108: What Happy Wealthy Women Do

I’ve noticed that happy wealth women have something in common. Today on the show I’m sharing what that is and how you can have it too. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: • How to create a vision for your future • How to connect with the women you are becoming • How you too can embody being a happy wealthy woman • What to do when you believe you don’t know what you want

107: Money & Manifestation with My Coach Jamie Berman

We’re not sitting on a mountain top with crystals but we are going to help you use manifestation to create your money goal! Meet my money manifestation coach Jamie Berman. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: • How to use manifestation to create more money • Jamie’s 6 step manifestation process • How to access Jamie’s manifestation workbook • What The Secret doesn’t teach you about manifestation

106: Pay It Forward with Life Coach University Founder Dien Luu

Now you can do more than just hope for what you want out of life. Dien Luu, founder of the Life Coach University is on the show today to share the value of life coaching and how you can access life coaching for free, from coaches all around the globe. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: • What is life coaching • How can life coaching help you • How can you access life coaching for free • How can you make the biggest impact with the time you have • What is a power move & how it will help you • How you can use coaching to take authority of your life

105: Special Gift Episode: Mind Over Money

This is a special gift episode for you.  Earlier this year I was a speaker at the Mind Over Money Summit, hosted by Lei Lopez. Today on the podcast I am gifting you my ‘3 things you must know to create wealth & abundance in life’ talk from the summit.  This talk is now only available if you purchase a recording of the summit.  I’m giving it to you here for FREE in celebration of my birthday this week.   

103: How To Stand Out From The Crowd & Make Money on IG with Erica Reitman

If you have been d*cking around on Instagram for a while now and you are not having much traction or putting yourself out there on social media makes you feel a little bit like vomiting, this Money Mindful episode is for you.  Erica Reitman, biz mentor for tell-it-like it is coaches is going to help you stand out from the crowd and make money on Instagram.  You might have the best business or service in the world but if no one knows about it or you don't know how to tell people about what you do, you might be finding it difficult to make money.  Let's help you with this today. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: How to stand out from the crowd on Instagram The common problems biz owners/ entrepreneurs experience on social media and how to avoid them Practical tips on how to utilise Instagram to make money in your business Quick and simple action steps you can take today Who & what to be focussing your time and energy on (hint* it's not new followers!)

101: How to Increase Your Net Worth by Increasing Your Self Worth

What I never see talked about in financial education is that if you want to increase your net worth you have to increase your self-worth. You don't have to be an out there extrovert but having confidence and standing in your value are required if you want to create success and big things in your life. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: • What believing in yourself looks like and how to do it • How to reconnect with your value • How to stand in your greatness • Two impactful questions to reveal your value and increase your belief in your self-worth • An exercise to super charge your belief in your value

100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with Bridie Anderson

Today is a super exciting episode for so many reasons. The tables have turned and I have my good friend Bridie Anderson on the show to interview me and celebrate 100 Money Mindful podcast episodes. To mark the occasion, I have created a free training on How to Create the Money & Life you want. Tune in to hear my story and learn how to get access to the free 3 day training. In this Money Mindful podcast episode, you will learn: • The behind the scenes journey of how & why I created the podcast • What have been my biggest challenges & surprises • What has changed for me internally and externally as a result of creating the Money Mindful podcast • How to access the Free video training on How to Create the Money & Life that you want