109: That’s a Wrap

If like me and many other people, you have a habit of focusing on what you haven't achieved, this episode is for you!

We are almost at the end of the year and what a better time to take stock of all that you have achieved this year.  Today on the show I am taking you through an exercise I do with my clients to reflect and celebrate what you have achieved and how to use that information to inform your next big moves, heading into 2022!

This is also the final episode for this year.  Please join me to celebrate and reflect on our year together.

In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn:

  • A process I use with my clients to celebrate and review goals and achievements
  • How to always identify what is working
  • How to know what to do next when creating your goals
  • About the value of reflecting on internal & external shifts

You can listen to the episode above or read the unedited transcript below.


That's a Wrap!


Meaghan Smith

Meaghan Smith  00:21

Hello, beautiful you. This is the Money Mindful podcast. Welcome. I am your host, Meaghan Jean Smith. I am a money mindset and life coach for women. And I help women just like you become wealthy at any income, and just basically have a fabulous life and reach all your goals. I am on an absolute high today, I don't know if you can tell, but I'm recording this podcast off the back of running a workshop for a mastermind group. And the workshop was all about how to be an amazing custodian of your money. And oh my gosh, this work just lights me up. I love seeing women with the light globes going off. You know, like when when you teach something, and you just see the ding! ding! ding! Like they're making the connections and seeing how they can apply what I'm teaching in their life. Oh my gosh, this is just like, the best work ever. I love it.


Meaghan Smith  01:36

That's why I do this podcast every week, because I just love helping women be wealthy at any income, like have a really amazing relationship with money, getting over all your money rubbish, like the limitations that, you know, roll around in our head, and just being able to really connect with money from a place of love and gratitude and sufficiency, such a nice place to come from when thinking about money. But anyway, that is not what this show is about today, but I had to share that with you because it's just so fun doing workshops. And I'm actually, this is fun news, I'll tell you this, I've been working on creating on-demand courses for my one on one clients. Because I love this work so much and want to share everything. I mean, I share all the good stuff with my one on one clients. And I think I've mentioned before on the podcast that I've transferred my business system to a new platform so I can have on-demand courses available for my clients and my new clients who are just starting up with me now.


Meaghan Smith  03:03

The last couple of clients I've taken in this month, in December, have gone up into the new platform. And all the sessions that we have, all the workbooks and all the session notes and the session recordings are all in this one little beautiful place and the link to our meetings. And it all just looks very fabulous and fancy and it's very user friendly. But also it means that my clients now have a login, where they can access trainings that I provide. So I teach a lot of my clients concepts in our sessions, but what I wanted to do is create an area where the concepts and tools that I teach you are housed somewhere else that you can go back to at any time on-demand and just watch that video or that training. Because I provide all my clients with the option to record all the sessions, so anything, any concepts that we cover, or any techniques or concepts that you learn, you have access to that forever, because you can download the recordings and keep the recordings, you've got that for life.


Meaghan Smith  04:19

But in addition to that, I'm now providing courses, on-demand training, it's so fun because it's an area that I love, but also I'm able to provide that now for my clients and they have access to that 24/7 and you can watch that at any time outside of the coaching calls. So I'm so excited for that. That's what I've been working on and tinkering on for the last couple of months getting all of that and it's now just starting to roll out and be a part of what my new clients receive, which is so so fun. So today is the last episode for this year. Done Done Done! Ah, yeah, this will be it for me, it's a wrap! Until next year, I am taking a break for four weeks. This is the first time I've done this, had a break this long. Oh, actually, that's not true, the very first season that I did the podcast I didn't even know really much about podcasting back then. And I did take time between the first season but as I've developed this podcast, I have basically had an episode come out every week with the exception of just a small break at Christmas time for the last couple of years.


Meaghan Smith  05:48

But I've decided to change things up for next year, now that the podcast has over 100 episodes. If you're a new listener, oh, my gosh, you have so much content, you couldn't possibly even get through it all in four weeks, there is years of content now from this podcast about how to manage your money, how to invest in shares, how to invest in property, how to manage your mind around money, so many different concepts that I've taught you that I think it's now a good time to actually give you a break. And also give me a break and have time, reflection time. And what's the word, I'm looking for, consolidation time, you know, time to go back over and listen to episodes or time to just catch up on episodes that you want to listen to. So after this episode, I won't be coming back into your ears again until the 18th of January. So that's Tuesday, the 18th of January in Australia. But that might be Monday for you if you're in the northern hemisphere, because in Australia, we're ahead. Did you know that? We're in the future. So that's really exciting.


Meaghan Smith  07:08

And I'm going to break up the year into a couple of seasons now and do two seasons in a year, or do part one, part two and take a break in the middle of the year too, because putting a podcast out every week is a lot for you to take on, right? And I don't know, if you're anything like me, I have lots of podcasts that I listen to and when they go on a break, I'm just like, oh my gosh, thank goodness, I can catch up on the episodes that I haven't listened to, that I want to. So I hope that you are happy with that decision, too.


Meaghan Smith  07:47

So today, I want to talk to you about reflecting and looking back on the year that you have had. Because a common thing that I see happen with my clients, and I do it myself, is I often focus on what I haven't achieved rather than what I have, especially when I'm going for a big goal. It's almost like you're filling up the cup with water, but you're looking at the empty space that's not filled yet. But you're not looking at all the water that's already filled up the cup and all the water that's continuing to come in and fill up the cup, right. And so what I like to do with my clients is we do a monthly reflection, like just where they're at, how they're going with what they're -  I'll just quickly tell you, when you work with me one on one, basically, I help you work towards a particular goal that you want to create. And it's different for different clients. Like often clients come in, they have a money goal that they're working towards, they want to create something in their life around their business, like a business goal or money that they want to create. But then I teach you skills to apply this stuff to all areas of your life.


Meaghan Smith  09:10

So sometimes, you know I end up coaching a client on weight loss or something else that's really important to them that they want to work towards. But whatever it is we just focus on, we have one main thing that you're working on whether that's increasing revenue in your business, or what have you. But I like to check in, like how are we going with that goal? What's working? What have you been doing that's working? What has changed? You know, what shifts have you had? What shifts have you had, externally? What shifts have you had internally? Looking at all the progress. Because our brains are just dicks, honestly, like we're so often focused on what we haven't achieved and what we're not doing and we forget, oh my gosh, look at all this amazing stuff that we've done.


Meaghan Smith  10:03

So I wanted to do that for you today. I wanted to give you a chance to really reflect on this year that we've had. Oh my gosh, like, what a legend you are, getting through all this crazy pandemic stuff in your - if you've been in Australia, oh man, like all the lockdowns. And I don't know what it's been like for everybody overseas, because I've just sort of, you know, had enough of hearing about Covid, and I'm sure you will too, so I'm not gonna mention it again. But just like thinking about, how resilient you are, how amazing you've been this year, what you've done with your work, or the achievements that you've had. I love writing down everything that I've accomplished, and I mean everything, and I know this might sound silly, but it's like, I've kept two humans alive this year, two beautiful girls, my daughters, they've just thrived and grown this year. I'm so proud of that, you know, and everything that I've achieved in my business. Anyway, I don't want to go on about my stuff, but I just want to give you examples, right, that you can use in your own life.


Meaghan Smith  11:25

So I want to take you through some questions. And remember that I always do a transcript of the episode. So you can go into the Money Mindful website, https:/moneymindful.com.au/podcast109 and you can access the transcript of this episode, if you're driving or whatever you're doing now, the questions will be there if you want it.


Meaghan Smith  12:02

So, first things first, if you were working on a goal this year, like a big goal that you had, did you achieve it? And if you did, yes, amazing, celebrate. If you didn't, why, what happened? Right? Why not? Why didn't it happen? Were there skill gaps that you've still got to work on? Or did things just not pan out exactly as you thought they were? I think I shared maybe a few months ago that I had a goal last year that I was working on that I didn't reach, but then I reached it this year. And that was just such a beautiful thing, to know that I can reach the goals that I want, even if I don't reach them in the exact timeframe that I'm hoping for, that's totally fine. I was able to see, yeah, I had some skill gaps I still had to work on. And I can totally see why I didn't get to the goal in the timeframe that I wanted to get to. And that's really great information to have, like evaluating, because it helps us moving forward with our future goals, right? Like knowing what works, knowing what we can tweak and change.


Meaghan Smith  13:16

So another thing I like to do, and I like the wording, I actually got this from my coach Jamie Berman, it's like: what's changed internally? And what has changed externally? And so what I mean by that is, what has changed for you, internally, shifted, about your person, who you are, how you show up in the world? And so for me, I'll give you the example, just my thoughts about myself as a business woman. I mean, this year, I have replaced my teaching income now, working for myself, that has been a huge shift, like I see myself now as a businesswoman, I run a business. And that's a beautiful thing, that's like an internal shift that I've had.


Meaghan Smith  14:13

And also I just feel more confident, so much more confident, learning, I've developed skills in business, right, like marketing and selling and customer service and relations and all those kinds of things. But I mean, they're external changes that have happened, but it's the internal thoughts and feelings that I have about myself, like I've grown as a businesswoman. And that's been really great. I've also been doing personal work in my family life, around my relationship with my children and how I want to show up as a parent and how I want to just be really present for them, but in a way that's in alignment with me, you know, like not playing, I don't know, imaginary games when, you know, when kids are like, 'Mum, just pretend that we're your puppies.' And I'm just like, 'No, kids, I don't do that.' But if the kids are like, 'Hey, Mum, let's go roller skating', or 'Let's go swimming' or do something like that, I'm 100% down. I'm like, 'Yes. Let's do it, kids.' But I've really been working on how I want to show up for my kids. Anyway, I just wanted to share that.


Meaghan Smith  15:28

So it's just like, look at - it's not just about business or money - it's look at all areas of your life that you've been working on, like have you been working on a big project in your business or your career, and it's come to fruition? You know, what can you celebrate? What external things have you created? You know, did you get your savings plan in order? Did you do some amazing things with your personal finance, you know, like, I know, one of my clients, like got herself totally set up with planning her retirement fund. And now she's just got that ticking over. And it's like such a big win, you know.


Meaghan Smith  16:08

Another one of my clients lost weight and met her weight loss goal, that was something that she decided she wanted to work on with me, so that's what we did. And so it's just like the external changes, that's an external change, she's actually lost weight. But then the internal change, is the relationship that she has with herself, oh, my goodness, like, the way that she talks about herself now, and just from a really loving place. Like it's just so not about the weight, it's about how she's showing up for herself and how she wants to be as a person. So there's just that distinction between what's the internal growth you've had, what's the external growth and progress you've had? I love looking at that.


Meaghan Smith  16:53

And then what's really cool to look at is when you have made changes, and when you have reached goals, or when you have worked on things in your life, like whether it's your mental health, whatever it is, like, what's working? What have you been doing that's working? This is such a good thing to be aware of, because - okay, so here's an example again, so this is something that's worked for me this year. I'm no spring chicken anymore, okay. And I'm actually at the age where I feel like I need to exercise not because I feel like I need to lose weight, or I don't like my body or anything like that. But I just want to exercise because I want to look after my body. It's not this fresh, 20-year-old body anymore. It's a mature woman's body. And I'm like, wow, I really want to look after you, body.


Meaghan Smith  17:47

And so something that's really worked for me this year is I found an app that has seven minute workouts on it. And oh my gosh, that is so good for me, because it's just quick. It's only seven minutes, I totally know that I can commit to doing seven minutes. And it's just really been so helpful for me, doing bite size chunks of looking after myself, that's really been working for me. That's just one personal thing that I wanted to share with you. But for you, like what's working? What have you been doing that's working? You know, one of my clients was saying that something that she knows is working for her, that she really needs to do, is sleep, get enough sleep, that just helps her with her mental health so much. And she's just identified, 'Oh, yeah, that's working.'


Meaghan Smith  18:44

Right, so what's working for you? And then, of course, what else is working? Don't just stop at one thing. And then the next question I would ask you is, what are you most proud of? What are you most proud of that you did this year? Such a great question to percolate on and acknowledge, like, what have you done this year that you are most proud of? I love looking at what I'm proud of because it just puts me in such a great frame of mind, right? I feel so good when I look at the things that I'm proud of. So go ahead and write those things.


Meaghan Smith  19:27

And then I would offer to you the last couple of questions, like is there anything that you want to change or do differently? Moving forward to next year, is there anything that you want to change or do differently or is there anything that you want to stretch, like play a little bit bigger? What do you want to go for next year? I love this question. Like it's so fun. Yeah, I'm sort of really looking forward to expanding my business. I'm loving creating a business that is in alignment with me, who I am, my authentic self, and my family life. Because it's funny, one thing I noticed that wasn't working is when I first set up my business I was working in my business the same way as that I was working for somebody else. And I was kind of thrashing myself and working heaps and overworking.


Meaghan Smith  20:33

And so now, I'm really stretching myself by working out how to work really in alignment with my personal energy and rhythm and creating a really incredible business and service for my clients, but that also is really nourishing and supportive to me and my family. And that's really cool, stretching in those areas like problem solving, right, working out how to do that, where it's a win win for everyone, like it's a win for my clients, because I'm just like high energy and being able to deliver like, all this amazing stuff, because I'm looking after myself. And also, of course, like I'm creating a stretch goal for income, because why not, it's just fun doing that, I enjoy doing that, I enjoy setting myself the challenge of that, just to push through my limitations, and really just show myself that, you know, you can have a really beautiful relationship with money, and you can create what you want, and you can be supportive of your needs, the people around you, your community, like I just, yeah, I love blowing my limitations out of the water.


Meaghan Smith  21:55

Because just like you, I have all my own BS around money too. It's like a work in progress, it's like a tree that grows, you know, it's like I don't ever get to a spot where I'm like, 'yep, done, fixed.' It's just always evolving, and I love working on those areas. And that's why I'm really passionate about sharing all this stuff about money with you, because I think money can be such a triggering area for so many of us. And it shows up like a lot of our limiting beliefs about ourself and our self-worth and value and things like that. So yeah, I like to stretch myself with money goals. I think that's super fun. So that's it.


Meaghan Smith  22:38

So I'll just quickly run over those questions, again, for your yearly reflection. Did you create the goals that you're working towards? Why? Why not? What's the growth and progress you've had, like, internally, what's changed internally? What's changed externally for you because you've gone for your goals and just because you've really shown up for yourself, like what's working? What have you done that's working, that's really working out for you, that you're going to keep doing? And what are you most proud of? And then finally, the last two are just sort of what do you want to change? Or do differently? And how do you want to stretch yourself and, and just play bigger next year, like so fun, so fun.


Meaghan Smith  23:21

And so on a final note, I would just like to say thank you so much for being a listener, like listening to me and trusting me and letting me come into your ears. This sounds so funny. Every week I'm I'm so grateful to you. And it is my pleasure to share all this content and knowledge with you. And I'm delighted that you tune in and listen to what I have to share and trust that I have your best interests at heart in helping you with your money goals and changing your money mindset. So thank you for that. And it's going to be weird, I think, not actually doing a podcast for the next few weeks because I'm so used to just doing it on the regular.


Meaghan Smith  24:21

And finally, there's only a couple more days left until I shut down over the holiday break, I'm fully shutting down. So if you have been wanting to work with me, do not delay. And I don't even know at the time of this recording if there'll be any appointments available, but there's only a few more days until that's it for the end of the year. So if you're wanting to book a consultation with me because you want to start up working with me in the new year, don't wait, book straight away and if if you are unable to find a booking when you go into my scheduler, just shoot me an email and I can possibly organise something for you for early in the year. I'll see what we can arrange. But it's tight. I don't even know if I've got any spots available by the time this comes out. Because January, December's a busy period. But anyway, go ahead and book a consultation if you want to go all in and invest in yourself and become the kind of woman who is wealthy at any income, creating your dreams and goals, I would so love to help you with that.


Meaghan Smith  25:36

And just, in the meantime, have an amazing break over the Christmas period. Whatever you celebrate, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, or wherever you are in the world, I'm just sending you so much love and good vibes and really enjoy this time if you have time off with your family to restore, and just do all the magical things that happen in the holiday season. Oh my gosh, until I'm in your ears again, just sending you so much love. Bye bye.

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