86: Abundant Mindset Toolkit: 10 Ways I Can Love

Abundance is the energy of generosity and love.  Today I am taking you through exercise 2 from the Abundant Mindset Toolkit.  Tapping into generosity and love is a direct access pass to abundance.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to apply this exercise '10 ways I can love....'
  • How to apply the exercise in different areas of your life
  • The power of attracting what you focus on
  • Questions to help you create more love and abundance when it comes to your money

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Abundant Mindset Toolkit : 10 ways I can love

Meaghan Smith  00:21

Hello, and welcome to the money mindful Podcast. I am your host, Meaghan Jean Smith. I'm a money mindset and life coach for women. I work one on one with women who are ready to do the work on themselves to make their good lives. Great. How do we do that one of the main things I work on with my clients is I help you break up with not enough mentality and teach you the tools that you need to live a life with enough time and enough money and confidence. I run a six month in depth one to one coaching programme with everything you need to create this. And if you've been listening to the podcast for a while now and you've been in my orbit, and you've been thinking about what it would be like to work with me, I would like to invite you to book a consultation call with me. A consultation call is not as scary as it sounds, it's actually a one hour call with me. Where we get on zoom, you get to tell me everything that you are struggling with at the moment. And I totally get that you are an amazing, competent and capable woman. But even amazing, competent, capable women need help to get out of their own way. And so on the consultation call, you get to tell me about what it is that you're struggling with right now. And what it is that you actually want to create in your life. And so I have clients coming to me for a range of different things. I work with quite a few entrepreneurs like women with small businesses, they want to increase their income or their changing careers, or even some clients I work with who are working on goals like losing weight. So it's really about what it is that you want to create in your life. And breaking through all the stuff that gets in the way of creating that for yourself. If this sounds like a heck yes, I want to learn the tools to take my life from good to great. Then go to my website, book yourself a consultation call. I'm now taking on new clients in this month of July. Let's talk and get you started on this journey. All right now to the podcast, we are working on our abundant mindset. If you are a new time listener, or if you haven't been listening for the last couple of weeks, just stop this episode now and scroll back a little bit in your podcast feed and go to the episode. That is from two weeks ago. It's called abundance mindset.

Meaghan Smith  03:31

And now I kind of remember what it's called. I Yes, that's right. Okay, so it's called abundant mindset toolkit. What is scarcity mindset? That's the first episode in this series that I'm doing for you. I have created an abundant mindset toolkit, it has 10 of my most practical and powerful exercises in it that I use myself. The exercise I went over last week is a technique, a mindset tool that I have used to double the revenue in my business. So they may sound simple, but they have really powerful and effective if you apply them. So today I want to take you through exercise number 2, 10 ways I can love my money or 10 ways I can love my business 10 ways I can love my body or self Okay, you can apply this to any anything that you want. So it's 10 ways I can love dot dot dot you fill in the blank what it is that you want to do this exercise on. I actually shared with you about this episode earlier on this year in March and the episode was called 10 ways I can love.dot.so go ahead and go back if what I say today resonates with you. Go ahead Go back and listen to that episode two, because that's how we learn things just repetition like trying things again and again and repeating until they consolidate and become a part of our life. abundance is the energy of generosity and love. Okay, scarcity is the energy of not enough fear and criticism. Now you attract more of what you focus on. It's that cliche. Point I've told you about many times on this podcast, you know, you go to buy a new car, or you go to buy some new, beautiful pair of shoes, and suddenly you see everybody wearing those same shoes, or you see everybody driving that same car, that car and pair of shoes were always there. It's just you weren't attuned to see it. You weren't filtering for it in your brain, right? So if we're going to focus if we if we attract what we focus on, and we're going to focus on something intentionally, why not choose love? right? I mean, how good is love, love feels amazing. Yeah, like when we when we think, Okay, let me reside in the feeling of scarcity or love, scarcity love, like, it's not really a hard one to choose, right, of course, we're gonna choose love every time. So this exercise is, it's like a two in one process, because although this exercise is about focusing on actions that you can take, the very act of doing this exercise will create more awareness for you. Because it will get you thinking about what you're already doing, or what you're not doing. Right, that you might want to start doing and why. Okay, why is that so? And what are you thinking and feeling that has you taking the actions that you're taking now. So I want you to grab a notepad and pen for this exercise. And remember, if you're listening in the car, this exercise is in the abundant mindset toolkit that you can download by going to money mindful.com.au, forward slash, abundant mindset, and there'll be a link in the show notes. There's a link in the show notes last week, the week before, and it will be in the show notes for the next couple of weeks, because I'm going to go over a couple more exercises for you. So get a notepad and pen. And we'll do this one on money. Okay, for the example, I want you to write a list of 10 ways you can love your money. Now, here are some questions to get you started. So how would you treat your money? If you are coming from a place of love? How this is a great question to ask yourself. Because often we talk negatively about money, right? Like, oh, I don't have enough. You know, we we don't

Meaghan Smith  08:21

give our money attention. We ignore our money. So I want you to think about how would you treat your money if you're coming from a place of love? Like if money was a person? Or if money was a child? Or if money was your lover? How would you treat it? Right? Would you be a good custodian of it? Would you make sure that your money in your emergency fund for example, is in the highest earning interest fund possible? Right? Would you check your money in your bank accounts and make sure that you're the only one who's getting to use that money? Or is that money being used by someone else who's like, got your credit card details? I think I've mentioned to you guys before that because I actually check my money. And I check my accounts. I this year alone I've my credit card has been hacked twice. I've had two on two separate cards. I've had purchases go through that I did not purchase thank you very much McDonald's in Victoria somewhere. I didn't even live in Victoria. So are you being a good custodian of it? Like what would having a positive relationship with your money look like? Now, this is a very personalised exercise because how how you have a positive relationship with your money is going to look different from somebody Else else's, right. So for somebody else, having a positive relationship with money, might be doing a budget every single week and have a budgeting app and recording all your spending, because you're really like hyper focused and want to pay attention to that for someone else, it might be releasing the reins a little bit and trusting that you have enough, have enough money, it different points of how we interact with our money are different for different people, it's like the relationship I have with my partner is not going to be the same as the relationship you would have with your partner, right? It's very individual, but what does it look like to you? So what are the 10 ways you can love your money? Okay, I'm gonna give you some more questions to just prompt you to thinking about this in a different way. So would you actively pay attention to it and care for it? Would you spend your money intentionally? How would you be speaking about your money? Would you speak about it in a positive way? And how would you be thinking about your money? Because this is really interesting. And I see this come up a lot with my clients is, on the one hand, some clients think that they have a good relationship with money. And yet when they start talking about money, they have a lot of opinions about money, like, oh, money doesn't matter. All that money's not important. I think, would you talk that way about somebody that you loved? Would you say that they didn't matter or that they weren't important?

Meaghan Smith  11:44

Really, just let yourself dive in. Go deep with this exercise like 10 ways you can love your money. Because there's like I said, there's two ways to look at this exercise. One is you're actively actually looking for ways that you can care and love your money. Right. So if you're in a position right now, where you feel like you're not caring and loving, you're being loving towards your money, you can turn your brain on to look for ways that you can actually do that. But the second part of this exercise, the kind of Trixie bit that's happening here that I haven't written in the exercise in the book, but what you're exposing yourself to by doing this exercise is how you actually treating your money now. Right? are you treating it in a loving way. So it's a brilliant way to create awareness around how you treat your money now. Because if you're not treating it already, in a loving way, nothing's gone wrong. But how cool is that you've now just discovered that you're not, and so you can do something about it.

Meaghan Smith  12:59

Now, this exercise works exactly the same way to apply it to your business, your relationship to yourself how you think about yourself, or your body, like your physical body, like 10 ways you can love your body. Yeah, like you can go really deep with this exercise and really question yourself like, Am I punishing my body? Or am I actually loving my body? Because I'm not saying this as you but sometimes when people get really, when people really dig deep with these kind of exercises, like for example, the one with your body, is they realise, oh, I'm actually exercising because I'm punishing myself because I'm, I'm telling myself, I'm disgusting, because I feel like I'm overweight, or I have fat arms or whatever it is. And I'm actually exercising as a form of punishing myself. Like, that's, that's not everyone like you might be thinking, like you might be exercising as a form to take care of your body. But this exercise is a brilliant way to create some more awareness around how you can love things in your life. And Are you loving things in your life right now how you want to want to do it. Now. Just pick one area to start with and if this exercise resonates with you and you feel like it is really helpful for you, then choose some other areas to dig into. If you are a entrepreneur, I know there's a lot of business owners and coaches and things that listen to this podcast, do it on your business, right like 10 ways you can love your business. like can you set up systems in your business to make it really streamlined and run really easily and well behind the scenes here? What are things that you can do to Love your business? Can you implement a profit first system, for example, where you are managing the money in your business, so you actually have a profit, right? An amazing exercise. I would love to hear how you go with this. So if you do this exercise, which I really hope you will, I hope you go and download the abundant mindset toolkit. Let me know send me an email DM me in Instagram, I want to know how you go and what impact this has on you. I use this tool on my business in particular, in particular, a little of that I can't say that word.

Meaghan Smith  15:43

At the start of this year, I did a lot of work on how I wanted to set myself up for this year in my business. And this particular last week's exercise I did on money or my my thoughts around money and how I wanted to think about money. But this exercise 10 ways I can love I did this for my business 10 ways I can love my business. And I believe from memory, I talk about that as well, in the podcast, podcast 68 that are released in March, I'll put a link in the show notes for you about things that I implemented in my business as a way of loving my business supporting my business to grow. Now, like I said at the start of this, this explanation of this exercise, abundance is the energy of generosity and love. So we want to be in that energy of generosity and love. Right? That's what creates that flow of abundance. Whereas scarcity is the energy of not enough fear and criticism. So not doing things because we're afraid, right not spending money on hiring a coach, for instance, because we're scared to spend the money we have because we are afraid that we're not going to have get more right. So we want to hold on to it. That's all I've got for you today. And of course, I'm sure you will agree that it's enough. We only need one exercise per week, I think to practice and master and put into place I have another two exercises that I'm going to go over with you over the following two weeks on the podcast. Remember, you can access all 10 exercises right now straightaway. If you go and download the abundant mindset toolkit, it The link will be in my show notes. You can also just go to money mindful.com.au forward slash abundant mindset and you will be able to download the toolkit straightaway and get access to all 10 exercises and concepts right now. Okay, until I speak to you next time. Have a beautiful week. Bye Bye.

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