88: Abundant Mindset Toolkit: I WANT and I Already HAVE

Writing out a wish list helps us get what we want, right?  Wrong!  Well, not exactly, I will explain why in this episode.  I have created an Abundant Mindset Toolkit for you.  Today I will share with you one more exercise you can add to your toolkit to help you shift more quickly and easily into an abundant mindset.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to help your brain create from abundance, not scarcity
  • How to apply the exercise in the Abundant Mindset Toolkit: I WANT and I already HAVE
  • How to access the toolkit

You can listen to the episode above or read the unedited transcript below.


Abundant Mindset Toolkit : I want and I already have

Meaghan Smith  00:21

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the money mindful Podcast. I am your host, Meaghan Jane Smith. I'm a money mindset and life coach for women. I work with women who are ready to do the work on themselves to make their good life. Great. Okay, and I do that we do that work by I teach you the tools to help you break up with not enough mentality and help you create exactly what you want.


Meaghan Smith  00:52

You know, a couple of years ago, before I found coaching, like my life was not shit by any degree, I had a good life, okay. But it wasn't the life that I wanted. It wasn't like this shit hot. Wow, my life is amazing. I love what I'm doing, I'm going after what I want life. Right? It wasn't that life, it was good. You know, I had a good job, I had a good Korea as a teacher, I have an amazing partner, you know, I had two Healthy Kids. But I just I felt like there was something missing. You know, I wanted more from my life. And I kept kind of getting caught up with myself, you know, like, I would have ideas about things that I wanted to try or things that I wanted to do, like start a business, but I just shut those ideas down. Because I didn't have the confidence in myself. And I didn't have the know how to actually set a goal, like something that I wanted to do, and know how to make that goal. So it's as good as done, like, have the mindset tools to overcome any obstacle, and also have the mindsets skills to manage my mind around all the doubt all the rubbish that comes up, like when when you go to stretch outside of your comfort zone, like the life that you're living in now, to do something new that you want to do, often we just get hit by this wall of the unknown, right and the wall of procrastination and doubt. And for many of us, for me in my life, certainly. I mean, I guess I can only speak for myself. But I mean, I have had experience with this now with a lot of my clients that says the same, same similar thing is that that was a genuine roadblock for me. And I didn't move forward with ideas and things that I wanted to do, because I just didn't have the skills to do it to manage my mind, around lack of confidence, feeling like I didn't have enough time thinking that I didn't have enough money. And then also just doubting myself and really just essentially getting in my own way.


And when I found coaching, like found a coach and was like, Ah, this is how you do it. Like this is how you manage your mind. This is how you overcome obstacles. This is how you create what you want, like I've gone on to completely change my life. Like in the last couple of years, I have created a popular podcast that has 1000s of downloads and 1000s of listeners. I have moved my whole family into state we now live in a whole nother state in Australia. I have created a profitable business like I just I want to shout that to the rooftops like I just want to run up to people in the street and say Do you know that I have dramatically changed my life like I went from having a good job as a teacher to now working for myself in school hours, in alignment with my family and the lifestyle that we want to live. We recently have been on holiday I financed that whole holiday with the money that we that I make in my business and because of the skills that I have now and the way that I know how to manage my mind and my money. My business is profitable. And I can't even tell you how incredible that feels to have the mindset and the skills to be able to create that and before I I created this, I didn't know that I could create this, I didn't realise that it was possible, I had so much doubt in myself. And, you know, I worried about what other people would think like before I started the podcast, and I also just didn't have the belief in myself that I could do it. So if, if you're in my orbit, and you like what I have been doing, I really want to encourage you to sign up for a consultation with me, and find out more about what coaching is and how it can help you because it can literally take your life from like, yep, it's good. You know, like, nothing has gone wrong here. But to Oh, my gosh, my life is effing amazing. I feel amazing. I have an amazing relationship with my family and my partner, I'm doing what I actually want to do, making money doing what I actually want to do. And


Meaghan Smith  06:03

like, being able to wake up in the morning and say, This is the life that I created for myself, like, how powerful is that, like, if you want that, sign up and book a consultation with me and find out what what, what results you can create, when you work with me for six months, because when you work with me for six months, we we work together weekly, it's one on one, it's in depth it's we have in between written coaching that I do with you, I give you every single worksheet and skill and workbook that I have that you need. But I also don't give you what you don't need. Because the programme is bestowed. It's designed exactly for you and exactly what you want to work on. So whatever you bring to the coaching, what it is that you want to create in that six months, that's what we do. So I'm kind of going on about it, but it's worth it guys, because you want to be able to live the life of your dreams, right? You want to be able to wake up in the morning and know how to deal with all that stuff that gets in your way. Like all the doubt all the fear, the lack of confidence, like the limiting beliefs around money, like I can help you overcome those. But you have to help yourself first by reaching out and booking a consult with me. Okay, now, I'm going to help you directly today, like straight up right now. Because I want to teach you I want to go over with you one of the exercises that is in the abundance mindset toolkit, and it's exercise four, it's the last exercise I'm going to cover with you in this series. There's another six exercises in the workbook that I haven't covered on the podcast, and they are available to you they are free, you can easily access them, you just have to go to money mindful.com.au forward slash abundant mindset. And now, the first exercise I want to take you through are and just briefly if you've got no idea what I just said then the abundant mindset toolkit and you've just listening to the latest episode. If you haven't listened to the previous episodes, go back to go scroll down a few weeks go to the abundant mindset toolkit episode that is called what is scarcity? That is the first episode in this series,


Meaghan Smith  08:35

where I am covering different exercises that you can do to shift out of scarcity mindset, and into abundant mindset. I'm not going to go all into what that means because I've covered that on earlier episodes. just pause now go back, listen to those other episodes, catch yourself up and then reconnect with this episode later. All right, so Episode Four, Episode Four, exercise four beg my pardon is I want and I already have this exercise I learnt from my coach Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School. And that is the school that I am certified with. And it is a really cool exercise to trick your brain but also steep you in gratitude, okay? And connect with abundant energy and abundant mindset. Now, usually when we try to create a new goal, like if you do this, nothing's gone wrong here. Most of us do this I do this myself still like that. There's nothing wrong with this is we want to create something right? We want to create something that we don't already have. In our life, so whatever that is, it's a might be an income goal. It could be a career goal, it could be like, we want to lose five kilogrammes. Whatever it is, we want something. But often we create it from this energy of, we don't have it. And we want it. It's like, I don't have this thing. And I wanted in my life. Now, nothing wrong with that, like, does like nothing wrong with desiring something new that you don't already have, like, I set income goals in my business all the time, right? Like, that's totally normal.


But the little piece here is, and this is what you want to catch yourself on. And this is what this exercise is great for, is we desire something new, out of a place of scarcity, out of not having it out of wanting it, because we don't have it, it's like we want to lose that five kilos, because we feel like where we need to lose that weight, because we're not somehow good enough, right? Like, we have to lose that weight to feel better about ourselves. Or we want more money, like we want to set an income goal, because we think we don't have enough money, right now. Hi. So like, just this is very subtle difference. But it's very, very powerful. And it has an impact on your, excuse me your ability to create, like the energy that you're coming from. So a really cool way that you can shift out of this energy of scarcity, like of not having this energy of I don't have therefore I want is to write down. So this is if you're listening in the car, this is written out in the toolkit, so don't worry, just go and get the toolkit when you finish listening to this episode. But in the toolkit, it says grab a notepad and pen. And I want you to write a list of 25 things that you want, that you already have. Now, this is so cool, because it shifts you in to the energy of sufficiency, it shifts you into the energy of already having. And then you can add some things into the list that things that you don't have that you want. But you're already in that beautiful place of I want and I already have. And I also want something else, and I can easily create it, right. So here's some examples. So I want two healthy daughters. And I already have two healthy daughters. Right, I want to work for myself. And I already do work for myself. I want to have a profitable, profitable business. And I do have a profitable business. I want to have a Subaru Forester, and I already have a Subaru Forester that's a car by the way.


Meaghan Smith  13:16

So you get the idea. It's your writing down something that you already that you want, that you already have such a great exercise to shift you into abundant mindset and shift you out of scarcity mindset. And then what you can do just to uplevel the exercise is you can write a few things that you want that you already have. And then you can just sandwich in between, like something that you that you want that you don't already have. But you can just say I like I want two healthy daughters and I already have two healthy daughters I want to work for myself and I already do work for myself. I want to have a holiday to visit my best friend in Sweden. I want a Subaru Forester and I already have the Subaru Forester right like you see how that works. You can just like sandwich in something that you don't already have that you want. But it's just a nice way to have not just a nice way it's an effective way to put you in abundant mindset but you can just sneak in things there where your brain is in the energy of already having so it's like ah, alright, so we want this trip to Sweden now we can just create that because you're you're not writing down and saying that you want it from this energy of you don't have it. All right, this is short and sweet today. I hope that helps.


Like I said at the very very start of when I introduced the abundant mindset toolkit to you. There are 10 exercises and concepts in this toolkit. These exercises are to be used for you. They're not to be used against you, it's not for you to think about, oh, well, you know, I've got such a scarcity mindset. Obviously, I'm terrible at these. So I'm always thinking negative thoughts. No, no, no, no, no. And if any of the exercises trigger that for you, just widen back, right? Take a deep breath. If you feel like you want to continue with the exercise, go ahead and do that. But if it's not working for you, just let it go. And pick one of the other exercises, there's 10 in there. All right, there's plenty to choose from. Try all the exercises if you want, try, or just try the ones that resonate with you. And if one particular exercise resonates with you, and you want to tweak it to suit you, you go ahead and you do that. You just do what works for you. Okay? The scarcity mindset is not something to shame yourself for, or it's not something to feel bad about. We all have scarcity mindset. It's just like saying, you know, that there's some people out there who only ever think positive thoughts. Like, that is such Bs, like, everybody has positive thoughts and negative thoughts. It's, it's the, it's a fact of life, like, we wouldn't know happiness. If we hadn't experienced sadness, we wouldn't even know what abundance was if we didn't have scarcity in our life. Right? Like they're both part of the parcel. And if you take anything away from what I've been teaching over the last few weeks, this is like a really great point to take is that negative thoughts? negative feelings, scarcity mindset. Nothing's gone wrong. If you have that in your life, you're meant to have that in your life. Okay, we're not walking around happy Lala all the time. Right? Like, you don't want to be happy going to a funeral? I mean, maybe you do. But I that that's not the point. The point is not to be in abundant mindset all the time and never ever feel like you don't have enough or no, that is not the point. The point is just to be aware, I are right, I'm noticing that I'm really


Meaghan Smith  17:48

in scarcity mindset at the moment, I can see that's not having a positive impact on me. Okay, so what can I do right now just to turn the dial down on that? Right, what can I do just to turn the dial down on scarcity and turn the volume up on abundance? Right? It's not a switch, nothing's gone wrong. If you are feeling like you have some scarcity mindset coming up for you. Like, it's not like you have to turn that off and never have that in your life. And if you do have that in your life, something's gone wrong. You're gonna have that in your life, not a problem. Just learn how to identify it, and shift out of it. That's what the exercises in these this toolkit is for. But of course, if you do these exercises, often you get better at it. It's like a muscle. And I just want to make sure it's clear that you know, I have scarcity mindset. scarcity, thinking comes up for me. The only the differences here is that I just know how to see it more easily now. Like sometimes my coach will point out to me, you know that I'm in scarcity mindset when I can't see it myself. That's why I have a coach. But also, more often than not, I can identify when I'm in it now, because I'm so much more aware of it. And I notice when it comes up, and I noticed that it doesn't have a positive impact in my life, it usually doesn't create the results that I want. And so I just take steps deliberately, to just turn the dial down on it. I turn the dial down on scarcity and shift myself into being in sufficiency and abundance. Because when I'm in sufficiency and abundance, that's when I create the stuff that I want in my life. All right. If you want to take this work deeper with me, I invite you to book a consultation call with me. That is how that is the gateway to work with me booking a consultation call meeting with me. And we work out if we are two peas in a pod and were just, you know, an amazing fit because my programme is six months, it's working together weekly one on one. And it's a pretty special relationship, the client coach relationship. So we want to meet first we want to make sure we're a good fit. And that's what happens on the consultation call. So go ahead and book a consultation with me through the website. My website, there's a link in the show notes I'm currently taking on new clients in July. You can do that right now. And until I speak with you again next week, have a beautiful week. Bye Bye.

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