18: The discomfort of success- Are you willing to do hard things?

Today on the podcast I want to talk to you about doing hard things. The willingness to feel discomfort for the results you want in your life. Last year on the podcast in episode 10 I discussed a concept. The 50/50 of life. It’s a concept I learnt from my coach and by being aware of it it has helped me move mountains in my life. Fifty percent of the time we experience positive emotion and 50% of the time we experience negative emotion.

17: How to share expenses in a relationship

Relationships. We are all in one, whether it be with a significant other, friends, family or even the relationship we have with ourselves. Some relationships are good, some bad, some are toxic and some are wonderful. Today we are going to discuss relationships and money and how to navigate managing money in a relationship.

16: Shame and Money

Today we are going to be talking about money and shame. According to the Dictionary of Emotions by Patrick Michael Ryan ‘shame’ is an awareness of inadequacy or guilt. My Macquarie Dictionary states: 'the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonourable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another.’

15: Talking money with Bridie Anderson

Today's a bit of a special episode because for the first time I am doing an interview on the Money Mindful podcast. I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend Bridie about all things money. There are lots of gems in this episode, she talks about what she will be teaching her daughter about money, how she got into investing and her ‘can do’ attitude, how you can go about building a portfolio of three properties on your own from a nurse's wage. Pretty cool story. So without further ado, let's get into it.

14: How to make money fast

Welcome back for season 2!  Today we are kicking off 2020 with the first episode of season 2. We are talking about how to make money fast. I did a Facebook post on this late last year and it was quite popular so I thought we could flesh it out in this episode. Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy making extra money? We could all do with more information on this topic.

13: Self care & Money

This is the last episode for the season! I know right? Where did the time go? Christmas is next week. What an amazing year. I love the end of the year. For me it is always a time of reflection. Looking back over everything I have achieved and planning for what I want to do next. Super fun but a little scary too yeah?

12: 4 ways to save on insurance

Today on the show I am going to discuss insurance. I can feel your excitement! Next week is going to be way more feel good, I promise. Last week and this week I have been trying to think about what to call these episodes because I was thinking no one wants to talk about estate planning and insurance and if I just write that. you’re all going to be like 'arr Meaghan no way, we are not going to listen to these episodes'  but you know what?