. And how you can use it to get the results you want in your life and benefits of coaching beyond changing your money mindset. I've actually had quite a few of you reach out to me via email and in my social media asking me, why would I have a coach? What's the benefit of having a coach? How's that going to help me? How has it helped you? People are curious about why I have a coach, like how does it help me in my business and in my life? And so today's episode is to address all those questions, and also to introduce you to an amazing place where you can access coaching for free, which is yeah, in my opinion, really amazing. And I want you to know about it. So today I have my friend, colleague and founder of The Life Coach University, Dien Luu, on to talk all things coaching. Dien, welcome. I'm so excited to have you here.


Dien Luu  02:14

Oh, my goodness, thank you so much. I am super excited to be here with you. And what an honour, thank you so much for inviting me and giving me the space. It is great to hang out with you.


Meaghan Smith  02:28

So good. Okay, so Dien is the founder of The Life Coach University and I'm going to get her to tell us a little bit about it. But I thought I'd also mention that we work together. So I work in the Life Coach University as well, I'm one of the coach instructors there that help the new coaches who come in. And then I also am a regular contributor to The Life Coach University, and you've probably been invited, or you might have even come to one of my coaching events or workshops. So Dien, why don't we just start with, why don't we take it back a little bit and start with a little bit about you. Do you want to introduce yourself, tell us all the amazing things.


Dien Luu  03:14

Well - all the things about me, this is so much fun. So I am Dien and I am Canadian. I live in England at the moment with my family. And basically, I am a life coach who works from home three days a week, and then I have four days off. And when I say off, I mean I am off the grid. I have no electricity for four days. I sit by a campfire. And my son and I are at a circus yard. So that's my life. And so for the three days where I am a life coach working in my office at Life Coach University, I am really asking myself, How can I make the biggest impact with this time that I have right now? And I love that question. And I sit with that question every morning, when I go, What am I going to do today? And I look at what are my power moves. So I always have like a list of things I want to do, especially in those three days, of my working days.


Dien Luu  04:26

But I always list it as what's going to be the one thing that I do today that makes the biggest impact. And this is my power move of the day. And if there's anything that always guides me in my day to make decisions, it's like am I taking that one power move that I should be making or that I wanted to make today? Am I committed to that? Like when I make this decision, does it align with my one power move of the day? And so Life Coach University came about when I got a phone call. And so I want to tell this story, because it's so important about how a phone call, a conversation, someone that you meet, can really just change your life, can make the biggest impact and change the world and lives for so many other people.


Dien Luu  05:25

So this phone call was from the British Film Editors, one of the governors had called, and this was at the start of the pandemic. And she said, we've got lots of editors, and they're really stressed out. Someone gave us your number, and they said that you might be the person to help us. Can we bring you on? Can you talk about what life coaching is? And then if our editors want, they can get a one to one with you. And I was like, Wow, thank you so much, like, one, thank you for caring about your editors this much that you've reached out, and thank you for offering this opportunity. And I think a lot of life coaches, if they received this phone call, they would just be like, Wow, what an opportunity, what an honour, thank you. Unfortunately, I just don't have time in my schedule.


Dien Luu  06:15

And at that time, I was working every day, all day. And I was fully booked, I could not take on another client, I was coaching one on ones, I was doing large groups, I was doing training, I was leading, my groups were like of 80 to 100 people, I just could not take on another one to one client. I said, but I don't want to leave you and your editors stressed. Because if you are stressed, and you're editing, then what you create and edit goes out into this world from a stressed mind. And we can't have that. Because we know who watches. We know who watches your content. My child. The next generation is watching what you're editing.


Dien Luu  07:04

And I said, so why don't I show up. And I'll group coach you, I'll just coach you all. And it'll be for free. Because she had mentioned that they are a members by, members only, and they just didn't have the funding set aside. And I really get that. But sometimes money is just not available. And so I said, I'll show up, I will show you and teach all your editors, the tools, real, fundamental, powerful tools that you can use to coach yourself, anytime, any day, anywhere. And they will make a big impact on how you feel, how you think, and then what you end up actually doing in your life. And so she was, well, you know, what do we do? Like, how is this gonna work? I said, I'll show up, I'll give what I can in that hour. And all I ask is that you all pay it forward.


Dien Luu  08:05

And you can pay it forward in kindness, you can pay it forward if there's a concept or a tool that really worked for you and resonated for you, go and share it with somebody. Pay it forward in whatever way feels fit for you. And she said, this is brilliant, okay. So she put it out there to her editors, they all showed up. And the coaching hour was really powerful. And I was like, Alright. Great, see you all, have a great time editing. I really am standing for all your greatness and standing for you all. And then a few weeks later, I started to get all these emails, Meaghan, and it was so amazing. And it was one email that shifted, that changed. Because when I read this email, I started crying. And I knew then that this was what I was meant to do.


Dien Luu  09:02

So yes, I'm a life coach. But I was meant to really offer life coaching to the world. And I knew that I couldn't do that by myself. And this email was how one of the people who had attended, she also worked at a cafe. And the next day a gentleman came in who who relies on, you know, the kindness of people giving him change. And he said that with the pandemic no one was giving him money on the streets. People didn't have change. People were afraid. People weren't even out there. And he asked if he could have a cup of coffee. She gave him a cup of coffee and I think she gave him a sandwich and soup and started taking an interest in his life, and just listened. And he said, Hey, you know, I'm just struggling, like, my boots are always wet now. I don't have a waterproof bag, all my contents, everything in my bag is wet. And she said, come back, let me just ask some friends of mine, maybe, you know, they've got boots your size. And I'll try and find a bag. Come back in a few days.


Dien Luu  10:23

And she was doing this out of, she said I don't know why I was doing this, but I just felt really good. And that day after work, she walked by a charity shop and went in and inside was a pair of men's boots his size. And right beside it was a waterproof bag, a waterproof backpack, and she picked it up, left it at the counter for him at the cafe. And a couple of days later, he came back and he was like, Why? Why did you do this? And her answer, she goes, I think that it's my pay it forward. Because some life coach did a session and said, Hey, pay it forward in any way. And so I think that was my pay it forward! And he's like, what, tell me more about this. And she said, Yeah, this life coach, she comes on, she talks about, she's like teaching me about the future selves. She's saying about the yes / no checks. She's talking about power moves. And he's like, Tell me more. So now she's sharing all these life coaching concepts with him. And he then, as it turns out, starts to share it with people on the streets. And he's telling them about their future self. And he's telling them about the yes / no checks.


Dien Luu  11:45

And when I received this email, and by then I was like crying, I was like, Okay, I have to start doing more pay it forwards. And I want - and I started to just rave about it and share it with so many of my other life coaches that I'm in touch with through masterminds and network groups. And they also said, hey, I want to be involved, how do I be involved? And I went like, well, we will start something and of course, Life Coach University launched a pay it forward platform, which offers all these life coaches who have, by the way, have invested years, I would say years and years of - they've invested time, they've invested their energy, they've invested their love into crafting and honing their skill of life coaching on how to become really amazing, brilliant life coaches. And so they are offering this one hour.


Dien Luu  12:49

And it's such a small ask, one hour a month, to share your content, to share your brilliance, to bring whatever it is that you want to bring and leave and gift to the world. And all we ask is that anyone who attends a pay it forward session, pays it forward in any way that you want, either in kindness, or a gesture, or if you want, you can make a donation back to Life Coach University. It's completely up to you. And the stories that I've heard about how people pay it forward, it just keeps, like, moving me and getting me so emotional that people who call me up and tell me their stories, like they're crying at the end of the phone, telling me how a young person built a fence for them, and when she said, Hey, how can I - how much do I owe you, you just worked all day for me. And he said, Oh no, that's my pay it forward.


Dien Luu  13:52

And by the way that, 'Pay It Forward,' came out from the Breakthrough Festival, which Meaghan, you were the host of that entire event. So I just want to thank you for that. Because you really held the space, you were able to like bring all these coaches and  hold that space of the Breakthrough Festival back in 2021 at the first birthday celebration for Life Coach University. You held that space for all these life coaches to share their golden nugget, to share their breakthroughs. And now it's having this lasting impact out in the world.


Meaghan Smith  14:33

Oh my gosh Dien. I'm crying. Full on. I mean I know this, because that's why I work for the Life Coach University, that's why I contribute, because I really believe in your vision about bringing life coaching to millions more, but yeah, it still doesn't stop me getting emotional. Oh my gosh, but I cry all the time so it's all fine. Oh, yeah, look, thank you so much for sharing that, because - and I think an aspect of this that I want to bring up too, and I'm really interested to hear your take on this, is that because I coach women on money, right, and it's interesting that me, a money coach, does a lot of stuff for free, I do a lot of work for free. I mean, I produced this podcast every single week, for free, for years. And you know, all that content, and then everything that I do for the Life Coach University, you know, supporting the other coaches coming through, it's all for free. And I absolutely love that. I love that aspect of it.


Meaghan Smith  15:49

But also, I'm very much all about making money, and, you know, feeding my family. But this is like a beautiful way that I just feel is so in alignment with my values, what I want to see in the world, it's like, yes, I want to have a really successful business. And those people who feel really aligned to work with me, work with me, right? And they pay me the money to work with me and of course they do, because of all the value that I bring to my clients. But at the same time, like because I fill my own cup first, and, you know, put value out in the world and get an exchange for that, I'm also able to contribute in ways that brings coaching to so many more people who yeah, might not be in a position at the time to have a one on one coach. And so I just, I really stand behind this whole Pay It Forward movement, because it's coaches, I mean, quite literally and Dien, you correct me if I'm wrong, but we we have coaches nearly from every continent, right? at Life Coach University now.


Dien Luu  17:06

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And we're getting coaches, we're attracting coaches by like the dozens, right? So our very first, the very first pay it forward coach Davina Johnson. For her, it was like a Yes. Like, Dien, I'll do this, I want to be involved. And then there was like another yes, and then there was you, and then there was another and then, and now it's like by the dozens. And so we've got, you know, this powerhouse of life coaches. Right? We're making a movement here, we've started a movement of generosity and kindness within the life coaching industry. And we are putting it out there saying, hey, one hour of your time as a life coach. Watch out, look at the impact that you can have in one hour. And I really want to just speak on, you know, the whole monetizing and the value. And what I always say to coaches who I coach, who are like, Oh, but I need clients, and I need paid clients. And I really coach them on hey, you know, free clients, like anyone that does anything for free for you, is of value.


Dien Luu  18:34

Right, I know, when I first started out years back as a life coach, and getting practice clients, like I am so grateful to every single client who said yes, and yes, they didn't pay me at that time. But what they paid was they paid in their time, they showed up to every session, they showed up with their real life with their real content, they shared. They gave me a huge gift, which now I can give back. So I feel like they have paid it forward to me. And now I get to pay it forward to the world. And so if we're ever struggling with like, hey, when am I going to get it? Know that you're already putting it out there and the value is already there, if we can look for it, if we can look into it and see what value is right there, what's already been available or what's being offered at that moment. And it might not be in terms of monetary value, but the value might be way more.


Meaghan Smith  19:38

Oh my gosh, yes. 100%. And also, Dien, I don't think it's an either / or. I think that you can give from a place of generosity and really provide a lot of value and get paid really well for that. And I also think that you can give from a place of really high value and generosity, and, yes, not necessarily get a monetary return in the moment. But I actually think it runs deeper than that, you know, it's when you show up and really give from a place of generosity, giving is receiving. You know, like, I give a lot, and I don't feel like, oh, I deserve the money because I give, in that sense, like, because that's like coming from a place of lack. But I don't have any problem receiving money, because I just feel of course, you know, I'm giving all the time, it's only normal that I would also be receiving, like it's not a problem. And it's funny, because it's the same action, you're taking the same action, but it's a different viewpoint, right? Like you can give from a place of, I'm giving because I want something in return, right? Or you can just, it's a very different feeling, like that's a scarcity, that's coming from scarcity.


Meaghan Smith  21:04

It's very different than giving and just giving, and not expecting anything in return. But you do get so much in return. I mean, every time I contribute to the Life Coach University, I feel great. Like, I'm so excited. It's like, oh, my gosh, I you know, I just helped people all over the world. You know, I can get off a call, like, when we did the Breakthrough Festival. I mean, that was at 6am in the morning for me. And when we finished the festival, it was about 7.30 in the morning, my kids were just getting up, my partner was getting up, he was so excited, he could finally put the coffee machine on. And I can walk out and just be like, Wow, I just facilitated coaches from all around the world and hosted an event that supported people to receive coaching from all around the world. And you better believe that I walked through the rest of the day feeling - with my head held high, you know, there's that - but I didn't do it to get that. Right? I didn't do that to make myself feel good. It's just that when you do give in that way, you do just feel good. It fills you up. Yeah.


Dien Luu  22:26

Yeah. Yeah, it really is. The gift of giving, itself, right, is priceless.


Meaghan Smith  22:33

Yeah. And it's very much also connected, Dien, to receiving. It's a loop. You know, it's like the giving and receiving, and it's really interesting. If you're not open to receiving, I think that's an area to investigate too, like, are you actually willing to give? Because it's really interesting to just look at because we think oh, no, no, I'm just like, I'm giving, I'm doing things, but then we don't accept when things come to us, and it's a really interesting area to explore, this whole giving and receiving. But maybe that's for another podcast episode. But let's just have a little bit of a talk about what are the benefits of coaching, Dien? Because I want to address the questions that I've received from my listeners, like, why would they get a coach, like what's the point?


Dien Luu  23:35

So, for me, and I really want to preface that a lot of my work is whenever I'm introducing a concept, or coaching, I'm also thinking about it like, how would I explain this to a seven-year-old? How would I explain this to a classroom or a youth group of young children? Right? And so, in terms of life coaching and being a life coach, or getting a life coach, what I want to offer and invite everyone, even children, to consider is like, your days, your life, is filled with experiences. And we say yes, and we say no, to certain experiences. And what we say yes to determines at that same time, what we've just said no to.


Dien Luu  24:38

So the way I like to really say it is like, Hey, you've just said yes. What are you saying no to at the exact same time? And sometimes Meaghan, like we say yes to certain things in our life, out of habit, out of pattern, out of fear, out of not being that aware. And so when that happens, we are also saying no to a bunch of other things at the exact same time. And these things happen by habit, by pattern. It's like, Oh, I just didn't realise it. Well, because it wasn't brought to our awareness. And that's where life coaching and having a session even just as short as a 10 minute life coaching session, 20 minutes, one hour, sometimes it could be a package of six months, or get a training, certified, right, become a life coach yourself - that helps you determine and look at and make an assessment and evaluate, going, Oh, this is what I'm saying yes to. I'm saying yes to these experiences in my life. I'm saying yes to this. And I've just said no to all these things at the exact same time.


Dien Luu  25:56

And sometimes when we do that evaluation, and when we get coached, and we start to see like, oh, my gosh, I've said yes to all this. That brings out the awareness, that brings out the AHA! And I've said this to all my clients, sometimes AHAs they feel amazing, they feel great. They're like, wow, magical. And then there are some AHAs that are super painful. I wasn't aware. I didn't know that I was doing this, I was making these decisions, that I chose this for myself. And so I always like to come back to like, Hey, what are you saying yes to right now? And what did you just say no to? And when we can really identify that through coaching, a person leaves that coaching session, reevaluating. Do I still want to say yes to this in my life? And it's fine if you do, but at least now you own that yes. And when you own that yes, you also own all the things that you've just said no to at the exact same time. And that's when I can say, hey, you've just taken ownership, you've now taken authority of your own life. You can stand for your life and all your decisions and everything that's going on for you.


Meaghan Smith  27:16

Yes, so amazing. And I'll give an example actually. I was just coaching a client this week, and we were exploring the topic of hard work. She's in a professional field, both her parents are in the same professional field, it's very hardworking, her parents have always worked really hard. This, it's the medical profession, right? So there's constant learning, new skills, upskilling, peer reviews, all these kinds of things. And, you know, she was exploring the idea of being able to work less. But she was thinking that that's not possible. Like if she wanted to make more money, she would need to work more, like work hard. And I just started asking her some questions, and we started playing with the idea, like I said, well, because I talk about thoughts being like sunglasses, like we're wearing these sunglasses, and we just don't realise that we've got them on. And we just see life through these sunglasses. And you know how you can get the tinted glasses and it looks like a little bit golden and beautiful. And then when you take them off, you're like, Oh, the day doesn't look as good, or it looks worse, whatever.


Meaghan Smith  28:35

But, but I just started playing with her. I was like, you know, your idea that you have to work hard to earn money is actually just a thought that you've been thinking and believing, right? And you've never examined it, and you just believe it to be true. Right? And you're just living your life through that belief, like if you want to earn a lot of money, you got to work really, really hard. And that's her truth. And she was you know, nodding and like, Yes, yeah, that's exactly right, you know, my parents work hard, I work hard. And then I said, But what about people who only work a few days a week, and they're also really wealthy, and they have a lot of money? Like, how does that work? And it was almost like you could see the cogs shifting in her brain and she was like, What? Like it just never occurred to her, right, but her truth, like she had been living through this thought like it was a fact of life. Like yes, actually, you have to work very hard. Right? You can't have a lot of money without working very hard.


Meaghan Smith  28:47

And then just that simple question: But what about people who only work a few days a week and they still earn plenty of money? How does that work? Right? So this is the kind of things that happen in coaching, that you blow your limitations out of the water, like things that you think that weren't possible, they're only not possible because you don't have that belief. You know, it's like that, what's that famous saying? Is it Henry Ford or something - 'If you believe you can, you can, if you believe you can't, you can't.' It's exactly what we do. Because we say things like, Oh, yeah, I'm just not that kind of person, or, you know, who am I, I couldn't possibly start a business or, you know, I couldn't do that.


Meaghan Smith  30:36

And then we see life through that filter, and then just live life through that filter, and it's not until somebody points it out to us, because it's so transparent to us, that we're like, whoa, I've never considered that, you know, and that's why it can be so life changing, because suddenly you're like: You mean, I could set my life up that I only work three days a week and still have plenty of money? Like, those options start to become available. But they're not available to you when you're sitting in the belief that it's not available, and it's transparent to you. And I think that this is just why I encourage people so much, like, go and explore your thoughts, get a coach, have somebody work with you and expose you to limitations that you might be putting yourself - that you might be putting on yourself that you just are completely unaware of. And that's why you're not able to do whatever it is, like you're not able to ask for that promotion, or you're not able to leave your job, or you're not able to like lose that last 10 kilos or whatever, because it's just not in your mindframe of possibility. Like you haven't been exposed to the thoughts that create that that's a true thing.


Dien Luu  32:03

Yeah, let me just - I completely agree with you. And I love that, right. And that is the power of coaching, is how coaches - we're skilled. Right, like we've learnt how to hear, how to listen, how to hold the space, and not be attached. We're standing for your greatness, right? Like, whoever I'm coaching, I'm standing for them. And I'm not attached, in terms of I'm not personally like, Oh, she didn't do what I, what we imagined for you, or, you know. And the thing is, is that all life coaches, when they ask powerful questions, the client starts to see the powerful answers. So the questions that we ask, call in the answers. So when you start to see in your life, things that you're not really happy with, sort of moderate, sort of like, mmm - it's probably because you're asking questions that bring that answer to the forefront.


Dien Luu  33:18

But when you start to learn, and this is where coaching is so powerful, because we can listen and re-listen to a lot of our sessions. And so we can hear the coaches asking, again, and again, these powerful questions, and then we start to model that, we start to get influenced, like the clients I have coached, now are coaching themselves. They ask themselves their powerful questions, and then their life starts to invite in powerful answers. And I know for myself, like I am always being coached. Right, this is the power of, this is the brilliance of being a life coach, is that I get access to really, really powerful life coaches. And so I'll book in a session. And Meaghan, my next day will change.


Dien Luu  34:14

Because there was a time where I worked every day, sometimes from 6am, all the way up until about 11. When I said I was maxed out and fully booked, I was fully booked. I was a full time mum, home educating, and working fully booked as a life coach, running groups, doing one to one and running a business. And there was no way at that time that I thought - this was two years ago - that I thought how am I going to reduce this? I need to change my life. And there was one coaching session. One powerful coach made it possible, showed me that - Hey, have you ever considered this? And that question blew me away, and the very next day my schedule changed.


Dien Luu  35:01

That was my power move, that I'm going to reduce my load to three days a week. And now that is my regular life, I work three days, four days I'm on a circus. I'm in the circus, having fun, walking high wires. Right, my son's learning how to climb, like he can climb up a tree with just his bare hands and bare feet. Right, and we're learning juggling, I'm playing the violin, we are out there in the fields. And that is the life that I wanted. I wanted to be off grid. And I wanted to make an impact. I wanted everyone in this world to be able to have access to life coaching.


Meaghan Smith  35:49

Yes. Oh, such a beautiful thing. So good. So good. Alright. So how - well, we'll tell everyone how to get access to the Life Coach University. But first, I think we'll wrap this up, Dien, and I usually ask my guests if you have any sort of ritual or practice around money that you would like to share with the listeners. And I think this is such a beautiful thing, too, because we're talking about this Pay It Forward platform where we're working without the monetary reward directly, but I I still believe that there is a monetary reward even though it's not direct, but it just - yeah.


Dien Luu  36:33

Yeah, yeah. So my ritual, and this is with money and towards my day, is I really sit with my future self. So it might be the future self of the end of the day, or my future self of tomorrow. And I have like a frank conversation with her and go, Hey, like, what do you want me to have completed by the end of this day. Right, and I go to the day, I go to tomorrow, and I sort of like give myself a high five, like, Hey, what a great day, look at the power moves you've made, and you've made decisions. And I make decisions for that future self. And so my power move is like, how do I want to feel? What do I want to have achieved by tomorrow, or in a few years, but usually that process of sitting with my future self is the ritual. And so when I think about it in terms of money, I think about like, what value do I want to leave.


Dien Luu  37:42

And I ask my future self that and so my future self has said, hey, the value that you're going to leave today Dien, is the youth education scholarship. So Life Coach University has a youth education scholarship for anyone between the ages of 16 to 25. Right, talk about having a ritual, and following through, and going, Hey, we can make an impact here. And we've got all these life coaches who want to give. And so why not structure it, here we have this framework now, and this is really giving back to and setting the next generation up, paying it forward now for them later.


Dien Luu  38:33

So I hope that I've answered your question with that, like just if you can sit with yourself and ask your future self, or ask, Hey, what do I, what's the one thing that's going to make the biggest impact, and I want to have it done by tomorrow. And that one thing, that one thing that makes the biggest impact, I want to really preface that it doesn't have to be like a big bang, it doesn't have to be like, you know, I've got to go and talk to 1000 people, or I've got to do - it could be that my power move today is to make that phone call. My power move today is to ask. My power move today is to spend the entire day with my family. Whatever your power move is, go and do it and enjoy it. Right, and just love that you get to make that decision. Like this is my one power move.


Meaghan Smith  39:37

I love that so much. Oh my gosh. I'm gonna have to introduce that power move language with my clients, Dien, that is so good. That is so good. Yeah, okay. I feel like we could talk for a long time. So I'm gonna wrap this up and just let everyone know  please how can they - so basically, I'll mention a couple of things, and then you tell us all where it is. But no, I'll let you say it. Tell us about how do people get access to the Life Coach University? What will they find when they go to the Life Coach University website? What's waiting there for them? What's the benefit of going there? Tell us all the things.


Dien Luu  40:23

So amazing. Okay, so go to https://lifecoachuniversity.com/home . And when you get there, you will see all, like a long list of all the life coaching sessions available each month. And those are the Pay It Forward sessions by the Pay It Forward coaches. And those are the sessions that anyone in the world, globally around the world, can access for free. And the only ask is that you pay it forward in some way, any way that you want. And if for some reason you couldn't attend, and you missed out, like FOMO doesn't exist here. Fear Of Missing Out, we've got you. So now there's a replay section. So go to the replay, and just click and you will get access to all the sessions that have been going on since, you know, from the start.


Dien Luu  41:22

And then for the young, for anyone between the ages of 16 to 25, if you are interested in the youth education scholarship, go to lifecoachuniversity.com and there is a button there that says apply, like say YES to the youth education scholarship. And if you want to become, if you are a life coach, and you want to become one of the Pay It Forward life coaches here at Life Coach University, it's super easy. Every month, we have a new round of applicants coming in. Book your time, get on that call, and we will get you set up. And then you're part of the family. You're part of this powerhouse that's giving to the world.


Meaghan Smith  42:09

Yes. Oh, so happy to be part of this powerhouse. Dien, thank you so much for giving us your time today. I really appreciate you coming on. And I just really wanted everybody to know how they can access coaching for free because I just really stand behind it. And I stand behind you and the Life Coach University reaching millions more, making coaching available to everyone around the world. So thank you.


Dien Luu  42:38

Thank you, Meaghan, thank you so much. It's been an honour and really it's been an honour to work with you so closely. That's been a pure joy.


Meaghan Smith  42:49

You're welcome. Oh, my gosh, everyone, go and check out the Life Coach University. Dien is a seriously powerful creator. She just puts the word out there to life coaches and says, Hey, guys, I'm doing this. And we all just say yes. Because we know whatever Dien is doing, it's gonna be amazing, and she brings it to the world, and it's just - yeah, she's an incredible creator and I'm thrilled for you to have heard her today. Because despite her being the founder of The Life Coach University, we don't see a lot of Dien out there. And so for you to hear her talking for this long is a real treat. So I'm so glad that you got to meet her.


Meaghan Smith  43:35

Alright, if you are loving what you are learning on the Money Mindful podcast, and you would like to work with me, yes, I would love to work with you too. I love helping women uncover and unblock their limiting beliefs around money, around success, around life, around everything. I think to have the money and success and the life that you really love and love yourself in it, it requires that you have a positive relationship with money, of course, but it also requires that you have a positive relationship with yourself. And this is a lot of the work that I do with my clients. So if you want a life that's designed by you, for you, a life doing what you love, making the money that you want to make and loving yourself all the way through it, I can totally help you with that. I would love to help you with that. You can find out more by going to my website and booking a consultation. But I will say, I don't like putting the pressure on, but we're getting close to the end of the year and I'm nearly booked out. So if you do want to work with me, don't muck around. Just get on there and go book a consultation. Okay, I love ya. Until next time, have a beautiful week. Bye bye.

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