120: What is BV Energy & how can you use it to create your money goals?

When it comes to your life, the money and lifestyle you dream about,

Do you know what you really want?

Do you believe you are worthy of having it?

If you’re not sure or don’t know this episode is definitely for you.

I’m sharing about what BV energy is.  How you can tap into it, and how you can embody it to create your goals.

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What is BV Energy & how can you use it to create your money goals?


Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Money Mindful podcast. I am your host, Meaghan Jean Smith. I'm a money mindset and life coach for women. I help entrepreneurial women create their money and life goals. Okay, we've got a bit of a different one for today. But something that I really want to share with you, it's been on my mind, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. So I'm just going to get straight into it. You might have seen on the title that I've written, what is BVE. And BVE stands for Big Vagina Energy. What? Alright, let me put this into context for you, and what this episode is all about.



So just take me back a couple of weeks. I had an interaction with a colleague where she had chopped off her really long, luscious locks, and went for a short hairdo. And she just looks absolutely fierce. And she posted this photo of herself with this new hairdo. She was wearing a blazer which was like, I don't have the fashion vocabulary to describe it. But basically, you could see just the inside of her breasts as the blazer went down. Anyway, she just looked frickin' fierce, and I made a comment. And she messaged back and she just said, you know, something along the lines of 'I totally just feel like I've tapped into big dick energy.' And I just spontaneously typed back 'more like big vagina energy.' And then I wrote, 'is there such a thing? Like, if not, we're claiming it now.' And she was laughing and saying, you know, it needs to be BVE. And then she said, 'and then we can add, I've got big ovaries.'



Anyway, it was just like a total innocent interaction. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. And I was reminded of how often when I talk, the vocabulary I use is 'yeah, I've got the balls to do that.' Or - I don't think I ever say big dick energy - but I definitely say, you know, have you got the balls to follow through with that, or whatever. And it's all really masculine, right? And I started to wonder, like, is big vagina energy actually a thing? Like, has somebody ever claimed that? And anyway, I looked it up on the internet. Good on you, internet. And the Urban Dictionary has it on its website. So I'm going to read to you what it says. So it says: big vagina energy, the female, sorry, the feminine counterpart of big dick energy. Knowing that you have options and that it feels good to walk away, or equally good to have physical gratification, both without submitting to the status quo. It's also acknowledging what you want and trusting that you are worthy of getting it. Self respect. Boo Yah. Yeah. I just resonate with this so much. I mean, I don't normally say the word vagina very often, it doesn't have the same ring as dick.



But I am loving this whole concept of big vagina energy. And I started thinking about well, do I embrace this energy? And I was like, hell yeah, I do. I embrace it all the time. And I realised it's such a component to creating your money and life goals. You know, I had interaction with one of the school teachers at my daughters' school this morning, where we were chatting about, you know, how it really sucks for teachers. You know, they've been working so hard through everything that's gone on the last couple of years and a lot of teachers have been walking out of the industry and you may or may not know this about me, but I used to be a primary school teacher before I created this podcast and went into business on my own.



And, you know, I left her afterward commiserating about how crappy it is for teachers and how they just cop it so hard and they work so hard. And then I came home and I pottered around, I just had some brekkie, I put some washing on, because I like to do that on a Friday morning. But I knew that, you know, I had work to do. But I was feeling like a little bit - I wanted to move my body, I wanted to get a bit of energy moving, because we've had crazy nonstop rain for a few weeks. I'm recording this kind of right when all the floods have just happened in New South Wales and Queensland. So some sun came out today. And I was like, 'You know what, I want to dance, I want to put some music on. I'm working at home today, nobody's gonna see me.' But I was like 'I'm putting lippy on, I'm putting makeup on, I'm going to embrace that big vagina energy.'



And before I knew it, I was dancing. And I happened to be looking at my phone. And then I shared in Stories on Instagram Stories of myself dancing. I've never done that before by the way. I don't know, I've never sort of been into the whole dancing thing. I mean, dancing on social media. But it just felt completely natural and in the moment, and it totally just came out naturally. You know, there I was, dancing on a Friday morning, just having put my makeup on, getting ready to start work. And it suddenly dawned on me, oh, my gosh, this is what it looks like when a woman has created her money and life goals. That's me, it's 9.40 in the morning, and here I am dancing, just feeling totally joyous just before I start work, and this is the life I've created for myself, and I've done that by many things, but one of them is embracing big vagina energy. And what do I mean by that?



Well, it's like what the Urban Dictionary said, it's acknowledging what you want, and trusting that you are worthy of getting it. And if I go right back to when I very first started this podcast, I certainly acknowledged what I wanted, I knew I wanted to do something different with my life. I knew back then that teaching wasn't for me. I didn't not like teaching, I love teaching. But I felt like there was something out there that was waiting for me, like a bigger purpose to fill, bigger boots to fill. And I certainly didn't trust back then that I was worthy of getting it. I'll tell you that much for sure. But I did acknowledge what I wanted. And then I went for it. And I feel like that is embracing big vagina energy. And here I am a few years later, you know, dancing around on a Friday morning. And I have the luxury to do that because I run a business on my terms.



And I am sharing this with you because to achieve your money and life goals, it requires that we uplevel. Right? Because we're not doing what we've done before. For me to create a coaching business, work with women around the world, work during school hours on my terms, that took some serious uplevelling on my behalf. I tell you what, I have done some coaching on this with my coach, to help shift my mindset and really move into being this woman who has this life. And part of getting me there is embracing that energy, that big vagina energy. Now, I don't know how many times I'm going to say vagina on this podcast episode, and maybe that phrase doesn't resonate with you, Big V energy or BVE.



But I really want to encourage you to tap in to your big vagina energy and just frickin' go for it. Because a few years ago, I couldn't imagine, I mean - that's coming out wrong - I could only imagine about what my life might be like, but it didn't feel like it was really possible. Like could I really do this? I used to just fantasise that I could work for myself, actually create money to live from and have a business that I absolutely love, a life that I love. I mean, I wake up and I feel alive and I like myself, I like who I am. I like my mistakes. I like my imperfections. I also like all the amazing shit I do too, and to be a person who says that is somebody who has big vagina energy. And so I really want to encourage you to tap into it too. And here's some suggestions for you of how to get there. One way that I think that you can really access, that bold, courageous place in you, that is, what's the word I'm looking for, that drives you towards what you want to do, is first just get in contact with what it is that you actually want.



You know, so often, when I start working with women, coaching them, they come to me and they know what they want, they really do. But it's almost like they can't believe that it could be possible, that they could really do what they actually want to be able to do. And it's almost like they're scared to even utter what it is that their dreams are. And so that's the first step, really acknowledging what you want, being okay with saying what it is that you want. Even if you have no idea how to create it, even if you really doubt that you could even pull it off, the first step is just acknowledging that you actually even want it.



I mean, even if you can't create it, or you don't create it, why is that a problem to reveal to the world what it is that you actually really want, or not even to the world, just to yourself, like really acknowledge what you want. And then the second piece of that, trusting that you are worthy of getting it, because you are worthy of getting it. And some of the work that you can do around that area is to tap into creating a positive relationship with yourself. And I've done episodes on this. Recently, I did an episode on love notes, how I write love notes to myself, because I've really worked on creating a positive relationship with myself. Let me see, what episode was that, it was episode 116, Fall in love with this powerful practice that will change everything. I'll put a link to that episode in the show notes. But that's been one way that I've been able to connect more and more with trusting that I'm worthy of getting it.



And it's a funny thing, especially for us high achieving women, because so many of us, if somebody asked me, or if I asked you, often, you know, when we're asked about how we feel about our confidence, on the surface, we're like, 'Yeah, I'm confident, I'm a confident person.' But when it gets to the crux of it, when we're really going for those big goals that we've never gone for before, that's when all the self doubt and unworthiness surfaces, right? It triggers that stuff. Because when we're in our comfort zone, we don't really get exposed to what's underneath. But so often, it's the layer kind of sitting underneath there, this unworthiness, where we feel not good enough, or somehow we don't deserve to have a life that could be easy, or have a life where we could create all these wonderful things and that's okay, that we're allowed to have that.



So creating a relationship with yourself and building on having empathy for yourself and really trusting that you're worthy of having what you want, I mean, that's some of the deepest work that I do with my clients. Because on the surface, you listening, yourself, you know, those dreams that you're thinking of, you're capable of doing them, right? You're capable of starting a business. You're capable of doubling your income. Of course you are. But sometimes the thing that is stopping us is that we're not tapping in to our own brilliance. We're not tapping into our big vagina energy, right? Like really living into that and letting ourselves shine, and trusting that we're worthy of getting what we want, acknowledging what we want and trusting that we're worthy of getting it.



So even that itself, like from what the Urban Dictionary said, that is a great thought to practise and that is one that I have deliberately been practising lately because I'm just loving it. I've been writing down in my self coaching work, what did I write, I know what I want, and I am worthy of getting it. I love that. 'I know what I want and I'm worthy of getting it.' Obviously, I need to practise that some more, because I couldn't just tell you straight off the top of my head, I had to look at the wall. But this is another way that we can build that trust and that knowing that we're worthy of getting it, by actually deliberately working on our mindset and building those thoughts. So if you've never heard of big vagina energy, obviously, I didn't come up with it. I thought I did. But I definitely didn't, because after I said it, I looked it up and there it was in the Urban Dictionary. Let's embrace it, embrace the big vagina energy. BVE, embrace the big V, because I tell you what, on the other side of embracing the big V is living a life that feels incredible, you know, like living a life on your terms.



That's what you want, right? That's why you're going after your money and life goals, because you want to live a life where you feel good, a life that you love, a life that is on your terms, doing things the way that you want to do it. So if you want some help tapping into that big vagina energy, you want to work with a coach, I can help you with that. I work with entrepreneurial women to create their money and life goals. Now, does that mean that you have to have a business to work with me? Absolutely not. I work with quite a few women who are in corporate, who want to shift out of corporate and move into having their own business, or they're happy in corporate, but they want to develop something on the side. And they've just got goals that they're going for, right, and they want support to do that.



So if that's you, I'm your person, I can definitely help you with that. The process that I do at the moment is we meet first, we get to know each other, because I work with new clients for a minimum of six months, because that's what you need. You need a minimum of six months. When you are working on these big goals, I am not going to abandon you. This isn't just like a little 12-week, 'Hey, let's just, you know, work on a couple of mindset things and then you'll be fine.' No, we're shifting belief systems that you've had your whole life. And I know that you want to go for big things that you've never done before, right?



So my programme fully supports you with that. And in fact, a lot of women who work with me go on to work with me for 12 or 18 months, because they want that support. They want to have someone in their corner, helping them process all the mind junk that comes up when you're going for something really big. And also someone who can help you with all those ideas that you've got, the strategy and everything, that you have someone to talk it through with and bounce off that doubt that comes up, right, I help you with that. And then I teach you processes like how to actually stay on track with your goals, because it's easy to get distracted, right?



So I guarantee that you will learn how to create your goal because I teach you tools that you can use for the rest of your life, that go well beyond our coaching relationship. Once you learn how to overcome any obstacle, you're set, because you can apply what I teach you to any goal, right? I help you with one goal to start with, but then you can apply it to goal after goal after goal.



And then of course, because you're often working on money goals, we do money mindset work, because you want to clean that stuff up. And it doesn't matter what income you're at. We all have money mindset work we can do at any level, right? And then the big vagina energy stuff, that's becoming more you, that's the work that we do together, about really developing that incredible trusting relationship with yourself, that you can rely on yourself for the answers. You become your own best friend. And then of course mental fitness, that's key, because you need to be able to manage your mind, especially when you're creating business goals or creating a business or doing big things in business because you're doing things that most people don't do.



So when you look around your social group and your social network, there's probably not a lot of people doing what you're doing. And so you have that up against you, just from the beginning, right? And so that's why working on your mental fitness and having a coach, having someone who believes in you is so, so powerful. Right. So, this week and forevermore, acknowledge what you want and trust that you are worthy of getting it. Love ya. See you next week. Bye.

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