Money Mindful Podcast

86: Abundant Mindset Toolkit: 10 Ways I Can Love

Abundance is the energy of generosity and love.  Today I am taking you through exercise 2 from the Abundant Mindset Toolkit.  Tapping into generosity and love is a direct access pass to abundance. In this episode you will learn: How to apply this exercise '10 ways I can love....' How to apply the exercise in different areas of your life The power of attracting what you focus on Questions to help you create more love and abundance when it comes to your money

85: Abundant Mindset Toolkit: I Have More Than Enough For Today

Want to learn a mindset tool that helped me double my business revenue?  You are in the right place.  I have created an Abundant Mindset Toolkit for you.  Today I will share with you this one powerful exercise from the toolkit that helped me shift into an abundant mindset to create more revenue in my business.   In this episode you will learn: Making small changes to the way you think can have a huge impact on the money you make How to apply the first exercise in the Abundant Mindset Toolkit: I have more that enough for today About how your thoughts directly impact the results in your life How to access the toolkit?

84: Abundant Mindset Toolkit: What is Scarcity Mindset?

Want to learn how to turn down the dial on scarcity mindset and turn up the volume on abundance?  You are in the right place.  I have created an Abundant Mindset Toolkit for you.  Over the next 5 weeks I will be taking you through 4 of the 10 exercises and concepts included in the toolkit but first let's set you up with a solid foundation for using the guide. In this episode you will learn: What is scarcity mindset? How do you know you are in scarcity mindset? How do you shift out of scarcity mindset? How to get the most out of the toolkit? How to access the toolkit?

83: Ethical Investing with Sarah Bengtsson

Want to learn about ethical investing? Sarah Bengtsson joins us on the show today to teach you everything you need to know to get started investing ethically. Sarah is an expert in ESG Investing and the founder of Money Meets Soul where she teaches millennials to build wealth that is sustainable, both for themselves and the planet. In this episode you will learn: • What is ethical investing • How to get started investing ethically • What does ESG stand for and how you can use it to help you choose your investments • What Sarah invests in and how to access her top 20 ESG ETFs investment recommendations • Sarah’s book recommendations for ethical investing

82: How To Rewrite Your Money Story

If you’re not happy with the money you have in your life or you want to make changes about the way you create, receive and spend money, it’s totally possible to change.  I’m going to share a simple but power process to get you started in this episode. In this episode you will learn: How to identify your current money story Questions to ask yourself to create a new story A powerful process to create a money story that aligns with your values How to use your money story to guide your earning, receiving and spending behaviours

81: How To Own Your Money Authority

If you ever feel like money is out of your control and you find yourself saying things like ‘money just slips through my fingers’ or ‘I can’t afford it’, this episode is for you. In this episode you will learn: • Why the way you talk about money matters • What to avoid saying about money • How to take responsibility for the money you DO HAVE in your life • Why acknowledging the money you do have is so important • How to own your money authority

80: A Managed Mind Equals More Money

What is a managed mind and how does having one help you create more money?  Today I'm sharing that knowing how to mange my mind has been my secret weapon in creating a profitable business in a pandemic and has helped me increase my net worth. In this episode you will learn: What is a managed mind and how does having one help you create more money What is an unmanaged mind Why it's so important to create awareness of your unintentional & unexamined thoughts  How I increase my net worth x18 How I created a profitable business during a world pandemic

79: How To Shift Your Money Mindset in an Instant

Have you ever heard two people describe the same event from two completely different perspectives? Well, it's possible to do the same thing with our brain for our own life. If you're anything like me you're probably already really good at noticing what is not working or problems when it comes to money. Today I want to share a simple little technique to shift your mindset from negative to positive in an instant. In this episode you will learn: • A simple little 4 step process to shift your mindset from negative to positive in an instant • How to get out of negative money thinking • An example of how I recently used this technique in my own life • What is a growth mindset • What is a fixed mindset

78: Are You Looking After Nanna?

Are you looking after your future self?  Do you have a relationship with your future self?  Are you taking action today to create a better life for yourself tomorrow? In this episode you will learn: A technique to help you move out of procrastination How to help yourself, do what you need to do in the present moment, for what you want to achieve in the future How to deepen your relationship with yourself by connecting with your past and your future How to develop a deep trust and connection with yourself, and know that you will follow through and do the things that you say that you're going to do

77: Chasing Cupcakes With Elizabeth Benton

In the Money Mindful book club this month, we are reading Chasing Cupcakes, how one broke fat girl transformed her life and how you can too, by Elizabeth Benton. This is the kind of book that can actually change your life. If you apply what you learn in it. I absolutely love this book.  So I'm absolutely delighted to have Elizabeth Benton, the author joining us on the show today to tell her story and to discuss her wonderful book.  In this episode you will learn: How Elizabeth changed her whole life by proving her own stories wrong Great questions to ask  to become a better thinker and decision maker The difference between fear and danger The difference between a true barrier and a perceived barrier How you too can change your life by asking better questions