105: Special Gift Episode: Mind Over Money

This is a special gift episode for you.  Earlier this year I was a speaker at the Mind Over Money Summit, hosted by Lei Lopez. Today on the podcast I am gifting you my ‘3 things you must know to create wealth & abundance in life’ talk from the summit.

This talk is now only available if you purchase a recording of the summit.  I’m giving it to you here for FREE in celebration of my birthday this week.

In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn:

  • What is scarcity mindset
  • How to break up with scarcity
  • How to create abundance
  • How do you know if you are in scarcity mindset and how to get out of it

You can listen to the episode above or read the unedited transcript below.


Special Gift Episode: Mind Over Money


Lei Lopez, Meaghan Smith

Meaghan Smith  00:04

Hello, and welcome to the Money Mindful podcast. I am your host Meaghan Jean Smith. I'm a money mindset and life coach for women. I help women just like you create the money and life that you want and that you deserve. So if you are a longtime listener, and you were listening to last week's episode, you will know that this week is a little birthday surprise for you. It is my birthday this weekend, and I just love doing stuff for other people when it's my birthday. So this is actually a replay of the talk that I gave at the Mind Over Money Summit earlier this year. So Lei Lopez from the Philippines hosted the most incredible summit with money mindset speakers from all over the world, some of my teachers and people that I really look up to like Lynne Twist, Ken Honda, there were over, I think, about 25 to 30 speakers from memory, I can't remember off the top of my head now. But it was an incredible summit, and I was part of it. And now the only way to access the talks from the summit is to pay to get access to it through the Mind Over Money Summit website, I'll put a link in that.


Meaghan Smith  02:00

Because if you're interested, it's incredible, and if you're listening to this podcast, I'm assuming that you want to change your money mindset, and that summit is gold. There is so much in it, like the speakers who were there are at the top of their game, and they really have so much to offer. So I'll make sure that there's a link at this if you want to be able to listen to the other speakers. But because you're my listener, and you listen to my podcast I am going to share the talk that I gave, that is part of the summit and I'm going to share that with you. So this is my little treat for you. I hope that you enjoy it and get as much out of it as I enjoyed putting into it. So without further ado, here we go. I'm going to hand you over to Lei Lopez and the Mind Over Money Summit.


Lei Lopez  02:59

Hi. Welcome to Mind Over Money, your masterclass series on removing prosperity blocks, and managing the mindset and the energy to create wealth and abundance in your life. I'm your host, Lei Lopez, and I'm super excited to have Meaghan Jean Smith here with us today, who is a money mindset and life coach for women. She hosts the popular Money Mindful podcasts. Meaghan specialises in helping women get out of 'Not Enough' mentality so they can have more confidence, more time and more money to live the extraordinary life they want on purpose. We are all capable of so much more than we think. Reaching those elusive dream goals is totally available to every woman now. Through private one on one coaching Meaghan teaches the next exact tools women need to move from reacting to what life throws at them to being an active participant of their life and intentionally creating exactly what they want. Hi, Meaghan, thank you very much for hopping on and joining us today for Mind Over Money.


Meaghan Smith  04:05

Hello, thank you so much for having me. I'm very excited to be here and share all the things so your audience can benefit and get out of scarcity mindset.


Lei Lopez  04:20

Yeah, thank you. First I'd love to hear about your story and how you got to where you are today. How did you get in the subject of money mindset?


Meaghan Smith  04:30

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well, my journey started off in a roundabout kind of way, actually. I have always been interested in managing my money and investing my money. But to tell you the truth Lei, it originated from a place of fear and scarcity, okay. So I was interested in investing because I was worried, like I didn't want to not have, I didn't want to be in a situation where I didn't have enough money. And I grew up in a situation where I didn't see older people around me having good results with money when they got older. I have people in my family who struggle financially. And I just thought, I don't want to be like that. And so it's funny because I work with people now to create abundance from a place of not coming from fear and scarcity. But that's actually where I started, and I was investing in property, and I used to chat with a girlfriend of mine on the phone.


Meaghan Smith  05:52

We would talk every week, and we supported each other and we just told each other, you know, what insurance are you using? Or are you using a broker? And one day, it just occurred to me, wouldn't it be amazing if this was on a podcast, and everybody could hear this information, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. So that's how the Money Mindful podcast originated, because at first I just wanted to share my knowledge about money. Not that I was the expert, but just to get it out in the open. Like, let's talk about this, let's share this information. Because women, Lei, are great storytellers, we're great at sharing information. And so I wanted to create a platform for that. And the funny thing was, is that after I created the podcast, now I find that there's lots of podcasts and information out there like this. But when I started I, I couldn't find it, I didn't know that it was out there. And so I just decided to create it.


Meaghan Smith  06:58

And as I went on, I started to progress down this personal development journey, and I felt like creating money was more than just having money. It was more than that. It was about feeling like I was living the life that I really wanted to live, because that's why people want money, right? It's because they think that the money will create happiness in their life. They think that when they meet this goal, like when they have the house, or they have the car, that they will feel better about themselves, or happier. And I think that's the thing that really started to spike my interest. Because after I started investing, and I was doing things for myself to improve my financial wellbeing, the thing that really struck me, Lei, was I still felt terrible. I still had days where I didn't feel good about myself, and I didn't feel good enough. And I still had times when I felt fear around money and it started to make me realise that, hang on, I don't think it's actually the money that creates the feeling of wellbeing and the feeling of happiness. And so I just happened to come across life coaching. I had never heard of life coaching, I didn't know what it was, I immediately resonated with it and went down that path and then became a life coach.


Meaghan Smith  08:36

And over time, I've really learned how to generate a feeling of security and wellbeing and abundance in my life, separate from money. Money's still great. I love money. It's it's great to make money. And I think financial education and literacy is really important, especially with women, because we haven't been socialised for generations to create wealth for ourselves. But I just found that the more I learnt about money and the more I went down this path, the more I realised that the money isn't - money doesn't equal happiness. Money doesn't equal a good life. Like yes, if you're below the poverty line, of course money can make a big difference in your life. And yes, money solves problems. But, you know, I work with a lot of wealthy women who have the same issues just as women who aren't extremely wealthy. So it's not the money, and it goes so much deeper than that.


Meaghan Smith  09:49

And I really want to share that with women and often when we feel like we don't have enough money, what we do in one area of our life we do in all areas of our life, and how that often shows up is people feel like they're not good enough or not confident enough, or it's this scarcity mindset that permeates our whole life. It's not just exclusive to money, whereas I know that scarcity mindset often gets associated with money. But it runs deeper than that and I really feel passionate about helping women be enough, feel enough and come from that place of being sufficient, feeling like they are enough and creating more in their life from that space, rather than creating from a place of, I'm not good enough, I don't have enough money, I don't have enough time, I'm not confident enough. And then thinking that the money will equal, suddenly they'll have enough time and confidence and feel good about themselves, because - it helps, but it's not the answer.


Lei Lopez  11:03

Why do you think a lot of people think money is hard? What can you say about worries and anxiety around money?


Meaghan Smith  11:13

Well, we're conditioned. I mean, it's in our society, right? More is better. Okay? Like this is a common thing. We see it in advertising. We're bombarded with this imagery all the time. And I know this is about money, Lei. But I want to broaden the topic, because I really believe that it's more than that. And we are socialised to believe things like money is hard, many of us grow up, and that's just what we get told. And it's interesting to look at, do we ever examine that? Is that actually true? Like, is money actually hard? And can you see evidence that - you know, I mean, some people out there, it's not hard at all, you know, they make plenty of money, right? But when we grow up believing that you have to work hard to make money, it's difficult to make money. You know, we're in a pandemic, it's impossible - like we put all these - and I want to say, look, I'm not judging anyone, I'm not trying to make anybody wrong.


Meaghan Smith  12:34

But what I do want to offer is, are you willing to look at the way that you think about money and be wrong? Like, are you willing to challenge your ideas about money? Because I certainly grew up thinking that it was hard to make money. And I also thought that if you want to make money, you have to work really hard. And also, there was an element of, I didn't understand money, I thought that money was for some people, like those people over there, and it wasn't for me, like I didn't know how to connect with it. It felt out of my reach. And what I want to offer is that that is the way we think about money. That's just how some of us have grown up, we've believed those thoughts, and we've never challenged it. Right? And we just believe it to be true. And so therefore, that's what we create, because we're, we're operating under that filter, if you if you will, Lei, like that's how we see the world, we see the world through the filter in front of us that 'money is hard', and the way that our brain works, it's like, our brain filters out for that information. So we find evidence of 'Yes, you're right. It is hard. Money is hard.' But to change that we need to be willing to be wrong. We need to be willing to be wrong about the way that we think about money.


Lei Lopez  14:07

Mm hmm. Okay,you mentioned scarcity mindset. So what is scarcity mindset? And then how do you know if you are in a scarcity mindset?


Meaghan Smith  14:16

Okay. I'm so glad you asked me this, because this is really going to help a lot of people. Now, listen, what I'm going to say is, first of all, most people in fact, I have never met somebody who doesn't have some form of scarcity mindset, right? Like it's not a disease, there's nothing wrong with you if you have scarcity mindset, right? But I want to point out, first of all, what scarcity mindset is and how to identify it. Now - so what is scarcity? Scarcity means that there's not enough, okay, it's when we believe that there is not enough, and that there's not enough for everyone. And the main areas that I commonly see this show up with my clients, is around money, right? They believe there's not enough money. Okay? Time, there's not enough time, right? We're always busy trying to fit everything in. And then the third is self concept. And I see it show up in different ways for different people.


Meaghan Smith  15:26

So for some, it might be, you know, I'm not confident enough, or I'm not thin enough, or, you know, I'm not smart enough. It's the thoughts that we have about ourselves and in whatever guise that comes in, it's a form of, there's not enough of it. Right? Whatever it is, in your self concept. And I want to offer that scarcity mindset is a state of mind. It's not a tangible thing, in the sense of I mean, of course, there can be not enough of something, like if you have a piece of cake, and everybody's had a piece, and there's only one piece left. That's not what I mean. But when we're in scarcity mindset, you can be earning a million dollars a year and be in scarcity mindset, right? It's not the amount of something. So it's what you think, whether you think that you don't have enough.


Meaghan Smith  16:31

And so this is why it's really important to understand what scarcity mindset is, and understand how to recognise it. Because otherwise, what happens is, when we're in scarcity, we think more is better. And we think we don't have enough. So even though we go after goals, we get there and nothing changes, we still feel in lack and scarcity. Right? So it's a state of being, just like abundance is as well. So how you identify it, was the second question that you asked, is, if you find yourself thinking that you don't have enough, right, like you tell yourself 'I don't have enough money'. I don't know how many clients I've worked with, who have told me that they don't have enough money. And then in almost the same breath, they'll tell me something like, 'Oh, yeah, but I've only got $20,000 in savings', or, you know - it's all about how we think about it, right?


Meaghan Smith  17:35

So when you're in that mindset, you can be starting a business and earning your first $10,000 and think you don't have enough. But when you're in that mindset, you'll get to earning $100,000, and you'll still think that that's not enough, right? Like, what is enough? And in the other areas, it's when you think that - you find yourself comparing yourself to other people - like when we come into the self concept work, you know, 'They're smarter than me' or 'I'm not good enough'. That is scarcity mindset. Okay?


Lei Lopez  18:17

Okay, well, I've got that. Comparing yourself to other people. So fear of the unknown can also make us think with a scarcity mindset. So this fear, how do you get out of it?


Meaghan Smith  18:36

Okay. Well, first of all, it's recognising that you're in scarcity mindset, like it's creating the awareness, because often we don't even realise we're in scarcity mindset. We think , like the thoughts that we have, we just believe them to be true. Right? And so that's the very first step, like really just kind of stepping back and creating some space, like, 'Is this true?' Right? Like questioning what you're saying and what you're thinking. But it goes beyond that, and I'll talk to you about that. Would now be a good time to talk about how to move into abundance?


Lei Lopez  19:21

Yes, yes. Because we're saying the opposite of scarcity is abundance. So how do we shift from scarcity to abundance mindset?


Meaghan Smith  19:29

Yeah. Okay. So the first step is just creating awareness around your thinking and being open that 'Oh', you know, 'maybe these thoughts that I'm having aren't true. Maybe there is another way, maybe I could think about this differently.' Okay. That's step number one. Because if you're not - we're powerless to change what we're unaware of.


Lei Lopez  19:58

Hmm. We're powerless to change what we are unaware of. That's a quotable quote there.


Meaghan Smith  20:04

Yeah. So if you don't even realise that you're in scarcity mindset, it makes it harder to shift out of it, right? Now being in abundance mindset is, just like scarcity mindset, it's a state of being. And so this is why you can have one person with $10,000 in their bank account, and they feel great. They're just like, 'I've got plenty of money. I've got so much in my life, I have everything I need'. And then you can have someone else with $10,000 in their bank account, freaking out, like, 'It's not enough, I've got all these bills'. Right? And again, I know I'm repeating myself, but I'm doing it on purpose, because I want the message to go through. It's a state of being. So abundance mindset is when we believe we are enough. Okay? We are more than enough, we have more than enough money. There's enough for everyone. Right? Because that's the difference too, when we're in scarcity, especially with things like - I don't know if this happened for you, in your country, Lei, but for us here in Australia, when the pandemic first started, there was a lot of scarcity mindset around toilet paper, oh, everybody went crazy for toilet paper, like people buying ridiculous amounts of toilet paper. That's scarcity mindset, right? More is better. If I don't get a piece of the pie, I'm going to miss out, like there's not enough for everyone. Whereas abundance mindset is, 'Listen, there's plenty of toilet paper, there's enough toilet paper to go around. There's enough for everyone', right? And being able to see that. Now, here is the thing, though. You have to believe what you are thinking.


Meaghan Smith  22:12

So, and this is where so many people get into trouble, because they think, 'Alright, I don't want to be in scarcity mindset'. So I'm going to use the example of I don't have enough money. So the thought is 'I don't have enough money'. And so an abundant thought would be 'I have enough money', right? But if you think 'I have enough money', but you don't actually believe it -


Lei Lopez  22:41



Meaghan Smith  22:41

- it's not going to have an impact on your life, because you're saying it, but it's just - you're going through the motions, and we don't create new results in our life, when we don't actually believe them. We have to believe it. Okay? One of the things that I encourage people to do is connect with what you have. Okay, we need to start looking at what we have already. Okay, and so what that might look like, and I'll use the example of money for people, because I think this is really helpful. Okay, so you might not be able to shift from 'I don't have enough money' to 'I have more than enough money', right? Because you're like, 'Yeah, right. That's not true. That's not believable.'


Lei Lopez  23:28



Meaghan Smith  23:28

But can you think and believe 'I have more than enough money for today.' Right? Is that believable for you? Or maybe it's, 'I have more than enough money for this hour.' Or 'I have more than enough money for this week.' Right? It's different for everyone, like, wherever it is where you feel like it's true for you, like you can genuinely say this thought, believe this thought, and it's true. So when I started this process, I couldn't - saying, 'Oh, I have more than enough money, like I have so much abundance', it just fell flat, it didn't feel real. But to be able to say 'I have more than enough money for today' feels totally real. It's like, 'Of course, I absolutely have more than enough money for today. I can cover all my expenses, I've got plenty of money left over in the bank, like not a problem.' I can see the evidence from it, I can believe it, I can say it truthfully. Now that is being in sufficiency.


Meaghan Smith  24:40

Okay, so the 'I don't have enough'. First of all, so many of us say, 'I don't have enough' when it's not even true. Right? Especially if you're in a first world country, and you have a roof over your head, and you have food in your cupboard, you have enough, okay? Right? But so often we tell ourselves, 'It's not enough.' So can you shift to where you feel sufficient? Can you be sufficient in this moment, because being sufficient is actually abundance. But personally, for me, I find it easier to connect to being sufficient than I do to being abundant. It's like the stepping stone from not enough, I have enough for this moment, I've got more than enough, forever, right? So it's being in that space of 'I have more than enough money for today, or for this moment', and then practising that thought and looking at that, like, make that your focus. Not 'I don't have enough', because, if I get a bit scientific on you here, we, our brain likes to be efficient. And it's going to just keep repeating thoughts that - like if you've always just thought 'I don't have enough', that's going to be like a superhighway in your brain, like a pathway that you've worn in your neural pathways that then becomes like the truth, what you see.


Meaghan Smith  26:12

And so to shift out of that, we have to start giving attention to new thoughts, like new pathways we want to build in our brain. But to do that, we need to believe it. So let's spend, it's like, okay, you're gonna have times when you feel like you don't have enough. That's alright, we don't have to push it away. We don't have to fight that. But let's give equal airtime to 'I have enough money for today.' Right? Or whatever that thought is that you believe. That's just one thing. I made a whole toolkit to share with your audience that has got 10 different exercises that they can do to shift into abundance. But another one that I think a lot of people can relate to, is having an attitude for gratitude.


Lei Lopez  27:06



Meaghan Smith  27:06

Actually taking time every day to focus on and appreciate what you have. Right? Like, I could sit here and tell you all the things that I don't have. But look around, like, look at this beautiful space I'm in, look at that beautiful plant back there. That's abundance, right? You can focus on what you don't have, or you can focus on what you do have. And it's a lot easier to create more, when you're focused on what you have.


Lei Lopez  27:17

Right, right.


Meaghan Smith  27:44

It's like, being grateful for the things that you have in your life, showing appreciation, like, you know, 'I'm so grateful that I have this friend that I can chat with. I'm so grateful that I have a regular income.' Whatever it is for you. But then also another - you stop me if you want, because I can keep going for a long time, I have so many things I could tell you.


Lei Lopez  28:09

It's okay, go ahead. I love it. I love it.


Meaghan Smith  28:11

Yeah, but another amazing exercise is to state what you have that you already want. Right? Sorry, what you want that you already have! That is an incredible exercise to get you in the energy of abundance and sufficiency. So it's like 'I want two healthy daughters and I have two healthy daughters. I want money in an emergency account for myself and I have money in an emergency account for myself. I want a beautiful dog that will sleep in her basket next to me while I work. And I have a beautiful dog that sleeps in her basket next to me while I work.' Right? It's like connecting to all those things that we want, that we desire, that we already have. That is the energy of abundance.


Meaghan Smith  29:12

Mm hmm. So state what you want, to what you already have. And yeah, focusing on what you are grateful for. So you naturally pull yourself out of scarcity mindset.


Meaghan Smith  29:24

Yes. And just to go back to what I said at the beginning, look, we all have forms of scarcity mindset, it's not a problem. Okay? It's just whether you make it a problem and once you're aware of it, it's like 'Oh, yeah, I'm noticing that I'm focusing on what I don't have. Alright, I know that's not helpful to create more in my life. So what do I want that I already have?' Right? And you can strip that back as far as you want. You know, like I want clean drinking water, and I have clean drinking water. You know, I want warm shoes to wear in the winter, and I have warm shoes to wear in the winter. Like, really connect with everything that you have in your life. Right? Because, you know, otherwise, it's like, we start making - here's another thing, right?  - that's related. It's like we want more abundance, or we want more money in our life. And you know, you hear people say things like, 'Yeah, but I've only got, I've only made $20,000 in my business', right? Like they're just starting or something like that. That's scarcity mindset. How about saying, 'Wow, I've made, I've created $20,000 in my business. I want this money, and I have this money. I created this money.' Can you see the difference? It's a mindset.


Lei Lopez  31:03

Mm hmm. You also talk about living in intentional abundance. What can you tell us about that?


Meaghan Smith  31:11

Well, everything that I've just said. It's like being really intentional about connecting to what it is that you want in your life, what you already have, and like, don't get me wrong, okay. I love the money. I love the things. It's, you know, there's nothing wrong with wanting to create more money and creating more money, and there's nothing wrong with desiring to create it. But the distinction, the piece that I really want the listener today to come away with is that, where is that intention coming from? Do you want more money because you feel like you don't have enough? Right? Or do you want more money because it's like, 'Yeah, I've got money. But I also want to create more, just because.'


Meaghan Smith  32:07

You don't need to have a reason. But it's just catching yourself out, because are you wanting to create the next client or you're wanting to make more money because you're in scarcity and lack, because you think you don't have enough clients. Now, if you've got a goal to have 15 clients, and you've got 10 so far, it's like the glass half empty, or glass half full. And being intentional is about putting your attention on what you want, but also being intentional and taking 100% responsibility for what you've already created. And coming at it from that perspective that, 'I want 15 clients, and I've already created 10, right? I'm totally on the way.' That's abundance, right?


Meaghan Smith  32:58

Whereas, 'I want 15 clients, but I've only got 10, I'm terrible at this, what's wrong with me? I must be doing something wrong, how come I don't have five more?' That's scarcity, right? So it's really being onto yourself, okay, like creating that awareness about the way that you're thinking about what you're doing and what you want to create. But also, being on to yourself about what you already have, and taking ownership of that. And really owning it. It's like, 'Yeah, I created this, I created these 10 clients, this is something that I wanted, and I did it.' That's the energy of abundance. And abundance is all around us. And it's all how you want to look at it. And I mean, I could say what means abundance for me and I'm happy to share that but it's different for everybody. And I think that's really important too, to be clear on what that means.


Meaghan Smith  34:02

So for me abundance looks like having the freedom to be able to go bushwalking on the weekend with my family, that, to me, is life. That is something that I feel incredibly passionate about, you know, like I love nature and I love being out in nature and that's abundance for me, being able to do those sorts of things. And yes, money is a part of that, like yeah, I need to create money to pay for petrol to put in my car to drive to the bush, things like that. And yes, I want to have lots of money in my life because I like having lots of money, I like spending money, I like to use money for different things, but it's just making that decision for yourself. You deciding for you. For one person it might mean that they are able to buy a fancy luxury handbag, right, maybe that's what that means for them. And that's great. That's, nothing wrong with that. But for someone else, it might mean that they can give a certain amount of money to their favourite charity every year, like that's what it means for them. Or it's really creating the intention for the individual person, for yourself, what's important to you? Because what abundance looks like for you, Lei, might be totally different to what it looks like for me.


Lei Lopez  35:32

Different, yes. Okay. I really appreciate what you shared with us today. If you were to leave our viewers and listeners with one single action today, or a final piece of advice on how we can rewrite our money story based on if we're coming from a scarcity mindset, okay, what would it be? I really appreciate what you shared with us today. If you were to leave our viewers and listeners with one single action today, or a final piece of advice on how we can rewrite our Money Story, coming from the scarcity mindset, what would it be?


Meaghan Smith  36:12

The number one thing is take 100% responsibility for the results that you have in your life? Right? Because everything that we've talked about today, it's so easy to blame other people and to blame external forces and to say things like, yeah, that's just the way the world is. Okay? And I'm not saying that some people don't have it harder, or that some people don't have additional barriers in their way, because of the way that our life, the world, is built, like sexism, racism, you know, there's other factors at play here, right? But I do want to say that nobody can create the results in your life that you want. So if you want to create more abundance in your life, you need to own that, right, you need to do the work, yourself. Because nobody can do that for you. And that might sound really harsh, but that's like the number one thing, you've got to, you've got to own it, you've got to take responsibility.


Meaghan Smith  37:37

And because -  listen, this is abundance for you, I can't just say one thing, I've got to give you something else. But the second piece is, is love yourself all the way to the results that you want. Because that is being in abundance, because so often we want to create things in our life, we want to create more money, or we want to go off to goals. And we think somehow by beating ourselves up, we're going to get there, and it's just not the case. We need to be on our own side, we need to be our own best friend and love, always choose love. Take 100% responsibility and always choose love.


Lei Lopez  38:17

I totally agree. Meaghan, thank you so much for hopping on today and sharing all your wisdom, and reminding us to pay attention to our thoughts and what stories are we creating for ourselves because of our mindset. Thank you.


Meaghan Smith  38:31

You are so welcome. It is my honour and pleasure to be here. Thank you.


Lei Lopez  38:37

I understand that they have a free gift that they're going to share to everybody who's with us today. Can you tell us about that?


Meaghan Smith  38:45

Absolutely. Okay. So when we were talking before, when we were talking about me coming on and and talking to your audience, and we were talking that I was going to share about scarcity mindset, I was like, okay, what can I create that is really going to help people shift out of scarcity mindset? So I have created a toolkit. I have put in all the exercises that I know - I've mentioned a couple today briefly, but I've put in 10 exercises in this toolkit that are things that you can do in your life on a daily basis, to shift out of scarcity mindset and to shift in abundance. And, you know, I just really want to say that it's a personal journey for everyone. So I put 10 different exercises in so that there's plenty in there that people have the opportunity to take what works for them, leave what doesn't, and use it for them, not against them, right, like use it to help them. Like 'Yeah, I want to create more abundance in my life. How do I do it?' Use this toolkit. Take the exercises, use them. Tweak it, change it to what works for you, use what works, throw out the rest and shift out of scarcity, it's not necessary. You don't need to be in that frame of mind. You are good enough, you have enough, you are 100% worthy, you know, and that is abundance.


Lei Lopez  40:21

Wow, that's so good. We really appreciate that. So you guys, you can go ahead and pick that up by clicking on the link below and make sure you get Meaghan's gift. And come back for the rest of the interviews of Mind Over Money. Thanks for joining.


Meaghan Smith  40:40

So there you have it. And if you want to get your hands on the abundant mindset toolkit that we talked about, you can actually get it by going to the Money Mindful website /abundant mindset and I'll put a link in the show notes so you can still get access to it. I'd love you to have it. So go check it out. Alright, until you hear from me again, have an amazing week. Bye bye.

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